The Korea Communications Standard Commission (KCSC) will reportedly impose sanction against TV program “SNL Korea” over a same-sex kiss between Block B’s Zico and Park Kyung.

Block B became a guest on the TV program’s March 26 episode and in a portion dealing with a fan fiction, the two members kissed. The KCSC received complaints from the public over broadcasted contents, specifically that the scene was “inappropriate” for supposedly promoting homosexuality among the youth.

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Source: Manila Bulletin, Daum, Netizen Buzz, Nate
, Rae Lee via Youtube
The Hans (더 한즈) - Party Maker

This Britrock-influenced ditty evokes what Franz Ferdinand might sound like if they came out of South Korea, and is a perfect track to put on at your next party.

[more...]NiiHWA - Gravity

NiiHWA returns to his signature slow jams after January's sexy dance tune "Say Yes." Definitely a great song to chill out to.

Sugardonut - Imagine, Close Your Eyes

This is Sugardonut's third feature on the roundup, this time with a high-energy electronic song that's a departure from their more rock-influenced previous singles. The MV is incredibly simple but still conveys the atmosphere of the song very well.

Lee Hanchul X Now (이한철X나우) - Runaway Boy (With Silvergrass)

Korean bluegrass may seem like an unlikely genre, but it apparently enjoyed a fair bit of popularity in the 70s and 80s. There isn't a lot of info about Now Project in English, but they seem to be a type of community organization that periodically puts out songs for different issues: their first was disability awareness, and this time they're focusing on seniors. The seniors wrote the song in a workshop together, drawing on experiences from their childhoods.

Other Releases This Month:

It's - "Love Song"

Sam Kim - "I Am Sam"

Joe Won Sun x Jinsil - "Mismatch"

Vidan - "Wishes of the Rings"

Source: Mirrorball Music 1, 2, 3; Bugs Youtube; Now Project Facebook

Previous teasers
≈ Somi, Chaeyeon, Sejeong and Zhou.
≈ Sohye, Chungha, Nayoung, Doyeon, Yoojung, Yeunjung and Mina.

source: YMC_ent

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Congratulations to Jung Eun Ji for winning No. 1 with “Hopefully Sky” on SBS’s “Inkigayo.” Placing second and third were Block B and VIXX.

Meanwhile, following the departure of MC Kim Yoo Jung, guest MCs have been making an appearance on the show. This week, it was GOT7′s Junior and TWICE’s Dahyun.


160501 정은지 (에이핑크 APINK) 하늘바라기 par gonnyonga

[Results and award speech]

160501 1위 정은지 (에이핑크 APINK) 하늘바라기 par gonnyonga

[After the award]

sources: soompi, APink_2011, B2PMGG (1, 2), To Heaven (1, 2) eunjisdream.

My precious baby ;__;

[EP 6 aka sob fest for everyone, but especially Moon]

[MPD MV Commentary]

[ENG 1080p] 160429 MV Commentary with NCT U by winter0201

[ENG] 160429 NCT U- The 7th Sense MV Commentary... by nctlover

source: nct lover 1 2 3, winter0201, gif

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In an article released with Konkuk University's professor Cho Seong Deok on May 1st, it has been revealed that SHINee's Minho is working on his master's degree in film practical acting skills. rather than doing a thesis, he is working on his master's via regular course work / research study.

With this reveal, there are now four members of SHINee who are in the process of working on their master's degree at the moment. Onew (who graduated with a bachelor's sometime in the last two years) is working on his master's in broadcasting music at Chungwoon University. Jonghyun (who graduated with a bachelor's in broadcasting music from Chungwoon University last year) is working on his master's in film and music at Myeongji University. Key (who graduated late last year with a bachelor's in film and music from Myeongji University) is working on his master's in culture and education contents development at Woosuk University. Taemin is currently working on his bachelor's degree in film and music at Myejongji University.

Congrats and good luck to all!

source: naver / veritas @withmh1209 (+ side translations by me)

school! how's everyone doing with your finals (if you have them, ofc)?!

     They are now the 8th girl group to sell this much in just a week!


12:52 am - 05/02/2016

GOT7 + Family Special Post

On the second day of GOT7's 'Fly in Seoul' concert, GOT7 family members surprised the members and the fans with baby photos and warm messages. Leader JB made an appearance at the concert on both days and after the concert, everyone's family joined for dinner. Unfortunately, Jackson's parents couldn't be there but they will attend 'Fly in Shanghai.'

[Messages of ❤]
[Mark][Message to Mark]
Mark, I'm so proud of how far you've come!
We don't talk much, me and dad are always at your side
and here for you no matter what.
"Be yourself, others are all taken."
Love you all,
Mark's mom (Mama Tuan)







[Family portraits & dancing shoes][Mark"s dad]

[Bambam"s sister]

With Bambam's other relatives

Bambam's mum chasing after the bus that has Bambam's birthday ad

[Yugyeom](from L-R) Yugyeom's aunt(?), Yugyeom, his cousin, his mum

[Junior]Taken from Junior's sister's friend's IG who has known him since he was little. His sister is the one in white blazer.

[Mama Wang]
I am really really want to be there with you guys. but I can't...😭😭
Because Papa Wang was going to Canada to join a world fencing championships... I am so sorry about that😭😭
Sorry Jackson!😭😭
And thanks for everyone who care and supporting us
See you guys in Shanghai ️️️❤❤❤

Source: GOT7Official | shmesm | hoykomjb | Jackson__Boy | linbea945 | mybbaby | jinggung_ | gg_ayoni | sophiawang328

- Ep.62: Beautiful Russian model Ko Miho changed her name to Ko Miho after really getting into a Korean drama. She and her husband Gyeongtaek got married after only dating for 100 days. But they only just registered for their marriage. When will this couple get to have their wedding?

KBS World TV

update on kira: she and her mum have received lots of support from people following the airing of the show. they now have a permanent home close to the hospital (that the owner lets them use for free), and enough money to continue the cancer treatment :]

Seventeen are proving the name of super rookie idols by selling huge number of albums in first week for 2016.

Not even in their first year since debut, Seventeen now holds the record of the most albums sold in first week this year which previously held by Taemin. Since the group's release of their first full album "Love & Letter" on April 25, the two versions combined has now reached a total of almost 80,000 sales and steadily tops Hanteo daily chart.

The impressive album sales of Seventeen is now comparable to the record of that Super Junior, EXO, BTS, TVXQ, and Big Bang proving that Seventeen can be next big thing among boy groups in the industry.

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Jimin instagram, FNC

This is from their fansign on the 26th of March! If you don't want to sit through the entire 14 minute video (the editing is a bit campy/silly), I've provided timestamps:

[Conversations with individual members]

Source: Joselito Acfalle

Umji (the helpful translation goddess) and Yuju though!! Sowon's reaction cracked me up lmfao
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