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Tablo vs Tajinyo Part XX: “WhatBecomes still won’t give up!”


The netizens who spread rumors regarding Tablo′s academic credentials were sentenced to jail. The sentences have thus brought near closure to a debate that has continued over the last three years.
The one man who started the giant controversy, however, is still at large, drawing concern from the general public.

On October 10, the justice department dismissed the appeals filed by seven of the sentenced defendants in the first trial and gave just one female, who was originally given a jail sentence, a lesser punishment of a two year probation for 10 months in jail and 200 hours of voluntary work. The justice department dismissed the appeals saying, “The motives were foul and the methods shallow. The victim is still willing to severely punish [the accused].”

Whatbecomes, however, left a post protesting the decision just after it was issued. He stated through a portal site′s cafe under the title ′I want to talk about the results of the trial′, “The problem with the trial was that a few netizens cursed even at Tablo′s family in anger.”

Whatbecomes is the man behind the initial rumors regarding Tablo, and is a Korean residing in Chicago.

He said through the post, “The fact that Tablo fabricated his credentials is true, so since defamation laws don′t apply, Tablo′s family and the prosecutor changed the arraignment and punished the accused for insult.

He then added, “Since Tablo′s family were the accusers, Tablo himself didn′t have to appear at the trial. There are still many people in Korea who have false records, so we must continue to bring them out.”

The accused were not in fact, contrary to what Whatbecomes may believe, punished for insulting Tablo′s family. They were punished for spreading false facts, and in the process of the trial the justice department acknowledged that Tablo had indeed graduated from Stanford University.

Whatbecomes continues to defame Tablo with false information. The problem is that many people still follow his lead. There are still about 9,000 active members in his cafe, Tajinyo.
Many are still demanding that Whatbecomes should be punished. The case against him, however, was discontinued as it was difficult to pinpoint his whereabouts.

This guy has issues but so do the 9 000 active members in his café. get a life people. 9 000, 9 fucking thousand.

Source : enewsworld
Tags: court / legal issues, tablo

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