11:06 am - 11/10/2012


With the recent surfacing of a photo showing IU and Eunhyuk together that was accidentally revealed through IU’s Twitter, fans and netizens alike had been awaiting an official statement from the artists’ respective agencies.

It seems Loen Entertainment is the first to break their silence as they have just released an official statement on the issue:

Hello. This is Loen Entertainment.

This is an official statement regarding the picture that was revealed early this morning through IU’s Twitter.

First, we bow our heads and sincerely apologize for causing concern to all the representatives and all the fans of IU and Super Junior.

The revealed photo was from this summer when IU was very sick and Eunhyuk had come to visit her at her home, and was taken then when they sat on the sofa together; it was revealed to the outside due to IU’s mistake through her related photo uploading service while IU was making a mention on Twitter.

IU is sincerely sorry for bringing harm to her sunbae Eunhyuk due to her error.

Lastly, IU and Eunhyuk are close sunbae-hoobae who have been close since IU’s debut, Eunhyuk is close to the point that he has even dined with IU’s mother. We ask that you do not exaggerate or make assumptions about IU and Eunhyuk’s relationship due to this incident.

We will return to greet you as a more matured agency after having learned from this incident. We apologize once again.

We are sorry.

Loen Entertainment

Source: allkpop

Lol. Sure.
lysblack 10th-Nov-2012 06:16 pm (UTC)
but the hate he'll get won't get anything near the one she gets.

first, he is a male, just because of that things are easier. second, he is almost on his 30s, so he is an adult for a while know and his fans are aware that he is a sexual being (even if they tend to ignore that it can be with the female gender), third, his image is not going to be too harmed by this.

while iu is only 19 (20 on korea) and just became a legal adult, so sexuality is something they don't expect or want to see from a girl that young. second she is a female, we all know how freaking hard is for a female in kpop and how everything is at least three times more dramatic, third, her image is of the nation's little sister, she is pure and pristine, cute that fits in your pocket, that is her market value and this picture just ruined that, people will be pissed. plus the go show interview was just aired where she mentioned how porn is not her thing/make her uncomfortable, how sexy confects are not for her and she doesn’t want to do them etc. netizens will use this to ruin her twist her words.

all the comments i see iu is the bad guy, she is a fly fox who lied about her true nature and seduced oppa.
toshi830 10th-Nov-2012 06:22 pm (UTC)
This is true, the backlash for him probably won't be anything substantial versus IU, whose entire image is kinda ruined by this situation. People are worried he'll go the army for this, but probably unlikely cause I don't see too many people caring about his end. Worst case is a couple of ahujssis will be pissed but they never do anything (see: T-ara/Hwayoung case).

Meanwhile IU will likely be slut shammed to death for defiling oppa and donghae's lover.
lysblack 10th-Nov-2012 06:28 pm (UTC)
seriously, all that sm needs to do is to send him to 'self reflect' for a while, no need to be much, just lay low for a couple weeks and it will be forgotten.

and like you said, iu will carry the scarlet letter and this cast a shadow on her career for a really long time.

i mean, if this was only a dating scandal it wouldn't be this bad, but everyone and their mom are sure that it was a after sex selca and god forbid a girl to have sex before her marriage!
toshi830 10th-Nov-2012 06:31 pm (UTC)
With Korea really big on Christianity and moral/traditional values, I'm sure the scandal will be dragged out for a while.
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