Your music will forever be my aspiration. R.I.P Chester Bennington. #Heavy #Linkinpark

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KARD appeared as guests at NCT Night Night radio on July 21, along with April's Chaekyung and Chaewon.

Singing Oh NaNa at En NaNa (with cute shout out at the end)

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Been waiting for this appearance since I found out ONN is used as the radio show's theme song! Can Big Matthew please become friends with big Johnny?

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shows the behind-the-scenes for her 1st look shoot in paris. loving her red hair!

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Get that CF money!! Have you ever ordered a celebrity collaboration beauty product, Omona? I ordered a few things from the Marvel x The Face Shop line because the colors are pretty and the packaging is cute (I can't believe I fell for the packaging). I also received a sample of a foaming cleanser by Tony Moly x Pokemon - the Charmander one - and I still keep it on my desk even though I used it months ago. It's so cute!

He talks about Loco, AOMG, his faves from SMTM6 and H1GHER Music.

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Also, don't miss out on this summer jam!

Park Yoochun is on a rocky road once again as reports surfaced of his breakup with non-celebrity fiancée Hwang Ha Na.

On July 21, news outlet JoongAng Ilbo met with an alleged acquaintance of Hwang Ha Na who claimed that Hwang Ha Na broke up with Park Yoochun after having a difficult time dealing with criticism and malicious comments targeting their relationship.

The acquaintance revealed that Hwang Ha Na had told them, “There are too many unfounded rumors about me. I can’t deal with those rumors. I try not to pay attention to them, but I think I’m at my limit.”

The acquaintance then stated, “It’s true that Hwang Ha Na and Park Yoochun love each other, but after their relationship became a public issue, Hwang Ha Na has been having a hard time. She often said, ‘I want to give up on everything’ and told Park Yoochun that she wants to break up.”

Park Yoochun’s agency C-JeS Entertainment is refusing to respond to the issue.

Prior to the news of their breakup, Park Yoochun and Hwang Ha Na had confirmed their plans for marriage with an official statement through Park Yoochun’s agency.

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun will be discharged from the army on July 26. He is facing more complications concerning his sexual scandal, as his accuser filed a petition for appeal on July 20 after being indicted for false accusation.

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literally only making this post cuz this gif was my first reaction

On July 18, it was revealed that police has forwarded former 10cm member Yoon Cheol Jong’s case for marijuana use to prosecution.

According to police, he has been charged for smoking marijuana twice at an acquaintance’s home in July 2016. The acquaintance was arrested on April 7 for growing and selling marijuana, and Yoon Cheol Jong was discovered during the investigation.

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MVP, who debuted in March this year with 'Take It', has a pair of twins in its lineup who were clearly attempting to broadcast their own vlive when some unknown error happened with the v app system and they ended up broadcasting on Wanna One's channel.

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VIXX LR will be making a return to K-pop in August.

Jellyfish Entertainment confirmed the news on July 19 and said, “VIXX LR is currently aiming to make a comeback in August. Specific details like an exact comeback date have not been set yet.”
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Lee Kwang Soo has been revealed to have donated to pediatric patients in need.

On July 20, a source from Lee Kwang Soo’s side stated, “It’s true that Lee Kwang Soo made donations to pediatric patients. Because he quietly made the donations, it’s hard to confirm the specific details.” Meanwhile, one media site previously reported that Lee Kwang Soo had donated a total of 100 million won (approximately $88,760) to patients in need, starting from 2015 to 2016, to the Asan Medical Center in Seoul.

This is not Lee Kwang Soo’s first good deed. The actor previously worked with Unicef last year on a children’s relief campaign and has steadily been doing good deeds.

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