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[Interview and photoshoot under cut]
It’s your first solo album. How long have you been preparing this for?
It took quite a while. I think the preparation took one and a half to two years.

The title of your album is ‘Write.’ What does it mean?
It means ‘to write’, right? I chose it because the album actually contains the songs that I’ve composed, and the meaning of write is like showing my heart and I wanted to convey that.

If you were to tell us one thing that you can brag about?
For the first time, I directed. Because it’s my album, the desire to do it myself was huge. The big benefit of being a solo artist is that you can show your own color. The one who knows that color well is myself. I wanted a lot of my opinions/thoughts to reflect in it, so I directed.

How was it, directing it yourself?
It was very difficult and rough. I thought maybe I was only doing what I like. I thought I was losing objectivity a bit, so I asked people around me for help. I heard different opinions while letting them listen to my songs, though in the end, I was the one who picked them.

I suppose you’re comfortable with letting other people listen to the songs that you’ve composed?
Yes, I let all my friends listen to them. My friends are very honest. If it’s not that good, then they will say that it’s not good right then and there. But for this album, their reactions were good. Out of all the songs, we narrowed the title track down to two songs, and ‘Nod Nod (Still I Remember)’ was chosen.

That’s an interesting title. What is the song about?
It’s a song about a breakup. Anyone who experiences a breakup feels loneliness and emptiness, right? The song is about calmly accepting those emotions by oneself.

Any necessary and sufficient condition for it?
You can’t judge it just by listening to it once. When you’ve listened to it for around 10 times, it will sound better. So, when you’ve heard it for the tenth time? And if it’s after you were hurt by someone you loved, you’ll be able to say calmly to yourself, ‘Right, this is how it is’ and accept (the situation).

Since it’s your first solo album, you must be very attached to it. How much desire and passion have you put into this?
There was a time when I stayed up for four nights because I thought something better might come to my mind, but it would disappear once I slept. I put a lot of effort into this to produce songs that are better. My desire was so big that I wanted to put in more songs and make it into a full album. I had around 14 songs, but because this is my first album, I only chose six songs to not overdo it.

Today is a week before your showcase. What are you most occupied with?
Taking care of my throat, of course. Listeners might become disappointed if things don’t flow the way they want it to flow. I’ve been taking vitamins, red ginseng, Korean traditional medicine, etc., things that I don’t normally take.

You try out a lot of new things, like musicals, dramas, movies, and a solo album. Are you the type who’s not afraid to try out new things?
I like trying out things. When I’m acting, I would look at the script and think ‘How do I act this out?’, but when I’m able to act out those scenes on site, it’s amazing and fun. I like the rewarding feeling that comes from overcoming myself through challenges.

Upon hearing that your solo album is coming out, fans have great expectations for your voice. What kind of voice do you think do you have?
It contains loneliness and melancholy that’s a little hard to explain in words. If my voice was solid and husky in INFINITE, I think it’s a lot lighter by itself.

Do you want to have different images for when you’re a solo artist and when you’re an INFINITE member?

Yes, the two are different people. I produce a more solid-sounding voice as INFINITE’s main vocal. But as a solo artist, I produce a more relaxed-sounding voice, the one that’s closer to my actual voice. The genre of the music is completely different as well

It’s already been six years since your debut. You must have gotten used to a lot of things, but you must also have things that are still confusing and difficult.

Singing is still hard. I’m always worried about parts with high notes. In my team, I’m in charge of high notes so I think about how I could make it less damaging for my throat. Thankfully, my throat hasn’t gone hoarse throughout these six years. But because of overseas tours, my health condition has become unmanageable, so it’s been hard for me to take care of my throat. Six years, and I’m still like this. Haha.

Is music still fun?
Yes, of course.

What about it makes Woohyun-ssi most happy?
The reactions I get when I let other people listen to the songs that I wrote. One person has this reaction, but that person has that reaction. It’s interesting how everyone has different tastes.

Do you watch them when they’re listening to your song?

Of course. I watch all their facial expressions. (Laugh) After listening to it, if they tell me ‘This part will be good if you do it like this’, I say okay but try to do it my way. But I’m easily swayed by others, so I keep getting concerned about others’ opinions.

Who is the person around you with most reliable ears?
Sungyeol totally has the mainstream ears. 100 percent! If he says that he thinks a certain song will do well, it will do well. He’s especially good at picking title tracks.

So did Sungyeol-ssi like the title track?
Yes. But he also has another song that he likes.

Do you think you’re on the road to success as a musician?
It’s just the beginning. On a scale from 1 of 10, I’m now at a 1. As INFINITE, it’s a 1, too. That’s what I think still.

Then what dreams do you have that will get you to 10?
It’s good to have dreams but I actually haven’t set goals yet. Rather than thinking ‘I want to reach this far’, I tend to be realistic. I’ve only thought as far as ‘In my present, what is enough?’ I try to do things that I can do now, things that don’t make me feel uneasy; because even now, I feel uneasy.

Still? Even though you have so many fans who support you?
Yes, even now. I think I’m a bit timid.

That’s unexpected. I thought you were a confident person.
I’m pretending to be confident. I have a little confidence, but make it seem like I have a lot of confidence. I don’t have much confidence.

After listening to the song that you’ve let us listen to, I think you can have that confidence now.
Yes, I’m planning on having some now.

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What's with the blurry effect tbh. Anyway, these gifs are from the photoshoot that Myungsoo hijacked

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the beginning of mirror YES YES YES i want them to do a creepy marionette concept now
they shouldve done one more in chinese like before

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i don't believe in fortune telling but it was interesting to see each members worries

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Ha Joo Yeon, formerly known as Baby J of Jewelry, sheds tears on “Show Me The Money 5,” where she unfortunately faces elimination.

During the interview, the singer recounts, “Jewelry did great when we debuted. Then the older members left and the group disbanded.”

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Jewelry won the Golden Disk award (Song of the Year) in 2008 and prior to Park Jung Ah's and Seo In Young's departure they were quite popular. Star Empire's mismanagement ruined them. The same is probably going to happen to a lot of idols in the next ten years.



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She looks so happy and her live singing is so great!
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