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Skarf releases video of Ferlyn dancing to Ciara’s “Turn It Up”

Skarf, who is currently promoting the second song on their debut single, “My Love“, has been treating fans to dance practice videos.  Alpha Entertainment recently uploaded yet another dance practice clip this time with member Ferlyn dancing to Ciara‘s “Turn it Up” featuring Usher.

Recall that Skarf is a four member-group made up of two Korean members and two Singaporean members.

Dressed casually in black leggings, a black top with yellow geometric accents, and a pair of Jeremy Scott‘s wings sneakers, Ferlyn attempts to add her own flavor to this hard-hitting dance track.  Starting off with a few acrobatic moves, Ferlyn uses dances moves quite different from what we are used to from Skarf.

Check out the video below, did she do Ciara’s dance justice?

source: akp + alphaentkorea

It looked kinda awkward to me. These pre-debut videos of her while she was a dance instructor are much better.
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