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SS501's Park Jung Min finally reached a legal agreement with his former agency.

On May 28, Park Jung Min settled his lawsuit against CNR Media after the third trial was held.

The settlement officially cancels Park Jung Min’s exclusive contract with CNR Media.

Park Jung Min’s reps commented, “After speaking with his legal advisers, Park Jung Min decided to thoroughly accept his former agency’s situation and receive a compromised and realistic amount of money.”

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1. Act I (The Awakening)

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This album is awesome! I love it ♥~
11:33 am - 11/25/2012

121125 Inkigayo

MC Cuts w/ IU, Lee Jongsuk, Kwanghee (ZE:A)

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Full Show

List of performers & video timestamps:

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00:29:26 Lee Joong Sung - Why Is It Now
00:32:48 Shin Moon Soo - Necktie
00:35:22 C-Clown - Far Away... Young Love
00:38:46 AOA - Get Out (Band Ver.)
00:41:53 Baek Seung Heon - Till The Sun Rises
00:45:10 D-Unit - Luv Me
00:48:08 A-JAX – 2MYX
00:51:24 Girl's Day - Don't Forget Me
00:53:47 The SEEYA feat. Taewoon (Co-Ed & SPEED) – Be With You
00:57:15 Ailee feat. MIJI - I'll Show You
01:00:39 Roh Jihoon – Punishment
01:03:35 Dal★Shabet – Hate, Don’t Hate
01:06:46 Park Jungmin – Beautiful
01:10:16 B1A4 – Tried To Walk
01:14:03 Jewelry - Look At Me
01:17:12 Boyfriend - Janus
01:20:09 miss A - I Don't Need A Man
01:24:37 Son Dambi – Come To Think About It + Dripping Tears

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Individual cuts added, though I can only link them because embeds are disabled.
3:22 pm - 11/15/2012

121115 M! Countdown


the song will be released November 14th. It sounds good so far!

After teasing fans with a short trailer for his newest Japanese track "Give Me Your Heart," Park Jungmin has revealed the full length version of this music video.

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I LOVE IT. Love his dark music style.

1st single "Give Me Your Heart" will be released on Sep 5.

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