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7:43 pm - 05/27/2018

180527 SBS Inkigayo

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]

'Fake Love'


'Time For The Moon Night'


'Pass By'

Album Sales (음반) 500 2 0
SNS 3500 247 0
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 0 500 12
ON-AIR 0 500 0
Digital Sales (음원) 3068 5493 4993
Final Total 7068 6742 5005

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omona, are you ready to completely devote yourself to pristin v?
3:51 pm - 05/27/2018

iKON TV Ep. 6

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Yang Yewan received thousands of signatures on her petition to investigate "a photo studio outside of Hapjeong Station, exit 3." The studio, now under entirely new management and run by a different studio in the same location Yewan mentioned, is taking legal action against Suzy because they do not believe her apology is enough. Additionally, Katalk talks between Yewon and the studio have a portion of the public no longer believing her side of the story.

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This is a second run of that mini series from last year called 7 First Kisses but this series is called Secret Queen Makers. Basically a very long ad for Lotte featuring some very loose plot about a woman getting hit on by dudes who also happen to be selling her items at the mall.

This season feature Lee Junki, Exo Chanyeol and Sehun, Suju Leeteuk, 2PM Chansung, and Hwang Chiyeul.

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so this is a thing...again. looks like they managed to get chanyeol out of the only outfit he wears for this so that's something.

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wowowow, 6 dates in Europe!!! this is really a proper world tour. jype has yet to confirm, but it looks pretty official. riiiiiiiiiise, day6!!!

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