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8:33 am - 10/31/2014

141031 Music Bank

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]
Epik High

'Happen Ending'



Digital Sales (디지덜 음원 점수) 4991 3592
Viewers Choice (시청자 전호도 점수) 0 0
Broadcast Score (방송 점수) 351 1053
Physical Album Sales (음반 점수) 855 3584
Final Total 6197 8229

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10:29 am - 10/31/2014


Happy Halloween!!!!!

In the last ten days, I recieved so many comments and had over 50 entries. Sadly, there can only be one winner that can get Omona's Halloween goodie bag! All the nominees were entered into a draw and the winner was randomly picked.

[Winner!]The winner is modernelegance!!!!! You'll be contacted shortly for your prize.

This Haunt has been a great success. Thanks to all that participated!! I must now go and celebrate my birthday.

Look out for my cousin in December! 

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Popular webtoon “Cheese in the Trap” will be made into a drama.

Drama production company Eight Works announced that the script for “Cheese in the Trap” is currently in the works with a famous drama screenwriter, and that they will start casting shortly.

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part of me doesn't want this to happen but... kang ha neul for yoo jung sunbae!

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You know the relationship between Pi and YG's trolling? They're both constant.

  • Special | Rookie Hip Hop Idol HOTSHOT

Even before they debut, Junhyuk who have received recognition for his vocal to even release his self-composed song and an explosive dance performance shown by Timotheo, the country best krump crew Monster WOO FAM member Kid Monster, vocal Sungwoon, rapper San Yoon, in charge of lead vocal and dance Hojung. The six member is complete with perfect skills that can’t be compared to other idols.

After the long wait, Naver Music Special will reveal who they are.
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  • Intro | Introduce HOTSHOT

Junhyuk | Hello! I’m HOTSHOT’s Leader wild Ulsan man, Junhyuk. My specialty is singing and lyrics writing, and composing as a hobby. I’m learning the piano a little bit. I entered K.O Sound when I was 20 years old and prepared for HOTSHOT, and finally get to debut. My attraction is my bright smile and white+healthy teeth! haha……

Timotheo | Hello. I’m ‘FOREVER YOUNG HOTSHOT’ Timotheo. I’m in charge of sexy dance in HOTSHOT. And I’m the mother of the team. And besides dancing, I am also in charge of vocal as well so please anticipate in hearing my voice in HOTSHOT!

Hojung | Hello. I’m Hojung who is in charge of the maknae member with the great body. I am also in charge of lead vocal and dance. My hobby is exercises and playing instrument. I am currently playing the piano and guitar, even though it is a bit hard learning them by myself, I will work harder so that I will be able to make a cool performance. Please give more love to the great body maknae in the future!

San  | Hello. I’m San Yoon who is in charge of rap in HOTSHOT. I’m on the quiet side, and I really like listening to the music. I also enjoy being alone. The language that I can comfortably speak is French and Japanese. I’ve lived in France for 8 years, and I’m majoring in design. I will show good performance and music in the future, so please anticipate us. TRUE!!

Kid Monster | Hello. I’m Kid Monster who is in charge of krumping in HOTSHOT. In the team, I am the only Seoul native. Since 3rd year of middle school, I’ve been using the name KID MONSTER in the Monster WOO FAM for 6 years as a krump pro dancer team. I will show you more side of me that I have not shown before. Thank you.

Sungwoon | Hello. I’m Sungwoon who is in charge of the main vocal in HOTSHOT. I like exercising but among the exercises, I like soccer. And I can eat anything deliciously. I started singing since 3rd year of middle school when I learn singing and I am still enjoying learning it. I will work harder to become a cool HOTSHOT. Thank you.

  • Interview | We are HOTSHOT

Q: If we look at the process of your debut, there would be a lot of hardship during your journey. How are you feeling?

Junhyuk | Firstly, it’s still feels unreal. Even when we joke among ourselves, we thought, ‘are we really debuting?’ while laughing. We’re really starting now so we’ll grit our teeth and will work very hard.

Timotheo | I’m firstly reminded to the people around me. The other seniors and staffs always tells us to do the best. And we had the chance to have a fan meeting before debut, so I was really thankful to each and every one of them. So I guess that’s why instead of thinking about ‘I’m getting famous’ or ‘I’m the best’, I want to repay the fans by becoming a HOTSHOT that can make the fans feel proud!

