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Sometimes execs and labels just fuck it up and pick the wrong song to promote a debut/comeback.
And it's up to us to find those hidden gems, that might otherwise be burried under countless songs.
Every month I'll try to look back on girl group and female soloist release (I don't have time to waste on boys) and try to find out the song that should have been "IT" but was overlooked.

What's my expertise on this?
None whatsoever.
It's just fun & games but to paraphrase the great Eugene Lee Yang

"I'm right, you're wrong, shut up, discuss in the comments".

I don't have much to complain about. But let's see what we may have missed this past month.

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OP's note: Check out Cheeze and thank me later
Did I forgot anyone?

source: BVNDIT_Official, 조아, SOLE, SECRET NUMBER, KrisMusic Town, diamondxox, KBS World

"Mystic Popup Bar" episode 5 & 6 Discussion Post

Drama: Mystic Pop-up Bar (English title) / Ssanggab Cart Bar (literal title)
Hangul: 쌍갑포차
Director: Jeon Chang-Geun
Writer: Bae Hye-Soo (webcomic), Ha Yoon-A
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 12
Release Date: May 20 - June 25, 2020
Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:30

PLOT: Based on a popular webtoon, MYSTIC POP-UP BAR stars Hwang Jung-eum (Kill Me, Heal Me) as the boss behind this mysterious late-night food cart. Together with part-timer Yook Sung-jae (Goblin) and manager Choi Won-young (Sky Castle), the trio works to serve customers—dead or alive—by resolving their problems through their dreams.

CAST: Hwang Jung-eum as Wol-joo, Yook Sung-jae as Han Kang-bae, Choi Won-young as Chief Gwi, Park Si-eun as young Wol-joo, Yeom Hye-ran as God of the Underworld, Lee Jun-hyeok as Department Chief Yeom, Jung Da-eun as Kang Yeo-rin, Park Ha-na as Song Mi-ran, Park Joo-hyung as Assistant Manager Park, Ahn Tae-hwan as Choi Jin-dong, Kim Yong-gun, Jung Eun-pyo, Kim Mi-kyung, Kang Min-sung

Special appearances for Episode 1:  Song Geon-hee as Crown Prince, Park Eun-hye as Crown Prince's mother, Kim Hee-jung as Wol-joo's mother, Hwang Bo-ra as Chun-hyang, Kwak Sun-young as Eun-soo / Soo-na, Baek Ji-won as Ahn Dong-daek, Yoon Park

Drama info and image used taken from AsianWiki and Netflix

You can watch on Netflix | Mydramanice

"It's Okay to Not Be Okay" Official Teaser #1

Kim Soo-hyun (MY LOVE FROM THE STAR) makes his comeback in IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY as an orphaned psychiatric ward worker who doesn’t believe in love until he meets Seo Ye-ji (HWARANG), an antisocial children’s book author.

Following his brief cameos in CRASH LANDING ON YOU and HOTEL DEL LUNA, this marks Kim Soo-hyun’s return to the small screen after 5 years.

Coming to Netflix 7 tvN June 20.

Wow it's been a long time, Kim Soohyun

source: The Swoon