The new SBS series Should We Kiss First, stars Kam Woo-sung and Kim Sun-ah as a man and woman who have hit middle age and think that every romantic cell in their bodies has disappeared. Obviously they’re in for a rude awakening when a kiss reignites that spark they’d thought was long dead. The new drama from writer Bae Yoo-mi of I Have a Lover is about an average ajusshi and ajumma who have given up on the idea of passionate romance, only to end up finding true love in each other.

Kam Woo-sung stars as a producer at an advertising agency who’s considered a dinosaur not even worth listening to. He’s been a failure at love his entire life, but his one fear is dying alone. Kim Sun-ah plays a flight attendant who gave up on love and happiness after she lost her daughter. It seems like a typical setup for a healing drama, but here the strength lies in two veteran actors who can carry all those emotional layers.

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Should We Kiss First premieres Tuesday, February 20 on SBS and will be airing all of the first week's episodes that day.

Sources: Viki Global TV | SBSNOW | Dramabeans/SBS Fune
Welcome to the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic games!!!! Watch along with fellow Omonians <3

Olympic FFA will be held daily for the duration of the games.

2018 Winter Olympics: 9 February - 25 February | Schedule & Events | PyeongChang S.Korea Time

Cha Min-kyu wins silver in men's 500m speed skating
South Korea's Cha Min-kyu on Monday made a surprise run at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics to capture silver in the men's 500 meter speed skating.

Lee Sang-hwa wins silver in women's 500m speed skating
South Korea's speed skating sprinter Lee Sang-hwa, the defending Olympic champion, won silver in the women's 500 meter race at the PyeongChang Winter Games on Sunday.


[LIVESTREAMS]LIVE STREAMS: (USA) (CAN), (CAN), beIN Sport (N.Africa/Mid East), EuroSport (UK), BBC1 (UK), Olympics YouTube, stream2watch, olympicchannel,

You can also click 'WATCH LIVE' at the top of the official PyeongChang website to find streams & listings for your country.

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NBC has confirmed they will livestream the 2018 Winter Olympics from PyeongChang in virtual reality for its U.S. pay-TV subscribers.

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Milo of ROMEO, who was most recently seen on ‘MIXNINE‘, has seen a lot of his fansites close recently. This is primarily due to a Dispatch report that he invited an underage fan to stay with him at a hotel next time he visits Japan alone.

The evidence is KakaoTalk texts showing that Milo directly reached out to a fan privately, after which the fan posted the exchanges on social media.
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sources: asianjunkie, dispatch, @romeosingapore

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Boa took to Vlive for her first ever live broad cast. SM artist called in to support here.

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source: sm town vlive, soompi

Omona, Do you wish Boa would take you out to eat? Does Boa and Key's friendship, and her kind words, make you cry? Do you think Xiumin ever got that late night ramen from Boa that he really wanted?

Four MV's will be released with the album, which includes 3 previously released tracks and 15 originals. Track 2 will feature Minos, track 5 features Koonta, and previously released track 12 (Blurred Lines) features Hanhae. Only three of the tracks have previously been released.

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Source: Amber Liu

Amber showing Dowoon the love and appreciation he deserves

Watch Jae's video with Amber here!


I wanted to do a BoA primer/Omona original for her this comeback but I was sick af all of last week so that plan of mine fell through lmao. Sounds great, I'm ready for her to win some trophies!!!


Sounds good and I loooooove this styling

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are we ready for Baby Don't Like It's sister?
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