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BTS cuts of Lee Kwang Soo’s new Pepero CF reveal his popularity among children

Behind-the-scenes photos from Lee Kwang Soo‘s new Pepero commercial have been revealed.

The photos show the actor enjoying his time sharing the snack and hanging out with the children who featured in the CF. Lee Kwang Soo’s popularity with kids was apparent when they playfully battled for his hugs and attention.

The new “family-oriented” Pepero commercials come in different versions such as “Dad”, “Mom”, “Aunt”, “Son”, and “Daughter”. Lee Kwang Soo was chosen for the “Son” version and delivered a heartwarming commercial for viewers.

In the commercial, Lee Kwang Soo added personally written messages like “I love you” and “You were born to be loved” onto the Pepero boxes and shared them. The ending statement reads, “There are many people in this world we must share our love with.”

+Family CF

source: akpLotteCF2

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