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The song is catchy but I feel like they did them dirty with that M/V

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It's a summer sound, maybe a little bit dated. I liked the Still You and Growing Pains some more. :-/ And LOL at Donghae bringing back that Sorry Sorry type of hairstyle...
Fake Love / BTS

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The song is really good tbh! Check it out if you like similar vibes to SHINee's View/f(x)'s 4 Walls (deep house, I think?)

for heaven's sake, give twice a break!

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August 5th, 2018

(op is somewhere a few seats behind the boys with her friend)
Monsta X held their second concert in Mexico, this time in Monterrey and OP was there! They performed in a SOLD OUT venue with around 3,000 people and tbh, we had a blast! Monterrey is the 3rd biggest city in Mexico, so it was a matter of time they performed there and, oh boy, it was AMAZING. The organization was a mess (surprise), but these boys are just amazing. WONHO IS A GOD, THAT'S ALL.

I have videos of almost all the songs at the concert, missing a few of the first songs and the last one, If Only.
(don't listen on full volume, be careful, we scream a lot, but can still hear the music pretty good! lol)

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Hope you guys like the videos! If you don't wanna watch them all, just watch Fallin', it's so good.
Things that I LOVED about the concertCollapse )
Things I HATED about the event organizationCollapse )

Thank you for watching <3

OP's note English is not my first language, sorry about that lol.
I hope we have them in Mexico next year too, that would be the third in a row, and tbh, I just wanna see them again!. I felt that post-concert sadness and it was hard.

I'm so grateful, I've been a kpop fan since 2004 (thanks to BoA and TVXQ) and never in my life I imagined Kpop groups in Mexico. I've been to three concerts now  (BB's MADE in 2015 and EXO's Exordium in 2017, both in mexico city) and it's truly an amazing experience. Will forever be sad that I never got to see Girls' Generation as 9, probably won't ever see TVXQ unless I travel to Japan (ha!). Monsta X is  the third group I've stanned this hard (besides GG and TVXQ), it makes me happy that I got to see them perform and meet them.

Sources: Me Myself and I, Monsta X's twitter
While browsing Youtube late at night I came across a video by user SinB Ssi, which listed several songs by various artists with more than questionable lyrics, such as sexism, body shaming or cheating. I'm re-posting some of the songs mentioned in the video, more are at the source. This post should be a friendly reminder to not blindly sing along to your fave songs, but to actually look up the lyrics (if you don't speak Korean). Also, most K-pop artists don't get to choose their songs, so instead of critizing them for the lyrics we should blame their company and the songwriters for making them sing such lyrics.
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sources: youtube SinB Ssi, MBK Entertainment Official 1, 2, BIGBANG, 1theK 1, 2, Kyotaegisub, jypentertainment

Actress Lee Bo Young is pregnant with her second child!

On August 15, a source from Lee Bo Young’s agency stated, “Lee Bo Young is pregnant with her second child. Because she’s still in the early stages of her pregnancy, we do not know exactly how many months along she is. As she hasn’t chosen her next project, for now she will be focusing on prenatal care.

Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung married in 2013 after dating for six years, and they welcomed their first child, a daughter, in 2015. The actress recently starred in tvN’s “Mother,” while Ji Sung is currently starring in the drama “Familiar Wife.”

Congratulations to the couple!

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