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Boyfriend's lovely ambassador does her job

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Bora’s Janus Selca? The photo that Sistar’s Bora revealed  of herself with a sticker on her face became a hot topic. 

On 7 November Starship Entertainment uploaded a tweet on their official twitter saying “Revealing two-faced Bora with Janus sticker!” along with a photo. 

In the photo, Bora stuck the sticker on her face and mimicked the contrasting nature of the Janus logo that caused the photo to be known as Bora Janus Selca very quickly. 

In addition, staff from Starship Entertainment added “With Boyfriend’s comeback just ahead, Bora is in the midst of enthusiastically promoting for her dongsaengs’ new song ‘Janus’ by sticking their symbolic logo on her face.^^” arousing much curiosity amongst netizens with this post. 

In response to Bora Janus Selca, netizens’ quotes “Bora is seriously two-faced!”, “It’s good to see them supporting one another.”, “No matter what she does, pretty Bora~ she is kind-hearted and pretty too”. 

With the release of their new song ‘Janus’ music video, we were told that ZanyBros took part in the production. He replaced the sets with a huge scheduled ancient European castle setting with exquisite and elegant mise en scene** that shaped Boyfriend’s transformation from boys to matured men image. 

Meanwhile, Boyfriend’s album will be releasing on 8 November in noon through online music websites. 

**Mise En Scene is a French term used to describe the visual aspect of theatre and film production sets. 

Source: WStarNews, translated by makwangboi

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