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Seo In Guk’s JYP Entertainment audition video surfaces online

cca mo

A video of singer and actor Seo In Guk‘s past audition for JYP Entertainment has surfaced online.

The video was shared on an online community board with a post titiled, “Seo In Guk during JYP audition.” The video showed Seo In Guk in a t-shirt and a hat, showing off his vocals by performing Wheesung‘s “A Story That Can’t Be Sent“.

Seo In Guk had also revealed in the past that when he was auditioning for JYP, he resorted to a drastic diet method to quickly lose weight.

After viewing the audition clip, the netizens commented, “He was handsome since then“, “Why didn’t JYP pick him?“, and “They lost another talented person in addition to IU.”

source: akp
Tags: body image, jyp entertainment, pre-debut, seo in guk
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