Anyone going to any of the North American shows next month?

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Lee Chang-sub, the lead vocalist of K-pop boy band BTOB, recently had his hair dye pale blonde for the first time in his life.

He has a once-in-a-lifetime event ahead of him: He is set to join the military on Jan. 14.

"Does it look good on me? I had my hair dyed like this because it will be gone soon," the 27-year-old singer told, with a sheepish smile, a group of reporters gathered at Cube Entertainment's office in Seoul to interview him on Monday.

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I still have memories of watching Baby Diaries back then, I can't believe how long ago it was.

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looks like coco rly played herself here. getting sued is not the way to get out of your contract.
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... any guesses?
also, never forget:
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The management agency of K-pop boy band Super Junior's Ryeowook said Monday he will delay the release of his new solo album due to health reasons. Having completed his mandatory military service early in the year, Ryeowook initially planned to drop his new solo album, "Drunk on Love," on Tuesday. The release, however, has been pushed back to Jan. 2 next year, according to Label SJ.

Returning from his trip to perform at a music festival in Bangkok early Monday morning, Ryeowook complained of high fever and was diagnosed with Influenza A, Label SJ said. Doctors ordered him to rest in quarantine.

The management agency factored in the need to protect Ryeowook, as well as the possible risk of contagion, when deciding on the delay, it said. "We ask for kind understanding from Ryeowook's fans, who have been eagerly waiting for his solo comeback," the agency said.

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On December 10, King Kong by Starship Entertainment reported that Kim Dasom has confirmed to appear in tvN’s upcoming romantic comedy “Psychometric Guy” (literal translation). The actress will take over one of the supporting roles, and work closely together with GOT7’s Jinyoung and Shin Ye-Eun.

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Gallup Korea ranked entertainer and MC Yoo Jae-suk as the top performer in comedy in South Korea for the seventh straight year. 33.4 percent of the 1,700 men and women polled nationwide (excluding Jeju) said that he was the most active entertainer and funny-man of 2018. Gallup ran the poll from November 7 to 30, and all participants were over 13 years of age.

Currently, Yoo is active on all three of Korea’s most prominent public networks. With MBC, he was a main cast member on “Infinite Challenge,” which ended this year. Additionally, he is apart of the SBS programs “Happy Sunday,” and “Running Man” and returned to KBS3 for the third season of “Happy Together.”

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No surprise, he isn't called "the nation's MC" for no reason. It was a good year for Narae.

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On December 10, actress Park Hye-Soo held an interview to talk about the new film “Swing Kids” for which she had starred in as the female lead. The actress begun, “when I saw it for the first time, I could only focus on how I appeared in the film. But, my third time seeing the film, I could relate to director Kang Hyung-Chul’s take on incorporating humor into a subject that could seem rather painful and tragic, so I enjoyed the film rather thoroughly.”

She continued, “I think this film will linger in my heart for a very long time. Including our director, the set itself warmed my heart. I felt like dreaming, seeing all these people hard at work, trying to make the best film possible. I’m glad that the product, despite what the numerical results may be, reflects our hard work that we had put in. I’m thankful and honored to be a part of such a great production.”

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JTBC has announced to remake a popular American drama series “Younger”

“Younger” is a drama that tells a story of a single mother in her forties, who faces an unexpected divorce. As a result, she pretends to be a younger woman to secure a job to provide for her and her children.

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Jin Goo and Seo Eun-Soo have confirmed star in JTBC’s upcoming drama “Legal High,” a remake of Japanese drama series of the same name. (A follow up to this post)

“Legal High” first aired in 2012 on a Japanese channel Fuji TV. It is a comedy drama with background set in a courtroom, featuring a passionate lawyer named Komikado Kensuke, who is willing to do everything he can to win cases. It also features another character named Mayuzumi Machiko, a hard-working rookie lawyer with a strong sense of justice.

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Irene and Jennie have been friends for a while now, and during the latest episode of Music Core the pair displayed their friendship by switching choreography gestures for their performances.

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