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Kim Hyun Joong

Postpones Enlisting in Army Due to Overseas Schedules

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“A” Provides Pictures

of Injuries Allegedly Caused by Kim Hyun Joong

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I thought this was really sweet :')  I would have preferred a chill version  where he doesn't have to dance but this was good too.

Singer-turned-actress Hwang Jung Eum has joined C-JeS Entertainment.

C-JeS Entertainment broke the news through a press release on August 29, saying, "The filmography of Hwang Jung Eum, an actress who has improved in her acting with every project to now take on lead roles, was very impressionable. We will be supporting her in everyway we can to allow her to show great acting in various projects to come."

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im legit surprised she finally ditched ccm

Girls’ Generation member Sunny made an appearance on the August 28 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s variety program “Happy Together,” for the ‘Tall vs. Short’ special, and revealed that the shortest members of the group sometimes use up to three layers of insoles.

During the show, the topic of insoles was brought up. One of the male guests confessed that he uses about three different insoles at a time, comparing it to women’s heels, and said that his ankle is still fine even if the insoles bend.

After hearing this, Sunny said that she could relate, saying, “There was a time that I was dancing on stage when that happened. During ‘Into the New World’ and ‘Oh!’ we wore sneakers. The tall members don’t need to wear insoles, but they started to use insoles in order to have better proportions.”

She continued, “That’s when we [the shorter members] have to start wearing more and more insoles. Those members are Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, and me. When the tall members put in insoles, then the average members have to start wearing insoles too, which means I have to put in three layers. There are side effects though. The shoelaces are hard to tie and the sides of my feet are visible,” causing everyone to laugh.

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can we just asdjkfl;g

I think they were a bit better here than on m!countdown

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yulhee gave taemin flowers lol

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They actually did admit that it was an unplanned low-budget MV lmao
3:01 am - 08/30/2014

SMTM3 Ep 9 Performances

Shirt + Mamacita

cr: 화요일방송; 유히

Shirt was so much fun!! Added a gif, that post was sad x)

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oh my

i can't believe he won! ot, but jang beom june's album is flawless.

Lee Gi Kwang, Heo Ga Yoon, and Do Sang Woo will now bring all the hot places of the fashion people to your smallscreen.

On August 29, OnStyle stated, "B2ST′s Lee Gi Kwang, 4minute′s Heo Ga Yoon, and rookie actor, Do Sang Woo were chosen as the new MCs for Style Log.

Not only does Style Log focus on fashion and beauty hot places, but it is a program that also introduces trendy places for living, interior, art, and hit restaurants

Receiving the baton from Hong Jong Hyun, After School′s Nana, and Cho Min Ho from last season, the new MCs Lee Gi Kwang, Heo Ga Yoon, and Do Sang Woo are already receiving attention for what kinds of charms they′ll show through the program.

Heo Ga Yoon has flaunted her exceptional fashion sense and affection for fashion by participating in everything from her album concepts to stage costumes for the group. B2ST′s Lee Gi Kwang is also quite famous for his unique sense of style. The two are both the same age and have held a close relationship having trained together. Model-turned-actor Do Sang Woo, who appeared as Gong Hyo Jin′s ex-boyfriend in SBS′ It′s Okay, It′s Love, will also be adding chemistry to the new bunch.

Moon Shin Ae PD of Style Log stated, "The new MCs of many charms will be searching for all the hot life and style places within the city. We ask for a lot of interest and affection for the three, who are around the same age and have much love for fashion, culture, art, and lifestyle."

The first broadcast begins September 12.

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