Former Lovelyz member Jin has apologized for a video in which she talked about idols dating.

Jin, who opened her own YouTube channel this past fall, recently posted a Q&A video in which she answered various questions about idol life. One of the topics she discussed was how idols date behind the scenes, and Jin described how idols can sometimes catch one another’s eye backstage at music shows or at events like MBC’s Idol Star Athletics Championships.

She also mentioned that while many agencies are strict about prohibiting dating early on in idols’ careers, they grow laxer as time goes on and idols get further along into their careers.
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According to reports, Tzuyu recently bought a luxury apartment in her hometown Kaohsiung (Taiwan). Most reports say she paid $15 million, however that is most likely a mistake when converting from Yuan to US-Dollar. When you convert the price from NTD to US-Dollar it's $3.3 million. She closed the deal during Lunar New Year and completed everything on January 16.
The apartment is located right opposite of the cosmetic clinic that Tzuyu's mother owns. It is located in the Xionggang Xinyi Art Museum Building, which is known for its 3 parking spaces, impressive decor and interior. Its neighboring area is also considered an elite residential.
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On February 5, Baekhyun took to Twitter to post a sweet message for his fans after being discharged from the military earlier that day.

In celebration of his return, the idol will be greeting his fans through a special live broadcast on EXO’s official YouTube channel on February 6 at 8 p.m. KST, and Baekhyun expressed his excitement at being able to talk to his fans again after such a long time.

Confessing that he was feeling a bit nervous, Baekhyun adorably wrote, “We’re meeting tomorrow! I feel nervous?… hehehehehehe I used to be good at talking, but what if I’m not good at talking [tomorrow?]”

He went on to reveal that he was already getting ready for the big day, adding, “Hoo… for now, I’m doing cardio, since I can’t be swollen tomorrow…”

Baekhyun also shared a handwritten message for EXO’s fan club EXO-L in which he wrote, “Eris [Baekhyun’s nickname for EXO-L]!! You waited a long time, right! I’m here! Now, I’m not going anywhere. Are you happy? I’m happy too!”

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Key "Killer" teaser

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Another revelation about Kris Wu (Wu Yi Fan) has come out. He is exposed for having an STD.

China’s Sina Entertainment reported on February 2nd that a new revelation of Kris Wu’s sexual assault is spreading around Weibo.
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She's 20 and from Japan.

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Play Color with VIVIZ "Pull Up"

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