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In 2013 Korean music distributor Music Spray was the first to sign an agreement with Spotify, and Spotify began its expansion into Asian markets by opening in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. The presence of kpop/k-indie/k-hiphop music on international sites like Spotify other international streaming sites has been rapidly growing since then. SM Entertainment finally fully joined the Spotify party last month (no press release to cite, just my observation from periodically searching and also spotify's suggestion e-mails.)

These are the artists I've found so far -- add more in the comments!

Note that Spotify has no clue how to deal with namespace collisions and so does not differentiate in a useful way between artists with the same name, so all the different "Primary" "infinite" and "Henry"s are grouped together in their interface. Also, some artists show up with multiple names.

(Edited to add: links in the comments and other artists I find I'm going to add to the version of this in personal journal, rather than spam everyone who commented on this post with additions.)

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Hiphop: Amoeba Culture and adjacent artists, constant label switchers, etc.
Various Hip-Hop and non-idol R&BCollapse )

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NH Media
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Pony Canyon
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The form to request more music from Spotify is here.
Note that they can only approach the companies, they can't just add it on their own. (Prayer circle for Woollim to get on board!)
Companies have either gotten on recently or not been consistent with what they add, so I think the only artists I found that I know has their complete catalog up are Crayon Pop & K-Much.
I'm in the U.S. so people in different territories might see different artists.

Sources: Spotify, Korea JoongAng Daily
Congratulations, you made through another month of scandal-free Kpop. Haha just kidding, sorry F(X) and Hello Venus fans. Anyway here's a recap of music posts throughout July.

Younha, Planet Shiver feat Navi, Airplane, Omona"s sunbae Kim Hyunjoong, Kim Wan Sun, Beenzino, Parc Jae Jung, GOGOSTAR, HA:TFELTCollapse )

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lmao this post took forever and a day to make, I should start making them earlier and stop taking 30 min breaks in between. You guys post a lot! Thanks for keeping Omona alive everyday. I also didn't add covers since that would have been way too much for this post. RECC US NEW MUSIC! What have you been listening to lately (doesn't have to be Korean)? What was your favorite release in July? As usual, if I missed anything share it in the comments.

[Chad Future ft f(x)"s Amber]

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Sadly Chad's first mini album has already sold out.

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It's kinda worse than Ravi cause Aron actually knows English.

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How did he get this done so quickly? I didn't know KSpazzing had more subs than him... makes sense tho...
Ex-TAHITI member Sarah Wolfgang 1
Ex-TAHITI member Sarah Wolfgang (Hanhee) did an AMA on Reddit recently, where she answered questions on everything from a group member smelling like shit to eating disorders.

Lets talk about K-Pop!Collapse )

Probably not flattering, but she was surprisingly gracious in most of her answers.


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I don't know if this kind of article is allowed here, but I found it very interesting.

2:46 pm - 05/06/2014

VIXX TV is back!!!

Raveeeeh tv special, behind the scenes of the Chad Future collab



I miss them so much ;~;

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i actually love it omg slay the haters chad

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not sure if Chad Future's teaser or BAP's Warrior/LC9's Mama Beat teaser

Ravi of VIXX will be featured on Chad Future’s upcoming mini album due this May. Recently, Ravi has finished recording and filming the music video portion for the song “Rock the World” in Los Angeles.

Although Chad Future, the former leader of group Heart2Heart, is an American singer, he gained attention in Korea through his YouTube channel.

He is also the first to initiate American Pop and Korean Pop mixed together, the so-called “AK-POP.” This is why “Rock the World” has caught much public’s attention since a portion of the song where Ravi is rapping would be done in Korean.

What do you think about this new hybrid-pop “AK-POP?”

Source: Wstar News via koreaboo

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I must say, that sound is great. I can hear all the notes sung and unsung.
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