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is your country included on the tour? which countries will be "and more"? are you going Buddies from Omona?

Source: GFriend official twitter account @GFRDOFFICIAL

source: Z-POP DREAM

source: Z-POP DREAM

Also, they say that many cities on the tour is 90% sold out. Hope you got your tickets!


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Sources: M2, Mnet K-pop

I'm so proud of my babies, despite the set-backs this comeback, they are still doing great.
Update to this post?

It was revealed today that Eli from U-Kiss is collaborating with Chris Brown on a track called "Gotta Have It All". B.Taylor and Ana Baby are also featured on the song. Apparently the song is part of a project to bring awareness to mental health problems in Korea... oh the irony

[Spoiler (click to open)]

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sources: @eli_kim91, screenshot from the comment section of asianjunkie


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Sources: GOT7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

previous batch here

What a sultry eyefull these are, is this what the song/MV's gonna be like? *eyesemoji*

Also just how many of these are we getting? (I've heard theories there's a bnw batch, a blue batch and then a red batch next).

EPISODE 1 (subbed).

source: WayV

clever marketing or a means for SM to save money since they have 30 units already?

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there's a longer intro on alligator, so the vid starts at 50 seconds! it's basically just a montage of some mnet special stages + world tour footage... i can't believe mnet gave them a long intro and 2 full songs. “play it cool” should really be their title, ugh!!! it's so great 💞

SOURCE(s): mnet k-pop@youtube (alligator | play it cool)
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