DramaFever, the streaming-video service specializing in Korean dramas and other Asian programming, is shutting down immediately.

Founded in 2009, New York-based DramaFever was acquired by Warner Bros. in 2016 from Japan’s SoftBank Group. New York-based DramaFever has operated as a unit of Warner Bros. Digital Networks, which has touted the streaming infrastructure and expertise it obtained through the acquisition.

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Omona,which streaming sites do you use?

0:00 - Fire
1:43 - Do You Love Me
6:39 - Kiss (remix)
11:15 - I Am the Best
17:28 - Go Away

Source: YouTube: 니키식스NiKKi6X

dara is still killing it! really showing the people who said she should have joined a different company/group, her love for 2ne1 and their songs is so clear. also kiss (remix) remains the sexiest thing. apparently she was there by daesung's invitation.

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Read that Do will also be singing one before the end of the season, uncomfirmed though.

On October 22, Studio OnStyle’s new celebrity reality digital show “Red Hair Yen” (literal translation) will premiere. The program will feature former Wonder Girls member Yeeun, as she fights against the prejudice of the world to purse her dream as HA:TFELT. During the course of the program, the singer will participate in an exhibition called “Blue Bird Project” where she takes one step closer to becoming a real artist.

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sources: KPopLove via Korea Daily & STUDIO ONSTYLE

On October 16, news outlet OSEN reported that upcoming spy drama “Prometheus” did not make the lineup of dramas to air on MBC despite previous reports.

In response, a source from MBC said, “we had been discussing the possible air date and schedule with the production staff for a long time. However, we could not come to a final agreement.”

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..the hell is going on?

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6:27 pm - 10/16/2018

Hyuna's Letter To Cube

Before making her final decison to leave Cube Entertainment, Hyuna sent a letter to the company's president Shin Dae Nam to voice her grievances.



The Rose’s agency J & STAR Company has apologized for the band’s recent music video “She’s in the Rain,” which contains images that were posted on the Instagram of SHINee’s Jonghyun.

On October 16, the agency began, “We are speaking regarding The Rose’s new music video. We judged that it would be best to give a response after accurately checking on the part using the late Jonghyun’s Instagram photos in the new music video, so we first ask for your understanding on the time taken in the process of checking.

The statement explains, “We, J & STAR, worked on this new music video with production company Beat Logic. We find that a problem like this occurred while discussing the story and different understandings of the song in the process of the music video production before the filming.

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Source: TheRose0803 via Soompi, No Cut News via Netizenbuzz

Does anyone have an idea if Beat Logic has worked with SHINee/Jonghyun before? I find it weird that they'd go for Jjong's pictures otherwise...Also no comment on if they were granted permission to use the pictures beforehand? At least the MV is taken down...

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I lost it at Jin's "Sauron's Eye" answer

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According to Japanese music chart Oricon, TWICE, BTS, and TVXQ topped its album rankings for the month of September. TWICE’s first Japanese studio album “BDZ,” which was released last month and has since been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ), took No. 1 on the chart.

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Source: Oricon, Naver via Soompi

Just came in here to say I'm finally seeing Tohoshinki live in Tokyo Dome this December after stanning them for 12 years and counting 😭
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