A Korean skincare company has a pressing question for its American customers: Do you wanna be white?

This is a tagline for Elisha Coy’s Always Nuddy Complete Correction, or “CC” cream, as seen at New York's New Koreatown Plaza in Flushing, Queens.

Maybe the advertising team forgot that this ad was scheduled to run in America where minorities are hyper-aware of race, colorism (even if they don’t know that word specifically, they know how it feels to be discriminated based upon skin color) and kind of like being their own ethnicity. Or maybe Elisha Coy's international marketing team hoped that consumers would care more about aspirational pale skin tones than a message implicitly telling them that their natural skin color just isn't enough? Someone should share with the brand that U.S. advertisers sell European beauty standards through imagery — like rarely including ethnic models in major runway shows during Fashion Week — rather than outright demeaning ad copy.

Noonchi, a Korean culture website, bitingly called this flub the "perfect advertisement—it sells an impossible dream while also making its potential consumers feel worse about themselves."


Oop @ the marketing team. Mess

According to police officers on July 3, there have been around 8-9 containers worth of EXO fan letters that were mistakenly delivered to Gangnam Police Station, starting at the end of last year until now. A majority of these fan letters were sent from the province areas, including Incheon and Daejeon.

A lot of the fan letters were addressed to members Baekhyun and Chanyeol, and some of the fans have repeatedly mailed letters to the wrong address three or four times.

On the outside of the letters, fans wrote messages such as “I’m an EXO fan but not a sasaeng fan,” and “Please read this.”

A police official said, “We have been returning most of the letters. Fortunately, they are simple letters and not packages, so it does not interfere with our work.”

It appears that this situation arose due to an apparent joke played by a netizen. On one of Korea’s major portal sites, there is a question asking for a way to send fan letters to EXO, and in response, someone posted an answer that states the address of the Gangnam Police Station instead of the SM Entertainment building.

The police official also expressed, “We have not thoroughly looked into it, but if someone purposely spread the wrong address, it could be hurtful to young student [fans], so it needs to be stopped.”

Article: 'EXO' fans send fan letters to Gangnam police station

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

1. [+2,489, -38] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+2,105, -30] Probably spread the address around saying it was EXO's dorm, not SM since that stuff can be looked up online. What a disturbance.

3. [+1,821, -36] If you're not going to help the police, don't bother them with petty stuff.

4. [+1,472, -33] Seriously so embarrassing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+1,361, -26] Ridiculous. People have so much time on their hands!

6. [+230, -5] Who fooled the elementary school students ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They probably still haven't realized their fan letters are at the police station ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+167, -2] I actually saw the original prank post ㅋㅋㅋ Can't believe it's in the news now

8. [+137, -8] Does the company not take in fan letters? ㅋㅋㅋ Little kids are sending them, they should at least accept them ㅋㅋㅋ

Source: Soompi & Netienbuzz

So, continuing with the news on 2NE1.

We have urgently postponed 2NE1’s 2nd album release date from the original schedule of 12am on February 24th
to 12am on February 26th .

The offline album will be released on March 7th as planned.

The reason for the urgent change of date is to release the album on a more special day instead, as CL’s birthday falls on February 26th, especially because whopping three songs composed and written by CL for the first time are included in the 2nd album.
I ask for your generosity and understanding for the change.

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source: yg-life

mods please ignore the previous post of mine!
According to a post on OneHallyu, Nu'est Member Aron makes a pretty side-eye worthy comment on Arirang radio.

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Source: OneHallyu Youtube
Original Post Credit: Invader Sim
Although EXO's "Growl" is a song that may be a familiar tune to the younger generation familiar with the idol world, it definitely turned out to be a brand new experience for veteran singer of "Swallowtail Butterfly" ("Horangnabi"), Kim Heung Kook!
During the tvN Chuseok special 'Eight Provinces Wandering Band', Yoon Jong Shin asked the daughter of a family in the area who joined the band's tent, "Who is your favorite singer?" The girl replied shyly, "EXO".

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source: allkpop, rhdtk15 , netizenbuzz , katibe aksoy

In what must've been a huge surprise for Big Bang's Seungri, SBS's 'Inkigayo' mistakenly announced his comeback for next week before quickly doing an about-face.

During an MC segment on the latest episode, ZE:A's Kwanghee announced, "Artists such as INFINITE, B2ST, Kim Hyun Joong, and Big Bang's Seungri is scheduled to come back through 'Inkigayo', so please look forward to them".

Unfortunately, however, Seungri is not scheduled for a comeback anytime soon! It seems that Kwanghee had him mixed up with fellow Big Bang member G-Dragon, who is indeed preparing to come back in mid-August.

"We're not sure if it was mislabeled in the script, or if Kwanghee mistakenly said the wrong name, but it was an incident brought on by the hurried ending comments," said a representative for the music show.

YG Entertainment also said that there were no comeback plans for Seungri. "G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Kang Seung Yoon are currently in line for their respective comebacks," they said.

How we wish it could be true, but alas, it was just an accidental slip of the tongue.

article source: akp , nate

omg inki don't troll my poor heart ;____; on the other hand, i hope when it's finally time, seungri will get the proper comeback promotions that he obvi deserves
Honestly, you'd think five years would be long enough for fans to either get over it, or go away. I wish they would move on in some way.

