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princess sulli postpones college + cute selcas and other stuff

Sulli Not to Take College Entrance Exam for 2013 School Year

Sulli of girl group f(x) has decided against college entrance for year 2013.

On the 22nd, a representative in the entertainment industry stated, "f(x)'s Sulli has decided not to take the 2013 college entrance exam."

It was reported that her own personal intention regarding schooling was the strongest factor in this decision.

Sulli is currently resting after the recent SBS Wed/Thurs drama For You in Full Blossom and is working hard preparing for the next album as a member of f(x). Accordingly, her stance is that for the time being she will concentrate on her activities in the entertainment industry over her studies. It is reported that she came to such a decision at the end of a long process of deliberation.

Conversely Krystal, another member of f(x), is known to be preparing for college admittance for year 2013.

Source: Sports Hankook

Park Jibin "My First Kiss Scene Partner Was f(x)'s Sulli

Child actor Park Jibin (17) revealed that his first kiss was Sulli of group f(x).

On the episode of MBC's Golden Fishery - Radio Star that was aired on the 10th, guest Park Jibin surprised the vicinity as he stated "In the past I filmed a kiss scene with f(x)'s Sulli."

Park Jibin said, "I filmed a scene for a 'reversal drama,' which were popular in the past, with Sulli in which we rolled down a slope and kissed," and "At the time Sulli wasn't a singer, but was acting as a child actor." Park Jibin then added, "After the kiss scene with Sulli became known I was cussed out a lot by f(x)'s male fans."

Oh Jaemu, who was also appearing as a guest, told Park Jibin "I admire you," and was unable to hide his jealousy.

Source: Sports Khan

Oh Jaemoo's Sulli Heartache "A Presence I Dare Not Approach"

Child actor Oh Jaemoo has confessed to having 'Sulli Heartache' and is garnering attention.

Oh Jaemoo appeared as a guest on the episode of MBC's Golden Fishery - Radio Star which was aired on the 10th and exposed his affection for Sulli.

Oh Jaemoo displayed his jealousy when it was revealed that the first kiss scene partner of Park Jibin, who was also appearing as a guest on this day, was Sulli and stated, "You're capable. I admire you."

Park Jibin then said, "It was filmed before f(x)'s debut, but I was cussed out a lot by male fans," to which Oh Jaemoo replied, "I was among them," and evoked laughter.

When asked to choose between Sulli and fellow guest Lee Seyoung, Oh Jaemoo chose Sulli and was bashful. When subsequently asked if Sulli was prettier or if his mother was prettier, he shouted out Sulli.

Oh Jaemoo's heartache for Sulli continued. When asked the question "What is Sulli to Oh Jaemoo?" he answered, "She is a presence I dare not approach."

Source: TV Report, FN News, Xsports News

Sulli's Me2Day Updates

It's getting coldI don't want to go outside!!!! 12/10/22 4:25 PM

Transformation into long-haired Jinri at yesterday's photoshoot!!! 12/10/19 12:38 PM

I sincerely thank all those who have watched 'For You in Full Blossom' throughout this time ^^ Goodbye Jaehee, I was happy during the last of my teens thanks to you~ 12/10/4 11:39 PM

Everyone~ have a happy Chuseok^^!! I'm with the 'For You in Full Blossom' family this Chuseok~~!! ㅋㅋ Even though it's getting chillier and chillier, I hope that your hearts are always warm 12/9/29 9:21 AM

Source: Sulli's Me2Day (1 2 3 4)

Krystal's Me2Day Update

This a photo from even further back…. When we caught and devoured Ddulli 12/10/13 7:29 PM

Source: Krystal's Me2Day

f(Sulli+Amber+Victoria) at Tom Greyhound's Store Opening

Source: Sports World

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