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That intro was absolutely adorable, these girls are killing me. I love their smiles so much omg

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Translation of Jimin"s shoutout to Seolhyun + Youkyung at 0:55Collapse )

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gdi drama filming getting in the way of Seolhyun being there for that win
Yes to SlayOA and yes to Chipmunk Leader thinking of OT8 :')

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I hope they'll keep the powerful choreos and sharp moves after they debut too. Ten is so goood though... ;_;

Having just released another hit summer song with "Shake It," SISTAR explained the strategy and hard work behind their current reputation as the definitive summer girl group in K-Pop.

"It took us five years to become the summer girl group," said member Dasom to local Korean media, according to a report The Korea Herald. "In order to attain this title, we actively promoted during the summer for five years, displaying energetic and cool images."

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Not quite sure "Shake It" is the song of the summer tbqh…

On July 1, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon celebrated the launch of her personal style book “Hyo Style” at the Espresso Room in Seongsu-dong, Seoul.

“Hyo Style” is the singer’s first style book and includes a variety of tips encompassing fashion and beauty. The book includes her best looks and reveals items from her personal collection of clothes and cosmetics as well.

Upon being asked about her upcoming plans, Hyoyeon discusses how she will be starting promotions for Girls’ Generation’s comeback. She shares, “The teaser was released today. We will be returning with a summer party.”

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Her English is so cute! O(≧▽≦)O

Court Rules in Favor of JYJ Junsu in Jeju Hotel Legal Dispute

The verdict is in for the legal battle between JYJ member Kim Junsu and the construction companies that was in charge of building his hotel on Jeju Island.

Previously, construction company A and B sued Kim Junsu for not paying them the 5 billion won that they have invested in building the hotel. However, the court has ruled in favor of Kim Junsu, stating that the claim made by the construction companies lacked evidence.

[Further information]The court ruled on June 28 that there was a lack of evidence to prove that the money was officially lent to the star. Kim Junsu’s legal representative announced, “There is an IOU that exists between Kim Junsu and the construction company, but there is a another IOU that states that the document is to be used for internal finance, and does not state the actual money owed.” Therefore, Kim Junsu never owed the companies the 5 billion won they claimed he did.

Regarding the claims made by the construction company, Kim Junsu is planning on suing them back for libel.

After the verdict was announced, Kim Junsu voiced his frustration with the Jeju media via Twitter. “The few Jeju media outlets that always spread the negative articles about the hotel without even reading them… Why are you all so quiet today,” he said, “I’m not asking you to be on my side. I’m asking you to be unbiased when you are publishing articles.”

[Junsu tweets about Jeju newspapers]

[TRANS] If you ask me whether I’ve lived kindly, I may waver but.. I’ve at least lived up until now with dignity and without shame. Every time bad news is written about the hotel, there are Jeju newspapers that would spread things without even checking all the facts. How come these people are so quiet today;;

[TRANS] I’m not asking you to take my side. I just hope that our media channels report fairly and without bias. Is it because you are all Jeju citizens?. But before that, aren’t we all citizens of Korea? I earnestly hope that I can be treated equally in the future.

[Netizen comments]

Kim Junsu's Jeju Hotel Fraud? Proven to be False via OSEN

1. [+3428, -331] : This is so not fair ㅠㅠㅠㅠ JYJ, let's only experience good things from now on!!

2. [+2 334, -232] : Justice is served! Saw that?

3. [+2 290, -200] : You had it hard.... Stay strong Kim Junsu!!

4. [+2 196, -185] : He didn't do it, why does the company keep tackling him

5. [+413, -21] : Just wanted to rip money off celebrities like some parasites, I bet.

Kim Junsu's representative, 'Will sue the construction company for fraud' via OSEN

1. [+116, -0] : This is like a boomerang. Cheonji, it's your turn.

2. [+112, -0] : I hope the construction company will be fined for accusing innocent people like this

3. [104, -1] : The boomerang is going to hit the construction company three times as hard.

Credits: soompi (original articles 1, 2), @1215thexiahtic translated by @ohmyjunsu (1, 2), Planet JYJ (Pretty Jaejoongie).

His next solo track should be called Indestructible, after Intoxication and Incredible.
Don't mess with our Junsu, got it?!

Have you ever wondered who EXO‘s songs lyrics were dedicated to? Some fans believe EXO might be trying to portray their love to all their faithful fans through the lyrics in their songs…

Fans pieced together all of EXO’s song and believe to have uncovered a romantic letter dedicated to EXO-Ls.  What do you think?

[Oh boy here we go]

Dear “My Lady,”

Do you remember when we saw “the first snow” together on “Christmas day”?

You looked so “beautiful” like a mysterious “black pearl” under the “moonlight.” At that moment I knew I had to “run” to you and make you my “angel.”

From that moment on, you became “the star” I looked for every night, my “miracle in December,” my “first love.”

I used to ask myself… “What is love” before I met you. Now “my answer” is …

Love is… wiping your tears and whispering, “Baby, don’t cry,” because it’s “my turn to cry.”

Love is… waiting for you to “call me, baby” so I can shower you with “kisses and hugs” and keep telling you how much I “love, love, love” you.

Before I met you, I didn’t know it was possible for me to “overdose” on your “tender love,” but now I can’t get enough of your presence “3.6.5” days a year.

“Baby,” we can make “history” together, so please, “don’t go.” You’re the “lady luck” who brought me out of the darkness and into the light, the one who became my lifeline, my breath of life.

Remember when your “mama” used to tell you fairy tales? I can’t be “Peter Pan” and freeze time, but “what if” I told you I can take you in a time “machine” back to “December, 2014” when I asked you… “You ‘love me, right’”?

And you finally said yes.

Normal people would have had butterflies in their stomach, but all I heard was the sound of “thunder” pounding in my chest like a “heart attack” waiting to happen.

I “promise” I can take you on an “exodus” to “El Dorado” and show you how all the riches in the world, all the beautiful things you deserve, just to show you how “lucky” I am to have you by my side.

Trust me, I’m no “playboy” and I won’t “growl” at you like a predatory “wolf.” Instead, I’ll be the “transformer” that will protect you for the rest of your life.

Our journey together hasn’t been the smoothest road, but I know that if you give me another chance, I will never “hurt” you again. We’ll become inseparable like “two moons” under the starry sky, shining together, forever.


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I uh.. admire their imagination?
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All exaggeration aside these pictures are absolutely adorable.

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I dunno why this made me laugh so hard, but it did lmao
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