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[PART 3/4] PSY's AMA on Reddit Post!!

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I am South Korean Singer, Rapper, Composer, Dancer and Creator of Gangnam Style PSY. AMA

I will be answering questions at 5pm EST for 1 hour TODAY. Send your questions now and I will try to answer as many as possible. I tweeted my verification (psy_oppa)

(AMA: Ask Me Anything)

So for those that don't know what an AMA is, PSY was basically answering questions from reddit users real time, i'm just copying and pasting what he managed to answer out of the thousands of questions. 


There are several parts to this b/c livejournal sux and won't let me post it as a cumulative post. Links to the rest of the questions at the bottom!!

[–]drodenbach 1083 points


Psy, what's something that people don't know about you that you wish they did?

[–]PSY_Oppa[S] 2223 points


i compose all my music myself

[–]Boxer101 84 points


What were the best and worst things about living in Boston as a student.

[–]PSY_Oppa[S] 206 points


best thing - so many beautiful college girls worst thing - too much snow

[–]EointheGUY 102 points


Hello PSY. My question is, what part of the "American Lifestyle" seemed the most strange to you when you first came here? BTW my mom is South Korean.

[–]PSY_Oppa[S] 329 points


not taking off shoes indoors

[–]andrewsmith1986 75 points


Does it bother you that everyone only wants to talk about that one song?

[–]PSY_Oppa[S] 229 points


it's ok because most people only know the one song. i can fix that later!!

[–]mellodymaker250 475 points


Your international fame blew up really quickly. How did your family and friends react to your sudden popularity?

Edit: Grammar

[–]PSY_Oppa[S] 1005 points


they are normal people so they are freaked out because it's way too fast and way too far. even i myself get freaked out a little bit about it. we were not ready for this

[–]Chippoke 51 points


What has been the best part of your new international fame?

[–]PSY_Oppa[S] 133 points


achieving a larger fame than before

[–]jreacher 399 points


Can I come and hang out with you in Seoul?

[–]PSY_Oppa[S] 1626 points


call me maybe

[–]ao6238 434 points


How do you always manage to keep such a straight face when dancing?

[–]PSY_Oppa[S] 1676 points


because i'm serious about my dancing

[–]andrewleetzor 1160 points


Who is your inspiration ?

[–]PSY_Oppa[S] 2774 points


freddie mercury

[–]Fivaldo 365 points


Are you planing to come to Europe anytime soon?

[–]PSY_Oppa[S] 697 points


in november

[–]PSY_Oppa[S] 555 points



[–]tekdemon 314 points


How many people are in those huge concerts you do in Korea? The concerts look crazy massive!

[–]PSY_Oppa[S] 734 points


seoul city hall was 100,000 people!

[–]esposimi 228 points


Are you looking forward to playing more shows in the USA? How has the fanbase treated you here so far?

[–]PSY_Oppa[S] 465 points


in korea i've been really famous for my concert. coming soon to USA...

[–]housut 402 points


How do you keep your hair so perfect?

[–]PSY_Oppa[S] 889 points


it only looks perfect on TV!

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