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check my wanna_one comm if you're still alive after this for more updates
They will also be revealing their new songs at the fanmeet on August 5th ahead of official release!

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i would love for it to be a contrasting concept like they did with oh!+run devil run 😍😍😍

Juniel To Release Song About Dating Violence Based On Personal Experience

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Another example of her twitter raising awareness here

updated with soompi article

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"There was a lot of interest from people in hearing that JJ Project is coming back.
[--] It made me think that the group 'JJ Project' was not in vain, so thank you."
- JB

*sobs* I hope their comeback does well, they've worked so hard on it.

Now aside from OP being sappy, this is a nicely encompassing interview.
They talk about their upcoming album and what it's gonna be like, got7,
future plans, hobbies, dating and more.
Note: These were the only scans of the photos I found atm, if I find better ones I'll switch to those

Check out JJP's latest "Verse 2" eye candy teasers here!

@mods sorry take this one instead, I forgot a few photos from the previous one
With the increase in the number of single-person households, the "hon-bap" or solo-eater population is growing. The lack of time and money makes it difficult for these "hon-bap" people to eat healthy meals. 'Jisook's Table For One' is an entertainment cooking show in which Jisook and professional cooks present just the right recipes and cooking tips for the "hon-bap" people.

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Love her, love all 7 of them, and I love that she has her own show! Pretty short episodes, about 9-15 minutes. Omona, do you go to restaurants alone? I love it, I don't like sharing my food lol.

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More than a month after fans announced a boycott of the star, the mother of Super Junior’s Sungmin is still waiting for the calm after the storm.

Kang Kyung-sook, Sungmin’s mother, opened up about fans boycotting Sungmin during a recent interview with The Korea Herald in Seoul, saying that she hopes he will overcome the hardships and get back on his own feet with a stronger mindset.

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SM groups were at the airport recently to fly for SMTOWN. Taeyeon and Hyoyeon tooks videos of NCT fansite masters who (from what I've read) were at a part of the airport in which they were NOT supposed to be at and uploaded said videos onto their IG accounts. Now, NCT sasaengs are demanding an apology from the two of them for ~invading their privacy~ while they invaded NCT's (the irony...)

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me @ this drama. queens of protecting their juniors and not giving a fuck

thanks to ggumd for the links!

teasers | comeback stage | music video | dance practice


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Sounds so pretty!
Also is Seonho actually joining CLC? lol

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please please please actually stick with the girl crush concept for the mv and song. also, get that adidas money LOL
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