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K-pop Rumor Mill

Remember, grain of salt and all that, especially considering the source (though she does have a history of posting rumors and blind items). Otherwise, let your imaginations run wild!

Is a heavy drinker. Before and after the scandal.

Her family has disowned her for being associated with the dating club. Possibilities of her being falsely accused are very likely, but CCM is taking no action to clear this particular accusation with press release. Among all the members she has suffered the most- loss of income, disregard from management and her family’s condemnation. Her father was initially against her choice of career, but eventually accepted her wishes once he knew that she would continue her education.

CCM was informed by the producers that Eunjung’s participation in the drama Five Fingers was still lying on uncertain grounds till after the press release. CCM DID acknowledge the producers decision, but they back-tracked once the makers made an official announcement about Eunjung’s replacement in press.

Big Bang
G-Dragon is the one who has issues with certain members of Super Junior and these issues date back to the time he was trainee at SM Entertainment. Animosity between him and certain member blew out of proportion in 2009. G-Dragon was not just close to BOA he was also very close to Taeyeon, but the never dated. Many of you assume that might still be a junkie, but from what I have heard he has remained clean since his marijuana controversy. He is not bi-sexual. He is said to be just friends with Kiko Mizuhara till date. He has developed a disgruntled attitude as well as a chip on his shoulders due to limitation he has received as an artist. During his trainee days in SM he had a group of friends which included Gyuri (Kara) and Lee Yeon Hee. Gyuri was also friends with Junsu and Eunhyuk. The rumors about her link-up with Kim Junsu before KARA’s debut was based on this, because his saessang fans were prior witnesses of their late night hang outs. Whether she dated Junsu or not during her trainee days is not known. The rumor about her being in long term relationship with a non-celebrity is not true.

has been very close to Lee Yeon Hee since the time they worked together for Bean Pole CF. I have no other information about these two.

Super Junior (not giving names sorry)
Member A who has been active in SJ and SJ-M has been giving his agency a really tough time. Apparently, he doesn’t want to be a part of SJ- M even though he is one of the popular members. He has even gone around bad-mouthing his SJ-M management and certain members of the group for receiving more opportunities. His bad attitude went a bit too far when a group of foreign hosts (4 men and 1 woman in gag costumes) arrived at SM H.O (Korea) for an interview with the idols. He was extremely unpleasant during the recording and while off-camera he kept cursing at the interviewers in Korean, even calling the woman in the group a transgender. Many of those who have known idol member A for a long time say that he was never difficult and ill-mannered, but changed drastically after he started working more actively abroad. Reason being that he doesn’t like the way his career has unfolded and because he wants more solo projects especially in Korea.

Girl Group 01
Member L from a popular girl group has not been on friendly terms with her management, staff and fellow members (everything is strictly professional). Member L was told to go under the knife when she received a drama offer late last year. She was not keen on receiving the role and more so did not want to go through any plastic surgery procedure. She was also told that she was going to work on a musical project once she finishes filming all her parts. However, when she became adamant about the role and the surgical procedure her agency threatened her pull her off the musical project. So she went along with the agency’s decision. She was miserable with the initial surgical result and to make matters worse Member K who was also a part of the musical project requested the agency to replace L from the project with M, because L was unprofessional and argumentative during rehearsals. The agency also decided that it would be more profitable if they released the project earlier then planned. To top that Member K felt that M was more deserving and the agency agreed. L was told about this change while she was shooting for her show, and as a result she felt she was back-stabbed by everyone involved excluding member M. Collaborative project was an instant surprise hit and L was not happy.

About L and K
K hates working with L. Apparently she didn’t like her even when they were trainees. L and K had major fight last May. Off camera L is known for being closer to her male label mates in comparison to her fellow group members. She is also known for being possessive about her friends and boyfriends. When L found out that a fellow group member N had a crush on her male friend she blew the whole thing out of proportion and causing K to get involved and make peace between the two. It is safe to say the L and N really can’t stand each other of camera and N doesn’t even acknowledge L’s male friend anymore. L also interfered in another member’s relationship which led to more turbulent issues within the group. While L only had one members support the others backed of and 3 members turned against her completely. K and N along with B (K’s confidant)

Hallyu Girl Group
This group has had ups and downs. Lately the center member was not happy with the attention another younger member was getting and during a heated conversation passed a sarcastic comment about the member’s lack of sex appeal in comparison to her own. Well the young member did not take this lightly and snapped back at the older member by saying, “You need to start using anti-aging cream, because day by day you are starting to look like a witch” All hell broke loose between the two and other members of the group including their staff. The older member is now only communicating with one member and not so much with other members.

Food for thought
There is an extremely popular and beautiful idol in the industry that happens to be half Korean and half Vietnamese. Her agency pulled everything possible to keep this information under wrap.

A gorgeous rising actor is known in the industry for being a bi-sexual and he currently dating a stunning female idol. They have even appeared in magazine photo spread together.


There is a 1994 born idol who is dating an idol 13 years her senior. She also received a pay-cut as a punishment from her agency when they found out about this and is currently being monitored by her manager like a hawk.

Via smooth-criminal @ allkpop forums

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