On May 30th, SM Entertainment released a statement surrounding recent rumors in regards to f(x)’s Victoria requesting to terminate her contract with the agency.

As reported by Chinese media outlet Sohu, the agency stated, “First, the rumors surrounding Victoria’s contract termination are groundless. Victoria has never requested a contract termination from the company.”

The original rumors stated that Victoria requested for contract termination because SM Entertainment denied her wish of owning a personal studio in China. To this, the agency said, “As a strategy that helps SM become more localized in China, we have decided to utilize it flexibly. Taking after EXO’s Lay, we will help Victoria set up a personal studio for her activities in China.”

The agency continued, “The studio will be part of SM, and there will still be a full contract between SM and Victoria. SM will continue to fully support and facilitate Victoria’s activities in China.”

Source: Koreaboo via Sohu

Rumors of f(x)’s Victoria terminating her contract with SM Entertainment have been spreading like wildfire on Weibo.

In the evening of May 29th, an entertainment news insider posted on Weibo, “[I] got a reliable piece of information: Victoria has unilaterally brought up contract termination with SM, and will come back to China to set up a personal studio. The reason for the contract termination is Victoria wants to have a personal studio in China, but SM denied the request citing Victoria’s inexperience.”

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is it a false alarm or a sign of things to come?

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Vic looks so good. Also, one day I hope netizens shut up about the Chinese being "traitors"."

9n0 So WH

f(x) just might be returning to the music scene as a whole group in the near future!

f(x) member Luna has fans waiting on the edge of their seats in anticipation for the group to make a comeback as five members once again, after hinting at the possibility in the comments section of her Instagram.

On the video post that Luna uploaded onto her personal Instagram on May 6, she left a comment that reads, “All of f(x) should come out soon, as a complete group bbuang~~><.”

[Screnshot of comment + More]luna IG

Fans have been expressing their excitement at the repetition of ‘all of us’ and ‘complete group’ in Luna’s comment, as there has been much discussion amongst fans as to whether or not Sulli will be rejoining the group for future promotions since officially going on hiatus in July of last year.

Sources: Picture by me, Soompi, & Luna's Instagram

I can't stop crying, we almost did it kids! OT5 5EVER!!1!1! <3
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on Instagram


f_x Sulli Snsd Hyoyeon, Luna's Instagram

Sorry, guys. I have put myself together now that I know its for the CF.
Apparently, Sulli has been updating her private IG, so #hopeforot5

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f(x)’s Victoria was recently cast in the Chinese show Noonas Over Flowers, an adaptation of the “Flower” series and will be heading off to Turkey for filming soon!

Victoria will be joining the show, named Hua Yang Jie Jie as a fixed cast member following her guest appearance on the Chinese version of Grandpas Over Flowers and will be the youngest cast member.

She will join top Chinese stars including Lim Ji Ryeong, Xi Mai Xuan, and Xu Fan among others as they travel from Turkey to Italy. In addition, Li Zhi Ting and Ma Tian Yu will be tagging along on the trip as the girls’ official “porters” who will be taking care of the luggages and supplies.

The show is expected to wrap filming and begin airing on ETTV China in March. Meanwhile, following Victoria will begin filming for the upcoming Chinese drama A Beautiful Secret (unofficial title) upon completing Hua Yang Jie Jie.

Victoria was recently announced as one of Chinese search portal Baidu‘s most popular searches last year. The singer also gained a great deal of public attention when it was revealed that Victoria donated all the proceeds from her “flea market” sales to charity!

Source: Bendibao via koreaboo

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SM Entertainment Global Auditions

It’s almost 2015 and that means a new round of SM Entertainment‘s global auditions! On December 30th, SM Entertainment released more information regarding their auditions via a video on Youtube.

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[Audition Info and Messages]


f(x)'s Victoria


Red Velvet


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part 1/3

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apparently this has never gotten posted here so there you go! the lie detector segment is the best lmao.
also, get well soon krystal.
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