[Rough Trans (by me)]
We swore to protect the X-Clan with everything we had.
But I let go of the X-Clan.

I dreamed a beautiful dream, and at the end of that dream, we met again.


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chae hyungwon. i am so confused, but the continuation of the story has me so excited rn.

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(next week is apparently their last ☹️)
4:15 pm - 09/25/2016




Melon5: Young K (Day6), Henry (Super Junior M), Jaehyun (N.Flying), Benji (B.I.G) and Eunwoo (ASTRO)

[some cute back stage pics]

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I'm so in loooove! Everyone looks good and sounds amazing! I especially love the violin duet and youngk's everything.

(I included the Naver link for those that are in countries that Inkigayo blocked)

💕 EPISODE 20 💕

Jinkyung keeps her promise to set up one of the MADTOWN members on a blind date with one of her model friends.

[💕 Preview for the next episode 💕]

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Lee Geon and Jota trended on Naver yesterday! Get that promo, babes! lol
(p.s the model is Song Hae Na)

This sounds better than their first teaser.
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Hello and welcome to the second OMONA DISCUSSION post! First of all I'd like to thank everybody that participated in the last one. If you have no idea what I'm talking about just click here. If you want to talk about a certain topic next time just post it in the comments or message me (or make a post lol). Maybe we can really turn this into a weekly/monthly thing!

Today, I want to talk about the possibility of non-asian people debuting in a K-pop group. The reason why I choose this topic is because I randomly stumpled upon this video on youtube last week.


In this video, a guy from Italy talks about his experience in Korea. He trained with 4 other korean dudes and was preparting to debut in a K-pop group, but in the end it didn't work out because of visa-issues. He doesn't mention the company though so we don't know if he was signed to a big or a small entertainment agency.

Nowadays it's not unusual to have one or more half-korean or non-korean idols in a group. However, most are still asian. When Chocolate debuted back in 2011 with 3 half-korean/half-white girls they received great attention. Unfortunately they didn't make it big.
Later, Busker Busker debuted with an caucasian member. I don't know much about Busker Busker so I don't know if it was a big deal. In 2015, Alex joined Rania, making her the first half-african-american/half-white idol in Korea. Netizens complimented her, saying she was pretty and asking what the hell such a pretty girl is doing in Korea. However Rania failed to make it big even after Alex joined the group.

Technically, the answer to my question above is "yes". However, none of the examples mentioned above have really hit it big (Busker Busker isn't really an idol group), eventhough officially the big agencies are open to any nationality and race in their auditions. So I'd like to hear your opinion now, Omona: Do you think it's possible that one day we will see a non-asian person debuting in Korea, maybe under SM/JYP/YG, and hitting it big? Why is this still not the case in 2016 and after K-Pop became a global sensation? Do you think Korea is ready for non-asian popstars (given the fact that they already talk bad about foreign asian idols, calling them "traitors" and what not)? Would YOU (if you're not asian) want to debut in Korea? Share your opinion below!

sources: Seoul Mafia on yt + netizenbuzz

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How long can you stay unplugged,Omona?

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"Cowboy" sounds like it's going to be a weird Vaporwave/80's/Daft Punk-inspired bop and I want it NOW!

8:45 pm - 09/24/2016

Mamamoo round up post

Tweet: [#BangtanBomb] His heart is the truth of this era CypherMonster V’s behind the scene #PronunciationIsn'tImportant #That'sThePathofJjeoi-pher [Trans cr; Teekay & Alli @ bts-trans]
Note: "K-Army's call Taehyung's version of Cypher as Jjeoyi-pher because he started rapping "쩌이쩌이" when he forgot the lyrics ㅋㅋㅋㅋ" (via Peachisoda)

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[HIGHLIGHTS]Spica - Tonight [part switch ver.] (ft. cutest rapper ever)

when even the rapper can take on the main vocal's part......

Give Your Love [Kim Boa ver.] (my request :D)

Kim Boa's CF for Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans

the highlight of the show imo


SPICA Sings A Cappella Version of 'Get Lucky'

SPICA's Maknae Gets the Unnie Treatment

SPICA Puts a Bad Boyfriend in His Place

SPICA Switches Up Their Parts in 'Tonight'

SPICA Goes Head to Head in Game of Pictionary

SPICA Performs 'Secret Time' Live


@rightclick5ave 1 2 3 4
Mwave 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

I absolutely detest Mwave's M&G format now but at least they read out more messages than I expected.. the games were pretty funny and their camaraderie is so fun to watch :D also, #BboForUPRS4

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