10:56 pm - 06/20/2012

T-ara reveals more still cuts from their upcoming “Day by Day” music video

The girl group T-ara has been on a roll lately with one release after another, and their upcoming track “Day by Day” has been gaining healthy attention with the news that it will feature a science-fiction concept.

To promote the upcoming release, the group has released several more image stills that delve deeper into the sci-fi world featured in the “Day by Day” music video.

The new stills are reminiscent of Expressionist science-fiction films of the past couple of decades, and are especially evocative of the cult classic ‘Blade Runner‘ with the gritty, run-down look and the fantastical costumes.

“Day by Day” is scheduled to be released on July 3rd.

Source: Allkpop + Nate

I can't for the life of me tell who the blonde one is. Does anyone else know?

ETA: More pictures added, and replaced one with better quality.

threebits 21st-Jun-2012 11:52 am (UTC)
lmao i resized the pic already

but r.i.p. flawless hair porn
externalities 21st-Jun-2012 11:56 am (UTC)
DH2 period was the best for her hair. T_T

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