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M.I.B chosen as models for clothing brand ‘M. Holiday’ ahead of their comeback

Hip-hop group M.I.B have become models for clothing brand ‘M. Holiday‘.

All members of M.I.B are in their 20s, and express the young generation’s fashion and trend incredibly well. They are predicted to become trend setters not only in music but also in fashion. M. Holiday revealed that they chose M.I.B as models for their F/W Season because the brand’s bright and fun image fit the best with the hip hop group.

M.I.B posed with rookie model Song Ji Hyun for the F/W Season photoshoot. The shoot includes ‘Street Culture’ that is enjoyed by the younger generation, as well as food and props that are frequently sought out for. The M.I.B members pulled off a dynamic and witty shoot the entire time, expressing their joy with the props. Even though M.I.B are rookies, they led the mood of the shoot with their professional pose and witty facial expressions.

Jungle Entertainment said, “M.I.B’s wit and freedom have been receiving a lot of positive reviews from clothing brands. M.I.B’s next album will showcase their own color, so please look forward to it.

M.I.B is planning on releasing their next album in November.

source: akp
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