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Suzy looking sexy for Canon and cute for High Cut

Suzy flaunted her sexy side for Canon cameras. The miss A member was recently chosen as the brand’s newest endorsement model.

Though the idol has shown plenty of her cute, innocent charms in previous photo shoots and commercials, this time around, Suzy dressed in tight black leather, showing off her long legs and pulling a sensual face for the camera.

Suzy’s long, wavy hair was let down naturally, and she wore a loose, white button-up on top of black leather pants. She had foregone her usual happy, bright image for a more mature one, introducing fans to a different side of her.

source: akp

miss A‘s Suzy has been featured on the newest issue of ‘High Cut‘ magazine!

The issue, scheduled to be released on November 1st, showcases a brand new look for the idol who has ditched her signature long, straight locks for tight, messy curls.

If it weren’t for the cap she wore with “Suzy” written on the bottom of the brim, it may have been easy to pass by without realizing the model was none other than the iconic ‘Nation’s First Love’.

source: akp
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