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i'm so weirdly proud/excited about them getting funnier lol i know they have it in them

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I'm going to miss the girls together.
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We were just cleared from the hospital and they rules out all the really bad stuff for now.....makes me feel better but they are still not 100% sure on everything....thanks for your prayers. We will be leaving Thailand soon and going to see a specialist in LA. Please keep my son in your prayers. We hope and pray that everything will be fine soon.
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Hope this little beans recovers soon
5:30 pm - 01/23/2017

K-Popstar 6 - Ep 10 [Eng]

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What was your favorite performance this week?

Red Velvet's new comeback will drop on February 1st.

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🍋 Individual Teasers: Seulgi

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i like it, it's the kind of songs i'm listening a lot to rn

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AAAAAAAHHH!!! Their first comeback! I'm so excited!!

Excuse me while I lose myself in euphoria!
》JYPEntertainment YouTube channel

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》Suzy's official site 》 Suzy's instagram 》Suzy's V Live channel (MV Teaser) 》Suzy's V Live channel (MV BTS) 》1theK YouTube channel
Doing these through my phone takes so long omg, but damn girl is worth it, she looks gorgeous and the music sounds so promising!

BAP need to watch out, KNK are clearly plotting to steal their maknae
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