Highlights Include:
+ No one explaining the NCT concept and no charts!
+ Sharing a meal (that they tried to make NCT pay for)
+ A fight for Mark's heart
+ Jungwoo being adorably hilarious
+ A competition for strongest member
+ NCT127 dancing to other NCT choreo


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Kyulkyung is confirmed as one of the lead in a Chinese drama "Miss Truth". It will start filming today with other leads such as LiChengbin and LanBo.

"Miss Truth" is an upcoming web drama that will be shown on Youku in 2019. It is based off of the eponymous Chinese internet novel.

Jieqiong is acting as the main character, Ran Yan 冉颜. In the book, Ran Yan is a modern day forensic doctor who gets sent back in time to the Tang dynasty.

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On October 16, girl group SHA SHA’s agency Major Entertainment released an official update on member Wanlin’s health. They explained that she has hypokalemia (when potassium levels in the blood are too low) and that she is currently in China to be able to recuperate better.

This is SHA SHA’s agency Major Entertainment.
We would like to give an update on member Wanlin’s health for the fans who have been loving and supporting SHA SHA.
Wanlin was diagnosed by a doctor to be suffering from hypokalemia due to a dysfunction in her kidneys. She has returned to her family and is currently resting.

Wanlin will be committing herself to further medical examinations and treatment in China and we will continue on supporting her so that she will come back to us healthy and sound.
We ask for a lot of interest and support in the future for SHA SHA and for Wanlin who will be returning to the group after her recovery.
Thank you.”

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On October 17, Verbal Jint announced that he will be releasing two single tracks on October 21. These tracks are pre-released prior to his upcoming EP album, which is scheduled to drop sometime in November.

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At midnight on October 18th, the band’s members including Jang Kiha, Lee Min-ki, Jeong Joong-yeop, Lee Jong-min, Yohei Hasagawa, and Jeon Il-jun announced their disbandment through social media. The band announced, “our upcoming 5th album will actually be our last album”.

‘Kiha & The Faces’ debuted back in 2008 with the song ‘Cheap Coffee’, and they have decided to disband after 10 years.

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On October 17, Mnet announced the launching of “I’m Not the Person You Used to Know” (literal translation). The program is a quiz show that invites a celebrity’s closest associates to guess the celebrity’s choices in their daily lives.

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FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki and Jung Hye Sung are reportedly working on a new drama together!

According to the findings of media outlet OSEN, they will star in a new romantic-comedy youth drama, “I Hate You Juliet” (literal title). It will be available through mobile platform oksusu.

The drama is about the exciting love story of top star Cha Yool (played by Lee Hong Ki) and playwriting major Gu Na Ra (played by Jung Hye Sung) who attend the same arts university. They are reported to be currently in the middle of filming.

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Happy anniversary since the last time we had a Pristin comeback.
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