3:13 pm - 08/01/2012

[MV] D-UNIT - Im Missin' You + audio to their other songs

Source: D-businessENT and BubbleFeetMusicCH1

I hope i did the cut right I'm sorry if i didn't mods. Anyways i really like it i think its a really good album :3 
fabledlamb 1st-Aug-2012 10:15 pm (UTC)
Not very original. I was expecting them to sound different, like a bit tougher and more hip hop? But this is such generic kpop fare...

Not that the album is bad or anything, Crush and Turn The Lights On are definitely (late) summer jam material. But why debut a whole new group with songs that might as well have been sung/performed by an existing group? (And they can't even use their 'but we have Boram's sister' card to get attention at the moment, so ironic...)

That said, I'm kinda looking forward to their music show performances. Their title track itself might not be really going anywhere sound-wise but at least the choreo seems really strong, maybe they'll be able to make more of an impact live.
tabi 2nd-Aug-2012 06:49 am (UTC)
IA with your first statement. I can't tell whether it's because their vocals don't match the beats or something else. Which is kinda sad because I do like their songs yet they're missing an important factor.
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