Hojung | I still can’t believe it yet. I really think there are a lot of hardship in the journey to our debut. So I can’t believe it and everything still doesn’t feel practical yet.

San | Since we’ve been around to finally arrive here, I feel a bit calmed. Anyways ‘I’m finally debuting’ thought comes to mind. So I also feel that ‘I need to work harder’.

Kid Monster | It feels fresh. I never thought that I will debut under the name HOTSHOT and together with these members. At first, each members’ personal thoughts, personalities and styles are all very firm and different but after living and practicing together, I guess the process gave us happy memories.

Sungwoon | Learning to sing, to dance, and all other things, even though there were hard and difficult times, to think that we’re debuting, I still can’t believe it and it feels like it’s all just a dream.

Q: Hip Hop Idol group is usually very trendy and have a powerful individuality. What are the members’ nature?

Junhyuk | Eum…… That is actually our advantage. Our 6 members is actually very different from each other. For example, you can look at me as someone with a typical father personality. While Timo have that typical mother personality. Whoever that looks at Sungwoon, would see that he have a very maknae-like personality. Everyone’s nature is very different so sometimes it’s a bit chaotic but there are a lot of things that we can learn from and it’s very dynamic, so it’s fun.

Timotheo | It’s a bit shy to be called hip hop idols. It’s still…… but the personality and nature can be hip hop too. Firstly, the members really like R&B and hip hop genre, so even without being told to, they will monitor international artist or listen to mixtapes. Maybe that’s why the company’s staff naturally gave us the hip hop idol title

Hojung | As you’ve heard, each members have strong individuality, and their natures are all different. Because everyone is very different, their nature are very distinct from each other that it was kind of hard. It’s to the extent that it’s amusing to think that we’re here.

San | It feels like a gathering of weird people. Each of their nature are very distinct from each other that we don’t fight that much. I think we’re a team with a personality.

Kid Monster | Each person colors’ are very distinct from one other. Favorite food, clothes, music, dance……etcetera doesn’t suit each other so there were time when it was hard but as time goes by it doesn’t overlap and there were a lot of good things that comes from it.

Sungwoon | The members personal taste are different, their feelings are different, and have very distinct personality. So it’s nice that each member have their own character. Even in the future, it’s nice to have differences in their taste and what they want to do.

Q: You’ve recorded in the States, so how as the environment there and how does it feel working with the artist abroad. How was their production system? (Junhyuk)

When I first went to the studio, what I felt was, “Ah this is pro”. It felt very free but when you start recording, the mood that change 180 degrees felt fresh. Especially, I couldn’t forget the hot passion of the composers who stayed up late night to compose.

Q: How did you feel when you first listen to the title song and how are the process of recording?

Junhyuk | Firstly, it was very rushed. When we heard the song. We imagined ourself on the stage. And we’re happy with the thought that it’s our debut song. We all love the title song so much that we’re very excited everytime we recorded. Since it’s a song that we like, so we practice harder, happily and frequently. Maybe because we had experience in recording other songs before the title(song), we weren’t that nervous. I think we recorded it in a very fun, delightful way.

Timohteo | ‘Our own song is finally here!!’ kind of feeling? Composer Shin Hyuk is very famous and also my favorite composer, so I liked it a lot, and actually……. I was really nervous. To put it simply, I had a lot of mental breakdown and I was also frustrated that I can’t be satisfied with myself. Honestly, I was hurt a lot. I will work even more!! more!! harder so that I can get a recognition.

Hojung | I felt that it was very trendy, and pop-like. And I felt that it suits us. Instead of hardship during recording, it was actually very satisfactory for us. As we focus on doing well for our own parts, our own colors come out easily

Kid Monster | For the title song, there were a lot of twist and turns. We received songs from various country like the US, Norway, and Korea, but there weren’t much songs that all 6 of us personally like. Among them, ‘Take A Shot’ was the first song that all six of us liked. For the recording, I think it went smoothly.

Sungwoon | I felt like it’s a song that everyone would like when they listen to it. When I listened to it, I felt like we’ll be able to show a lot of things. Since the lyrics were written rushly, my lips weren’t used to it but as we practice a lot, the recording went well.

Q: What is HOTSHOT specialty compared to other idol group?

