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Singer Fat Cat scores a shocking deal to debut in Japan

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Singer Fat Cat has made an exceptionally good deal to debut in Japan, and will be carrying out her promotions in both Korea and Japan simultaneously.

On the 15th, Yoori Entertainment told allkpop, “Fat Cat has signed a 3 year contract with Japanese recording company JVC and management/production company Rainbow Entertainment for over 5 hundred million won (approximately $456,404)“.

Fat Cat made a powerful debut in September of 2011 with the song “Indifferent Love“, rising as a new star with her strong red hair and clock dance. She followed up with her second single, “Is Being Pretty Everything” and her third single, “Like a Dream“. However, due to a sudden onset of idiopathic edema, the singer stopped her promotions and focused on treatment.

A representative of the company stated, “During Fat Cat’s treatment, we were surprised to be contacted by Japanese representatives about signing a contract. After watching her promotions for her three albums and her treatment process, Japanese representatives continuously made love calls and proceeded with the contract process with confidence“.

Kurita Hide, the represenative of Rainbow Entertainment who will spear head Fat Cat’s Japanese debut, commented, “I saw not only the musical potential in Fat Cat, but also her potential as an actress and as a fashion leader. She showed the marks of being able to bloom into an amazing artist and of being loved by many people. I want to bring her up to become an amazing artist like BoA or YoonA. We will be preparing her not only for Japan but also for a global stage“.

Fat Cat will be leaving for Japan on the 31st to become oriented with Japanese culture.


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