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Psy’s new song will be in half English and half Korean?

Psy recently sat down to discuss his widespread fame with CNN, and during the interview, the singer dropped some new details about his upcoming song!

There had been some confusion initially about whether his new release in the U.S. would be done in Korean or English for it was said that his label had suggested he keep his songs Korean, while later it was revealed that Psy and his representatives were in discussion to produce a song in English.

However, in the latest interview, Psy specifically mentioned, “It’s half Korean, half English, so I kind of united them together. And it has another dance move. I cannot predict that it’ll be stronger than the ‘horse’, but still, I’ve got a really nice feeling about the choreography.

He also went on to reveal that he is not expecting the new release to top “Gangnam Style“, saying, “I cannot beat ‘Gangnam Style’, I don’t think so.”

In addition to the details about his new release, Psy also discussed his reaction to his rise to worldwide fame as well as what he believes was the key to the spread of his music.

Allkpop, CNN@YT
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