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HyunA reveals additional photos + tracklist for ‘Melting’

With the release date of her solo mini album approaching, HyunA has unveiled a few more photos along with the list of songs included in ‘Melting‘.

A total of five tracks are said to be contained in the album including the already mentioned title track, “Ice Cream“.

One of the notable new tracks is “Very Hot“, which is a song she has participated in both the writing and composing process for the first time.

Don’t Fall Apart” is another song in the release and is described as one that depicts HyunA’s feelings on releasing a new solo album.

The idol will attempt the ‘teen-pop’ genre with “Unripe Apple” which sings of a girl who wants to be seen as an innocent girl in front of her boyfriend, and BTOB‘s Ilhoon is said to have participated in the rap making for the song.

Hyuna also helped write the lyrics for another track, “To My Boyfriend“, which is said to be a HyunA’s take on an emotional ballad.

As mentioned previously, HyunA will be releasing her new solo effort on October 22nd.

source: akp
Tags: hyuna

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