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Edit 1: They put a lock on the original post because international fans and every Korean fan that isn't an asshole was flooding it with comments calling her out on how bullshit it was.
Edit 2: Apparently she isn't Only13 because she hates Han Geng. K.
On that note, one can assume she still sees Kibum as a member of SJ. Now the phrase 'guest member' to me suggests being temporary in nature. Of Henry, Zhou Mi and Kibum, who has proven to be temporary? Hmmmmm I wonder.....

Source: this bullshit, backup screenshots here


There seems to be a growing trend, where fangirls and fanboys (okay mostly fangirls) turn into rabid crazy bulldogs at airports when in the vicinity of their idols. First, we all know what happened with exo a few months ago at the airport ;_;
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Source: Emil Bravo @ YT

K-pop news has been extremely slow recently, as nothing has really caught my eye. Pair that with my busy real life, and there’s a recipe for a lack of posts. On top of that, I haven’t written a critical word about allkpop, Soompi, or any other site for about three months now. My level of fucks given has gone down ten-fold, basically.

So as you can imagine, it must have taken something truly special to motivate me to write today, and it certainly did. A special kind of stupidity.

Short version? Two allkpop executives saw a livestream by a staff member/helper at Netizen Buzz and they both took the time out of their day to maliciously out the person. Why? Because she used to work for allkpop … oh and she defended allkpop in the livestream against the haters. Yup, that’s how you get rewarded.

But some of you want the long version, right? Right.
source: asianjunkie

thought that this was kinda interesting since most people here read akp and netizenbuzz on a daily basis. akpoop continues being shitty, what else is new etc.
and OT but what happened to their oh-so-awesome girlgroup? care to explain, johnny?
  The K-popiverse was hit with some disturbing rumors this afternoon: an international fan of male megaband EXO, who have finally made a much-anticipated and long-awaited comeback with their single “Wolf,” reported via Twitter that she and a number of other international fans — many of whom had made a lengthy journey and waited for upwards of 12 hours outdoors — were denied entrance to EXO’s comeback stage taping for M! Countdown.  According to the fan, who traveled to South Korea from Europe, international fans were singled out by M! Countdown staff and made to stand in a separate line behind Korean fans, regardless of who had been waiting the longest.  Her final tweet stated that international fans were “kicked out” out of the EXO comeback stage on the grounds that they were “not Korean.”

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source: seoulbeats

*ooops! sorry! my mistake about the video...
(here's the link anyway. it's from inkigayo not m!countdown)

16. Tiffany Hwang (Member of the South Korean girl group “Girls’ Generation”)

The catcher just gave up on this one. His fault.

17. Jessica Jung (also a member of “Girls’ Generation”)

The pink shoes and the faux-bashfulness combine to set women’s sports back about 40 years.

T-ara‘s subunit T-ara N4 will apparently make their way to the States after receiving a love call from Chris Brown!

According to Core Contents Media, the T-ara members were able to get in touch with Chris Brown thanks to their upcoming member Dani. Dani has apparently known Chris Brown since her elementary school days, and hearing that she is currently in the States, Chris Brown invited her to his performance in San Jose, California for a radio station concert event, ‘94.9 Wild Jam‘.

After the concert, Dani met up with Brown and when she mentioned that she’s training as a member of T-ara, he showed immediate interest as he’s been taking a closer look at K-pop lately thanks to Psy.

Seeing T-ara’s unit’s MV for “Countryside Life“, which Dani showed him, Brown shared his wish to collaborate with T-ara N4 and invited the subunit to his music video filming on the 11th. However, as the unit has their performance at ‘Dream Concert’ in Korea, T-ara N4 will be heading over to meet him at Los Angeles a day later on the 12th.

A CCM representative revealed, “T-ara N4 will meet up with Chris Brown, after he returns to LA following his San Jose performance, to discuss music-related topics.”

What do you think about a possible collaboration between T-ara N4 and Chris Brown? THEY'RE BOTH TERRIBLE BUT CHRIS BROWN IS SEVERAL ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE WORSE HOLY SHIT I HATE HIM

sources: akp, nate
LA native and K-pop star, Tiffany of @GirlsGeneration has arrived:

MLB 1 2, Dodgers 1 2 3 4, MoonSoshi9, soshified

not using a gif of the pitch BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT
gifs and pictures here

Netizens have taken a second glance at the photos revealed through a press release regarding 2PM‘s recent Tokyo Dome concert, spotting some bad editing.

The above photo was the one that caught eyes and is actually one of the several photos sent to the media through a press release by JYP Entertainment. The photo shows the different levels of seating at the Tokyo Dome packed with fans.

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Source + image: Sports Seoul via Nate
Original press release articles: Star News, Korean Ilbo, Ohmynews via akp

Netizen: JYP is 2PM's true anti ㅡㅡCollapse )

source: NetizenBuzz
Article: Congressman Shim Jae Chul caught searching nude pictures at government meeting 'humiliation'
Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

Congressman Shim Jae Chul of the Saenuri Party was caught by journalists searching 'nude pictures' and looking at the results while in an assembly plenary meeting.
[Comments are pulled from Bestiz because Nate comments are just a huge political party battle.]

"This is seriously pathetic... If he's like this at a government meeting, imagine how he is like elsewhere."
"He must be the #1 customer of Gangnam room salons."
"I can't even imagine an idiot more idiotic than him ㅋㅋㅋ"
"Imagine how pathetic his family thinks he is right now ㅋㅋㅋ"
"He should just quit right now."
"He really couldn't have waited until he got out of the meeting? We hired him to do his job and he's sitting there looking up porn.."

sometimes you just can't resist sneaking in a peak...or 795829472 peaks
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