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Translation of the interview can be found here @ taerickster.

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Cute interview. (though I wish Luna had spoken more)

so, there was a red carpet for sm's new documentary, "smtown the stage", earlier today. barely any of their idols ended up going to it but a few did so... here you go.

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1:46 pm - 08/02/2015

Taemin vs. Bug: Part???

Taemin is scared of bugs. Here's a previous post about it.

The waging war of man vs. bug continued at F.I.C.C. Wanju International Rally on August 2, 2015 where Onew, Jonghyun, Key and Taemin of SHINee performed.

This is news.

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poor taebb

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ugh they look so good! jong with minimal eye make-up (and that come fuck me look)! taem's body line! key's just perfect face! onew's little ears! minho's EVERYTHING. ugh! i am forever frustrated by these dudes!

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Updated with more pictures!

The boy band are Korea’s oddest perfectionists, who love weirding up the mainstream, thriving in hardcore trainee programs, and being farther out than you.

Ask somebody not from South Korea to describe K-pop and you’re likely to hear something about technicolor visuals, choreography as coordinated as ballet, or wildly adventurous hit songs. You might also hear the name of SHINee (that’s “shiny”), a group that embodies the harmony of these qualities better than just about anyone. Grinding nonstop since 2008, this boys-to-men quintet has grown into some of pop’s best live vocalists and dancers worldwide – especially considering how they keep insisting on doing both at the same time.

New album Odd, SHINee’s fourth (not counting a slew of mini-albums and Japanese full-lengths), flexes the full gamut of their well-toned quirks. Songs like "Trigger" deliver on the group’s longstanding commitment to avant-garde modern pop, while lead single “View” reprises their knack for reinterpreting a recent dance music trend in an elegantly composed, breathtakingly choreographed, refreshingly vibrant pop package. (This time, it’s house music.) They’re also stand-out stylish in a field of stiff competition, constantly experimenting with new looks after having once brought the skinny jeans craze to Korea with what local media dubbed the “SHINee trend".

At the Seoul headquarters of their label, SM Entertainment, we met Jonghyun, the group’s 25-year-old songwriter and vocalist, as well as 21-year-old singer and dance god Taemin. Catching the guys in the middle of Korea’s famously hectic promotion cycle, you might understand if they had been a bit scatterbrained or short on time. But they had plenty to say, dishing on their recent sold-out two-night stay at the Tokyo Dome, their teenage decision to become popstar trainees, and what makes K-pop different.

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the interview is... obviously just with jonghyun and taemin but i thought it was pretty interesting / insightful, so!
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