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shooting love 푱푱(audio only)Collapse ) |
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딩동 ding dongCollapse )
달콤하게 oops!Collapse )
like u, love u ft. yun from lunafly (sung by soyeon & yun)Collapse )
shooting love 푱푱(instrumental)Collapse )

listen on itunes/apple music | no spotify link available yet

sources: laboums official youtube, 1thek, Lun

@ mods i hope everything is ok, this is my first time making a post like this!
and to everyone else, what's your favorite track? mine is a close tie between shooting love & ding dong!
happy listening 🎶~

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Jimin also called Yerin yesterday during her countdown live V app :D

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🍭 Teasers: Jisung | Chenle | Jeno | Haechan | Mark | Renjun | Jaemin
🍭 Individual Teasers
🍭 MV Teaser #1 | #2
2:10 pm - 08/23/2016

Mamamoo Round Up

From a new girl group’s fanwar-starting debut single to deep house from the independent scene, we look at the latest developments in South Korea’s music world

Whether you’re a serious fan or a curious newcomer, discover a monthly roundup of new releases from South Korea. From K-Pop to hip hop and everything in between, gorge yourself on all that’s new.

Summer is always busy for K-Pop as everyone vies for the seasonal smash hit, but with new girl group BLACKPINK killing it with their hyped debut singles “Whistle” and “Boombayah”, everyone else can probably kick their feet up. EXO, however, aren’t sitting back: the repackaged version of second studio album Exodus (and new single “Lotto”) makes this their third million-selling album. At the other end of the spectrum, BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys) rapper Suga released his accomplished mixtape Agust D for free. It pulls no punches – caustic on fame and greed, and candid about mental health, an issue South Korea has long struggled to face. Still in the hip hop world, survival show Show Me The Money finished its fifth season in mid-July and, a month on, winner BewhY has released “Puzzle”; it’s musically pleasing, but contains the lyrical Show Me The Money smackdown that every rapper now, boringly, feels obliged to spit post-show.

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[Revealed through IG]

[Download link in case YG finds out and forces Taehyun to delete this soundcloud + Translation]
Download 누굴 위한 노래인가요 here:

[His pre debut soundcloud account: Skaxogus12]

And more here:

Sources: SOUTH_CLUB, souththth, Skaxogus12, aruconda, knkslp1025

I'm honestly sooooo happy he's doing this.
Besides from proving that he is an amazing artist, i just feel like he needed a place where he could go all out. Hopefully YG doesn't know what soundcloud is. when i wake up, i better not find out that yg has oppressed my baby Taehyun by deleting his new account !!!!!

edited to add translation of 누굴 위한 노래인가요
10:16 am - 08/23/2016

Two X - "Over" MV!


they performed this thrice at their guerrilla concerts on Sunday, in case you want to be wowed 3 more times ;) Myeongdong | Daehak-ro | Hongdae
and ICYMI, MV teaser post HERE!

I might not be able to post the MV when it's released on Thursday (noon KST) because I'll be in Seoul, so please spread lots of positivity and love in the post comments on my behalf ;~;

✨spica's mythical REAL comeback✨
announcement | teaser #1 | teaser #2 | teaser #3 | mv teaser
guerrilla concerts |
v app | get lucky cover | girl group medley

extra BTS videoCollapse )

source: laboums official youtube 1, 2

Click on cutiepie Sanha to watch the hilarious and sometimes uncomfortable video!


Source: CJENMusic Official

Haven't listened to the song yet and just the teaser sounds great.
I missed them so much.
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