South Korea emerges as the nation with the most equitable education system, according to a new report by the World Economic Forum titled Inclusive Growth and Development Report 2015. It assesses three kinds of equity in education – access, quality and outcomes – and covers everything from pre-school to vocational training.

The results have been classified by the World Bank income group, which may come as no surprise given the strong correlation between economic development and education. Northern Europe and Asia dominate the advanced economies, with Japan joining South Korea and Singapore in the top three. At number 24, the United States appears some way down the advanced-economy scale, trailing Australia, France and Iceland.

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One day you too can be chaebol? Do you agree with the results? How did your own country do?


Girl group FIESTAR is preparing for a March comeback!

The exciting news was revealed by member Cao Lu during a radio interview on February 8. She was a guest on SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time.”

When it was time to wrap up the show, she revealed, “FIESTAR will be coming back next month. Next time, I’ll take my members with me.”

This will mark FIESTAR’s first comeback as a group since “You’re Pitiful” which dropped nearly a year ago in March 2015. Their agency has yet to make an official announcement on the upcoming release.

Meanwhile, Yezi made her solo debut just two weeks ago with “Cider,” while Cao Lu has gained popularity through her variety show appearances.

Are you looking forward to FIESTAR’s return?

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Happy New Year!

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you are about to witness sunggyu experiencing the most exciting 120 seconds of his life and hoha revealing his real height

[Member pictures below]

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Yes, Dowoon, you are very pretty. So is the rest of your group.

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I was bored so I did this haha
Using some sort of face-swap app that let him put Kanye West's face over his, he says "Happy Monkey New Year" (in English) and starts screaming. He deleted the video soon after. He also made two other videos using Seungri and TOP's faces, which are still up on his insta.

[Screenshot of the deleted video]

[The other two videos]

(In the clip he is saying “Happy New Year” in Korean, then pretending to rap some of T.O.P’s past solo work. No mention of the Year of the Monkey.)

[His apology]

Transcript, if you can't see the images:

I read all the comments and I am very sorry to anyone who had bad feelings about the last post which is now deleted. I didn't know some people would think that way but it is totally my fault and I take responsibility. I did not mean it that way and I hope you guys will understand that. I'm sorry again and I will never make this kind of mistake again. I hope you guys will forgive me.

Sources: bigbangupdates
Taeyang @ insta
acklexxx @ OH

I am....honestly amazed that he apologized, and so quickly, but this is still a damn mess. smfh.
source: @SMent_EXO

oh my.... if this means him getting more rest then i'm all good, altho i feel sad for all the fans who're attending the con in dallas

Member --> Member's part they have to do
Chaeyoung --> Mina
Jungyeon --> Chaeyoung
Jihyo --> Momo
Mina --> Sana
Dahyun --> Nayeon
Sana --> Tzuyu
Momo --> Dahyun
Tzuyu --> Jihyo
Nayeon --> Jungyeon


this was an adorable mess lol. members running around finding their spots, tzuyu getting jihyo's expressions spot on during the first chorus and jihyo doing momo's dance break!! and all of them at the end 💕
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