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LAST WEEK ON OMONA (Week 2 of 2022)


Hellooooo! Is it just me or is January going by crazy fast? It’s Last Week on Omona time again! 💦

Just like last week, this is a highlight roundup of last week’s posts as well as a discussion post.

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Thanks for all the positive feedback last week, I’m happy you like this roundup!
This time we got a LOT of new music. What was your favorite bop from last week? Discuss!
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Former T-ara member Soyeon is getting married and officially becoming a WAG

sources: newsen, @tmikpop

Mods take this post instead, the other includes an already deleted tweet.
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YouTube Music emerges as leading streaming platform in Korea

Until a few years ago, Korean music streaming service Melon seemed to have no rivals in terms of market share, with its share nearing 50 percent in 2018, according to data tracker Nielsen Koreanclick. Yet, the rising influence of YouTube Music, a streaming service developed by global video sharing platform YouTube in 2018, is threatening its dominance.

According to big data platform Mobile Index, as of December, YouTube Music held the third-largest market share in Korea (19.22 percent), only after Melon (37.28 percent) and Genie (19.24 percent). The relatively new service, which began with a 1.7 percent share in 2019, edged out other homegrown platforms such as FLO (13.31 percent) and VIBE (4.08 percent).

It also saw a dramatic rise in the number of monthly active users (MAU). Its MAU was about 630,000 on Jan. 1, 2021, but the number spiked to 1.26 million on Dec. 1 ― a 97 percent increase in just a year.

The fact that the subscribers of YouTube Premium ― a paid membership service that enables people to watch YouTube clips without advertisements ― can get free access to YouTube Music is picked as a big contributing factor behind the platform's growing popularity.

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source: The Korea Times

Girls High School Mystery Class season 2 episode 1 discussion post

By director Jung Jong Yeon (The Genius, Society Game, The Great Escape), in this mystery variety show comedian ms long legs Jang Do Yeon, our favorite redhead MC Jae Jae, clever news achor Park Ji Yoon, singer & my future bodyguard Bibi and former Iz*One member and snack caterer Yena transfer to an all-girls high school to uncover secrets and strange events at the school - while eating plenty of snacks.

The second season has started airing on December 31st and will have 8 episodes. The first episode (70 min) has just been subbed and can be found via or Beachu Squad's website. Make sure to watch till the end 😱

Source: Drama information & Image via My Dramalist, Baechu Squad

The second season can be watched separately from the first! What did you think of the vibe at this new high school? Are you a snacks first, solve crime later kind of person like the squad in this show or business first, then food?