5:17 pm - 08/01/2012

SPOILER: The Secret Behind Infinite Hoya’s Character Revealed on ‘Reply 1997’

Remember when Seo In Guk claimed that Infinite′s Hoya′s character on tvN’s Reply 1997 would have a surprising twist during the press conference?

That surprise twist came early - Hoya fans, prepare yourselves - Hoya′s character, Joon Hee, is gay. 

Ever since episode one, Joon Hee had shown a very feminine and motherly behavior, taking good care of his friends throughout the drama.

On episode three, aired on July 31, Joon Hee confesses to Si Won (Jung Eun Ji) over chat that he actually likes Yoon Jae (Seo In Guk). While shocked, Si Won accepts her friend as he is and keeps his sexual preference a secret. 

With Yoon Jae misunderstanding that there is a romantic relationship going on between Si Won and Joon Hee, an interesting plot is expected to happen with Yoon Jae liking Si Won and Joon Hee liking Yoon Jae. 

Reply 1997 airs every Tuesday night on tvN. 

source: enewsworld + thechtvn

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Out of curiousity.. who are the two obv?
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