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Their last release was "Here I Am" back in July 2017.

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It has been more than five years since actress Yoon Eun-hye’s last drama, KBS2 “Marry Him If You Dare.” Nevertheless, her memorable appearance in this and other dramas including “My Fair Lady” and “Coffee Prince,” leave many wanting more, and they just may get their wish.

According to reports on April 24, Yoo is considering the main character for the drama adaptation of the web novel “Love Watch.” Regarding this, a representative said that she is “currently reviewing” the offer.

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She was named the "New Shu Girl"

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Yang Hyun Suk updated his insta today with a video of Blackpink making their way through a crowd at the airport in Thailand, with the captions #Comeback_Imminent #BLACKPINK_Will_Take_Over_Until_The_End_of_This_Year. No words on why he didn't provide better security and made the girls walk through that crowd.
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This week they became the first foreign male group to simultaneously top both of Oricon’s weekly album charts in Japan!

On April 24, Oricon announced that SHINee’s new Japanese best-of album, “The Best From Now On,” had taken first place on both its weekly physical album chart and its weekly digital album chart.

Oricon reported on its official website, “This is the first time since we began reporting digital album rankings in November 2016 that a foreign male group has recorded first place on both the CD and the digital album charts at the same time.”

In addition to setting a new Oricon record, “The Best From Now On” also topped Billboard Japan’s Top Album Sales chart for the week of April 16 to April 22.

SHINee previously hit No. 1 on Oricon’s weekly album chart with their 2014 Japanese album “I’m Your Boy” and their 2016 Japanese album “DxDxD.”


It was revealed this morning korean artist Kim Yeon Woo posted by accident some footage inlcuding Onew vocals ... apparently it was part from some project they have been working on together

Those audios and videos spread like fire between korean shawols and even some int. fans, but song composer came forward to ask fans to stop leaking those videos/audios/images:

of course those post are now gone but hints are there

[No, op wont post those footage or give you more clues to find them either]

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On April 21st, one Youtube channel, チャンミン 88, uploaded an old clip of TVXQ's Changmin dragging a sasaeng fan out from a taxi. In the video, it can be clearly seen how the idol furiously takes the fan out from the car. As he dragged her out roughly, the fan fell on her knees on the street. In the video, Changmin is also spotted to have arguments with the taxi driver.

The video has now become a hot topic in various online communities as Netizens debate on whether what Changmin did -- as a public figure -- was right. The opinion split: one side says that he went over the line, while another side claims that it's so normal to be angry when one person feels annoyed.

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SMTOWN (!t Live) (1, 2)

All videos hardsubbed! (Wow tho) the questions are that why SM 1) made a separate YT channel for this and 2) tries hard to trend HoMin's new song? OT not to mention that feather duster used as a lightstick lol

It’s safe to say that the Korean-American singer/songwriter, Eric Nam, is having something of a career rebirth. Sat in a Seoul cafe on a sunny afternoon, the city’s cherry blossom trees in full flower, the 29-year-old is remarkably candid and cheerily upbeat, despite being immersed in hectic preparations for his new EP (Honestly) and its singles, Honestly, and Potion, his first album in two years.

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He talks more in the link about producing music and his experience collaborating with other artists. This is SUCH a good interview. I love how candid he is and how firm he is on specific stances. I really admire Eric and have admired him for some time, but this just really solidifies my respect for him. I'm glad I got tix to see his show

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