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Fly with the Gold Various Promo Materials aka your daily dose of Changmin

Namie Amuro Damage OST MV


At about 1:20
Director: Changmin when did you dye your hair?”
Changmin: I’m sorry.
Director: You’ve gone back to being an idol without me noticing!
Tsumabuki: It’s like you’ve become a schoolteacher!

At about 1:35
Changmin: The director would tell to me to do this and that using his Kansai dialect, but at first I couldn’t understand at all. When he would tell me “@#$@#%…like this!” I would be like, “Ah…okay” without getting it.
Tsumabuki: At the filming location, he would be like, “Changmin it’d be good if you did ‘jaa!’” It was because it [his directions] were halved.

source: tvxqinpocket02, fandomrelated

He plays the spy named “Momo,” who lives in a completely different world from himself.

Within the 6 men planning a bank robbery in “Fly with the Gold,” there is a character who stands out, the one named “Momo” who is a spy for his former country. He is scouted by the team as a pro in bomb-making, and this man, who has a large influence on the main character Kouda Hiroyuki, can be said to be the key to the movie’s success. The one selected for this important character is Tohoshinki member Changmin.

The period for movie filming overlapped with Tohoshinki’s tour, but when I read the script and heard the names of Director Izutsu and my fellow cast, I wanted to take the challenge no matter how unreasonable. I had seen Director Izutsu’s “Pacchigi!” and his other works after that, and I was convinced to be in his unique view of the world.

Momo, who on the outside is a student studying abroad working part-time at a tofu shop while attending graduate school, is a spy for his former country. For some reason, he is being trapped, deserted by his mother country, chased by the police. Just like it’s him against the world. No matter which organization he is found by, there is no fate without being caught. Although Changmin, who has had activities in Japan for 8 years, is also “a foreigner who makes a living in Japan,” he tells us his first challenge was understanding Momo who he has nothing in common with.

I felt the difficulties of acting in a foreign language.

“I live in a bright world, but Momo lives quietly because of the circumstances that force him to hide his true self. It wasn’t easy understanding his feelings. If there were a similarity, it would probably be that we have the kind of personalities that don’t like to stand out (laughs). In the beginning, I was the type who was bad at being in front of people. When I meet my friends from a long time ago, they tell me, ‘Even now, I can’t believe you sing and dance in front of people as a performer.’ I can’t really believe it either. Nowadays, I’m proud that I like this work, but when I was child, I never had any interest in acting or singing.”

This is his first time appearing in a full-fledged movie. Nevertheless, he had prepared for the tall hurdles of acting in a foreign language (Japanese) for a foreign movie from the start. Despite that, he confesses that it was a a harder trail than he had expected.

“Before filming, I read the script until I understood the lines of the others as well…I studied harder (than if I were acting in Korean), but even with that, at the actual filming location when I tried acting with my fellow actors, I would reply to their lines right away without feeling.” After I understood in my head, I would react, but it was just a little late. Maybe it was just 1 second late, but for a movie, that’s too slow. If I expected and reacted, it became forced….I felt that the hurdles of acting in a foreign language were so high once more.

Changmin has the ability to appear on regular TV or give an interview using only Japanese and without using a translator. For people just meeting him, his skills will probably be a surprise. However, Director Izutsu, who is known for for his strict direction in the acting world, doesn’t accept pardons like “he’s good for a foreigner.” He demanded a performance at the same level as the other 5 main cast members, who are capable and have past achievements. At the filming location, the retakes piled up without mercy. In the beginning, he fell into a panic when he couldn’t follow the director and the staff’s Osaka dialect.

“I was worse at understanding the Osaka dialect than I expected, and I had to guess at what they were saying, even the director. I became apparent that we weren’t able to communicate. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t stressful. The staff and my co-stars came to the Tohoshinki live, but the assistant director saw me dancing and singing on the bright stage full of confidence, and said that he couldn’t believe it was the same person (laughs). I really lost all confidence when I was at the filming location.”

As a result of working so hard, he is moved by the finished film and has a certain feeling of satisfaction.

“Up until now, among the Japanese movies I’ve seen, it’s the one filled with the most tension. The scene I liked was in the beginning where Momo and his older brother meet again. It’s a short scene, but it’s one where Momo’s character comes out and shows what kind of situation he is in.”

The times where he felt the difficulties of acting as well as its charms was when he had to act and express emotion with Kouda, played by Tsumabuki Satoshi. In the original work, they have a homosexual kind of feel, and he worried how to portray the subtle sway of emotions.

The emotional eye-opening scene with Kouda

“Kouda and Momo both carry various feelings of loss and despair. In their harsh environment, they find a way to live for themselves, and live in desperation. Because of this, I think the two are naturally attracted to each other. A bond is gradually formed. It was important to express it with the eyes and the face. I believed in the director and followed his supervision. It was really strict guidance though (laughs).”

Something else that stirred up a storm, is the scene where he changes into women’s clothes to hide from his pursuers.

“It’s in the original work, and because it’s a meaningful scene that shows the opening of Kouda’s heart, I prepared to act it out. If I was going to do it, I wanted to look pretty, but when I looked at myself in women’s clothes in the mirror, it was ridiculous. I think I have a thin figure, but I was shocked to see a thick person reflected in the mirror. Women are very slender aren’t they? But when you see it on screen, they edited it really well, and I was relieved that I looked prettier than expected. The movie pulls together the strengths of the director and the staff.”

Stitched in between his overcrowded live tour schedule, the filming he took on was harsh physically and emotionally, but there is a feeling of accomplishment.

“If there is another chance, I’d like to appear in a another movie. It was a valuable experience. But if it were a foreign language film, it would be important to be more cautious.”

I experienced Nepalese food for the first time in Osaka where you can enjoy many foreign cuisines.

I’ve been to Osaka many times before for Tohoshinki’s concerts, but because it was always coming and going to the same places, the hotel, the live hall, and out for food, I didn’t really know it in detail. This time I’ve come to what Osaka is like more deeply from going through the location. Osaka Castle is reflected in the opening scene of the movie, and even though I’ve had concerts at Osaka Castle Hall, I was impressed by its beauty when I saw it lit up.

Osaka is unique and completely different from Tokyo in that its atmosphere has a good mix of flashy and ordinary. When I walk the streets, there are many Zainichi Koreans [Koreans who are permanent residents in Japan] , and I feel a sense of affinity with them. However, I don’t really eat Korean food. Because Japan has a lot of delicious things, there’s no need for me to go out of my way to pick Korean food. I love Japanese food as well, but there are many different restaurants for foreign cuisine in Osaka. One that I discovered during filming was Nepalese food. It was my first time eating it, but I was so moved by how delicious it was that I was in a dream for a week.

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source: yunhoxo In case you were feeling overwhelmed with all that Changmin, have some Yunho with a tiny adorable child. And you know, in case you were feeling like you didn't need your ovaries anymore, there's some more Yunho and Changmin with this cute kid. And groping each other on TV. Because that's cool. Sure. OTL
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