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people are seriously insane, and i hope that YMC actually does what they say they're going to do

This is intended as a 'farwell' album, at least for now, due to James leaving and EXSY/Sooyoon's enlistment. Moon will apparently be continuing solo activities in the meantime.

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Kim Chungha has been chosen as the MC of a variety show! On September 19, FashionN’s “Please Take Care of My Vanity” (literal translation) revealed that Kim Chungha will be joining the third season of the program.

A source from the program commented, “Chungha has the bubbly charms characteristic of being in her twenties and also distinct talents, so she will become the mood maker of this season,” and added that she has lots of interest in beauty and makeup.

Kim Chungha joins Han Chae Young and Super Junior’s Leeteuk, who were MCs for the previous season. “Please Take Care of My Vanity 3” airs its first episode in late October.

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On September 18th, Star Empire wrote on ZE:A's official fan cafe, "Junyoung and Taeheon have made a new start. Please support them on their new path."

The ZE:A members' contracts with Star Empire expired in January. Since then, Star Empire has guided the members for future activities. So far, 4 of the 9 members have found new companies. Im Siwan joined Plum Entertainment, Park Hyungsik joined UAA, Hwang Kwanghee joined Bonboo ENT, and Kim Dongjun joined Gold Moon Entertainment1. Other members have had different paths. Heechul enlisted in the military in June. Kevin is a radio DJ in Australia. Minwoo is doing independent activities2.

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Hajung - Goodbye Baby

Leeda & Hajung are the 1NB members who will be appearing on KBS' The Unit.

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On September 19, reports emerged that Amber would be starring in a U.S. film. SM Entertainment confirmed the news and added, “Amber has been cast as the leading role in ‘The Eagle and the Albatross,’ which she is currently busy filming.”

“The Eagle and the Albatross” is set to be a film based on golf, and is said to be an independent film that aims to be submitted to international film festivals rather than be commercially released. Amber seems to have been alluding to her involvement in the movie in a recent Instagram post where she shared a picture of herself on a golf course with the caption, “On to the next adventure!”

The first official stills for the film have also been shared on IMDB as well, check them out!

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'the leading role' i'm not...sure i believe you sm it's been pointed out to me that this is an indie film so get those roles amber!
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