10:27 am - 06/29/2012

JYJ Members Gifts Its Dance Team With a New Practice Studio

The JYJ members have given a very big gift to some of the people closest to them.

For JYJ’s dance team I.D. Mu, who has been with the JYJ members for some eight years now, the JYJ members recently came together to gift the dance team members with a new dance rehearsal studio. 
The kind act was done by the members as Kim Junsu began his solo album activities as the JYJ members put together their money and opened a place for the team to dance in Gangnam’s Nonhyeon-dong. 

I.D. Mu has been with JYJ since their days in DBSK and even made an appearance in MBC Infinity Challenge’s ‘Infinity Song Festival. 
The I.D. Mu team also plans to offer JYJ-focused dance classes at the newly opened studio on weekends. 

Source: enewsworld



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