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Cube releases Noh Ji Hoon’s ‘Mockumentary – File Code:1107′ debut teaser


As mentioned previously, ‘Birth of a Great Star‘ contestant, Noh Ji Hoon, is getting ready to make his official debut as a solo dance artist!

After the recent announcement, Cube Entertainment has released a mock-documentary style video teaser of the singer titled ‘Mockumentary – File Code: 1107‘.

In the teaser, fellow labelmates HyunA, G.NA, and BTOB make an appearance with the BTOB members being sent on a search to find the whereabouts of Noh Ji Hoon, who is made out to be quite a womanizer through this teaser as the girls describe him as a guy who seems to know just exactly what to do and know exactly what they’re thinking.

Ailee also makes an appearance towards the end as one of Noh Ji Hoon’s many girls and has led fans to question if the last few scenes are from an upcoming music video for his debut.

Stay tuned for more details and Noh Ji Hoon’s first mini album ‘The Next Big Thing‘ on November 7th!

source: akp
Tags: ailee, btob, cube entertainment, debut,, hyuna, teaser

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