Junhyuk | Firstly, all six of us have different colors. Our members’ nature are all very different, so you won’t ever get tired of ‘HOTSHOT’. Second, we’re very intimate. For us, the interaction with fans is very important. We talk with the fans, laugh and have fun with them….. and we’re working hard to become ‘HOTSHOT’ that gives them strength when they have a hard time. And lastly, ‘HOTSHOT’ is our own music. Each of ‘HOTSHOT’ members are greedy about singing. We will let you listen to ‘HOTSHOT’ music more in the future, so please anticipate us.

Timotheo | Firstly, the person in charge for dance styles are different? Kimon (Kid Monster) and I dance a lot but Kimon dance powerful dances well while I focuses more on the line so I think that’s why we’ll be able to do various concept.
Hojung | Us, HOTSHOT, firstly have different personality and face. Since each of us are have our own personality, I think we have our own color.

San | Compared to other teams, our nature is very distinctive, so I think that we’re not lacking in anything and that each of us are talented in a lot of things. And the point that we all are very focus on music, so compared to other idols, we’re kind of free.

Kid Monster | This is my own personal thought but I think that it’s the point that we can do krump that other group can’t do.

Sungwoon | I don’t know about other groups but when the 6 members of HOTSHOT is gathered, we’ll be able to survive anywhere.

Q: How do you feel about your upcoming first stage on the 31st?

Junhyuk | Even though I still can’t believe it but when the number of D-day changes each day, I feel more and more excited and nervous. And a bit scared as well. How will ‘HOTSHOT’ come out on TV……. I’m very curious. I want the first broadcast to come faster and stand on the stage. ‘HOTSHOT’ have confident in ourself!

Timotheo | I still can’t believe it and since I’ve been a trainee for so long, debuting feels awkward to me compared to the others. However, on the first broadcast, I will make a perfect performance that no one would even think that we’re rookies.

Hojung | It’s amusing and nervous. I want to keep on having this kind of feeling in the future. And I want other people to look at us and feel ‘Wah they’ll do really well’.

San | I would need to receive the mic and see the stage to know about it. I’m not anxious and it doesn’t feel surreal to me yet. I think that we’ll be able to show the image as how we’ve come so far.

Kid Monster | Excited and I still can’t believe it. But at the same time, I’m also worried that we’ll have problems because it’s the first (stage).

Sungwoon | Personally, since I’ve had experienced as a dancer so I don’t feel nervous or excited. I practice while thinking about what to be careful on stage.

Q: Future activity resolution

Junhyuk | There’s something that my father who objected my dream to become a singer, and that is “Since you’re going to do it, just sing as if you’re going to die” and gave me his permission. We’re ready to die on stage. Please anticipate us a lot. We are very confident with ourself. It has been leader Junhyuk~!!

Timotheo |  I want to be a cool team that produces music that everybody likes without anti. Let’s go!!

Hojung | *As much as a rookie, I will show you a passionate and dynamic image. (*rookies usually are very passionate)

San | TRUE. I will endure as long as I can to do what I want.

Kid Monster | We will show you a good image of ourselves with a good music and cool dance to become HOTSHOT that can get love from the public. Forever Young HOTSHOT!!

Sungwoon | Even though the road that we’ve took will become a past that will be forgotten, I will become a person who always remember the past.

  • Exclusive | ‘Take A Shot’ M/V (Dance ver.)

[Watch "Take A Shot" Dance vers.]

‘Take A Shot’ dance is the recent trend URBAN Swagger style flavor, even though the group dance look very free, the dance pursues a team work as sharp as a blade.

[Read more...]


HOTSHOT 6 members will have their first stage on the 31st of October after a long wait. Before coming out with the title song, ‘Take A Shot’, a lot of composes and song were put aside and they finally met ‘Take A Shot’ and as much as they’ve listened to other song, it’s a music that express who ‘HOTSHOT’ is the most. Please give a lot of support to us as we’ll come out with a ‘HOTSHOT’-like song and image~

  • From | HOTSHOT to Naver Music sign


source: NAVER, Trans by Moonlight125_ via @hotshot-trans, MV reuploaded by Soshi SeoYan

mods, i had the signature trans, but it disapeared, i'll look around and add it later, and possible hotshot tag? :) they've officially debuted :')

Dancing vid so on point, and for those who didn't enjoy the acid trip lol

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finally styling on point
i think will post fancams etc later today :)

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11:21 am - 10/31/2014

Song Jae Rim news!

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lol they're actually asking people to give her a stage name

how do you think they did?

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*Alicia Keys's "You Don't Know My Name" plays in the background while I smile foolishly at my computer*

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