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B1A4 hits #2 on Oricon Daily Album Chart

B1A4′s first studio album, released on October 24, rose as high as second place on the Oricon Daily Chart. B1A4 came close to taking over the no. 1 spot currently taken up by the Japanese singer/songwriter LEO, and in Tower Records even rose to no. 1 on its Daily Sales chart.

Considering how B1A4 is still a rookie group, the feat is especially surprising as it even beat out the popular local singers Miyuki Nakajima
and the Johnny′s group Kanjani∞.

A rep from B1A4′s agency WM Entertainment said, "The members heard the news and thanked everyone for the unexpected support and interest, determined to become even better in the future through their efforts."

The group debuted with Let′s Fly and has continued to build up on its career with such singles as O.K, Beautiful Target and Sleep Well, Good Night. It is currently preparing for a comeback in November, and will hold its first exclusive concert from December 8 to 9 in Seoul.


Congrats boys! They sold 10,372 copies of their album on the first day.
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