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These Lost Boys. (Couldn't embed the ep, sorry!)

Oh My Girl yt channel

still unsure what to make of it tbh... it's very pretty though, as expected of them

Greetings Omona Winner enthusiasts, borderline fans, uninterested observers and those three lj accounts that make passive aggressive comments on my posts whenever they think they can get away with it. Winner may be on hiatus now, but your favorite* Omona Winner fans are still active (and kind of bored, to be completely honest). We’re back with our new Winner 'hiatus-the remix' series.
[*We’re getting this title by default because babyonions won’t post anymore.]

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So, are you team I(N^9)2, team H0LY_RAVIOLI or did we both manage to leave out your favorites?

We stay waiting,

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9:25 am - 07/29/2016

Flashback Friday

This week was a freaking pain, because not every year has a 5th Friday in July. I didn’t have too many options, but the end it worked out because I like all the songs this week! Win for OP! I check out the different charts for this Friday in a past year, and post the top three songs. Then, I choose two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. Let’s check out what topped the charts on the 5th Friday in July, 2010.

#3 Shinee “Lucifier”
LOOK AT THE BABIES! They look so young and I just want to feed them cupcakes! I used to hear this song and “Replay” at Daiso all the damn time.

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It's been great my lovely people but like all great things this little contest of ours has to end. But fear not for we will be back. That is, if you want this mess to be back.

So here's the poll of the day: Do you want us to host a similar competition in january 2017 to determine which label released the best song in 2016?

Poll #2050719 Omonavision again

yay or nay

I don't care

PS: the winner of this edition will be "hosting" the next contest (so no more eurovision gifs)

Now let's see how these weeks of crazyness ended

[1 point - 2 points cause we do have a tie]WOOLIM - The chaser (Infinite) - 59(3.5%)

Beni - Animal (Jo Kwon) - 59(3.5%)

[3 points]CUBE - Bubble Pop (HyunA) - 62(3.7%)

[4 points]MBK - Roly Poly (T-Ara) - 65(3.9%)

[5 points]BIG HIT – Dope (BTS) - 66(4.0%)

[6 points]JYP - tell me (Wonder Girls) - 78(4.7%)

[7 points]YG - FANTASTIC BABY (Big Bang) - 84(5.0%)

[8 points]PLEDIS – Catallena (Orange Caramel) - 103(6.2%)
The group who would make europe stop, stare and go wild in less that 5 seconds

[10 points]
SM - Lucifer (shinee) - 106(6.4%)
Not my choice for SM but it's no surprise to see SHINee place so high in omona's top 5

[12 points]NEGA net. – Abracadabra (BEG) - 140(8.4%)
This should come as no surprise as Abracadabra dominated this contest from the very start

Are those results predictable: yep, for sure
But they're predictable for a reason. Those songs each represent an era or a genre and sum up k-pop pretty well: funny, fresh, catchy, flashy and pretty

Did your fave win? good celebrate
Did your fave lose? sorry but feel free to rant anyway
I do hope you had fun either way

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11:12 am - 07/29/2016

9MUSES A audio teaser!

source: 9myt

is it my bias or is this going to be the best song of the summer and be tragically overlooked TT^TT

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Seriously rough. Disappointing for the fans who were waiting to see them. The boys must be feeling so down.

0:18 Soyeon, 0:33 Baby J, 0:48 Janey, 1:00 Grace, 1:14 Nada, 1:55 Yuk Jidam,
2:10 Kassy, 2:22 Miryo trying to be Yezi, 2:37 Euna Kim, 3:17 Giant Pink

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lmao at the chipmunk dissing nada
looks like im gonna stan kassy
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its nearly one month anniversary
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