We're taking a break from the underrated queens serie to start a new contest as suggested by aures
This contest will have 5 categories

  • Best MV

  • Best Stage (for a title track)

  • Best album

  • Best Concept

  • Best song (B-sides are ok)

The rules are simple
✨ This is an underrated GG contest
❌ No boys
❌ No soloist
❌ No co-ed
❌ No candidate from the big 3 (YG/SM/JYP)
✔️ Disbanded GG are ok
✔️Sub-unit, duo, trio are ok

✨ Include only one group & category per nomination. Please include their names, the category & the song/MV/concept...  in the title
If you feel like one song can compete for several categories you must make multiple nomination.
side note: A concept can be illustrated by a MV, dance video, making of...
Each nom must include a video: no video, no valid nomination
Edit: for the album category, a spotify playlist, or a highlight video is enough.

✨ Go through all the nominations to check if your fave hasn't already been nominated.
If so, add +1 under the original user comment.

✨ Number of nominees is limited to 16 per category.
The quota does not apply to categories that received a low number of responses.

The nomnomnomination round is open until monday night

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- they just started their world tour today/yesterday
- it will last for 6 months
- the concert took about 3h 30min(!) + they played an extra song just bc they didn't want to leave
- Europe ticketing was supposed to be on Thursday/Friday but it was
postponed indefinitely sooo... idk wth is happening
The K-pop act’s first U.S. stadium tour grossed $44 million, in addition to the $35 million earned in Europe & South America.
BTS performed their first North American stadium tour with two shows apiece at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl (May 4-5), Chicago’s Soldier Field (May 11-12) and New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium (May 18-19). The results were staggering, as the South Korean megastars grossed $44 million from six shows, selling 299,770 tickets according to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore.

Followed by stadium dates in Sao Paolo (Allianz Parque; May 25-26), London (Wembley Stadium; June 1-2), and Paris (Stade de France; June 7-8), they added $35 million to the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour total for a combined $78.9 million and 606,409 tickets.

These U.S. figures are not just groundbreaking as international artists, but for the touring industry at large. Their double-header at the Rose Bowl earned $16.6 million, making it the single highest-grossing engagement in the venue’s Boxscore history, out-pacing previous high marks by Taylor Swift and U2, as well as co-headlining stints by Beyoncé & Jay-Z and Eminem & Rihanna.

Their shows in Chicago and New Jersey rank among the top five-grossing engagements for Soldier Field and MetLife Stadium, respectively.

BTS will continue to tour across Asia, through a July 7 performance at the Yanmar Stadium Nagai in Osaka, Japan.

source: Billboard

source: 1theK

source: 1theK
On this episode, Arin of Oh My Girl & Dayoung of Cosmic Girls review macarons

source: M2

[Covers] Studio Choom
Artist: SinB
song: Sweet But Psycho by Ava Max
choreography: Mina Myoung (1Million Dance Studio)

Source: M2
Monsta X released 'Who Do U Love' yesterday and going to make an appearance on GMA on August 1st to perform it. The single won't impact radio until July 16th

the single incase you haven't heard the bop yetCollapse )

Source MonstaXVevo@youtube headlineplanet earmilk
Dead @ them using the pic above for the album art. Anyways I'm so happy they're making huge strides, considering a couple of years ago they were doing hep hop

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Source: YouTube: MBCkpop

she seems nervous, i wonder if she'd be more comfortable with a group or if it's cuz of the yg controversies.
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