South Korea's seven leading entertainment companies said Thursday they will launch a joint venture to oversee the global distribution and management of their music videos.

The seven entertainment firms -- SM, YG, JYP, Big Hit, Mystic, FNC and Star Empire -- signed an agreement to launch what is tentatively called "Music & Creative Partners Asia (MCPA)" in a ceremony held at Park Hyatt Seoul.

They said the new company will make decisions on the distribution and management of K-pop music videos to global streaming platforms, including YouTube, and represent the seven in future negotiations with global platforms. MCPA will also run a new video hub to be created jointly by the companies.

It is modeled after Vevo, a music video service launched by three major U.S. record labels and Alphabet, the parent company of Google, in 2009. Vevo provides music videos from the labels to YouTube, live-streams content from famous musicians and sponsors various concerts.

source: Yonhap News

source: KBS World TV

source: KBS World TV


this is cute! which also means a lot of y'all might hate it, lol.


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Jellyfish, release more acapella or harmonising videos for gugudan and you'll strike gold!

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The day has finally come to break free from cute concepts??

✈️ASTRO Special Mini Album 'Rise Up' Teaser Roundup
5:33 pm - 07/19/2018

GOT7 on Access

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Bless them for doing a million of these interviews but still managing to bring something new into each of them! And they're getting so comfortable with their English now, especially Bambam. Jackson spoke more this time around.

omona, can you dance?

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I of course love the stage performance!

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thank god for freshteen
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