11:34 pm - 11/24/2012

B1A4 for Star1 magazine

LET'S FLY HIGH! Super rookie B1A4!

We met the group that is busy as bees with their overlapping exclusive concert practices and mini album comeback preparation at Itaewon. An enjoyable date with five boys filled with eagerness and passion of wishing to make everyone who recognize them as their own fans.

On the first day of winter when the wind was biting cold. We met B1A4 at Itaewon, who answered that they were too busy to catch their breath because they were running forward to their goal during the past year and 6 months. Itaewon is a place with strong exotic air where you could visit when you feel exhausted with everyday work and need energy or if you visit when your mind feels heavy, it is a place where you'd fall into a delusion of travelling in a different city for a while. They said even when they are given their break, the members are striving to improve themselves for their next album so the only frequently visited places are the convenience store in front of their dorm and the food alley, hence, we wanted to give the boys a sweet break away moment through this place for a day. Early morning, the members who said that they only slept for few hours entered the filming location. With the members' remark, "It's our first time visiting this place", we explained the concept and asked them to express the enjoy of freedom after a long time and before we knew their nervous and exhausted expressions vanished and brightened with cheerful looks.

Turning from the street with antique furniture stores that gave atmosphere of a countryside flea market in Europe, the photo shoot took place at the alley district behind Hamilton Hotel as our center and proceeded to the narrow paths connecting Itaewon. Due to the cold weather and complicated routes the members would have felt tired but they said "It feels like we're at a foreign country. It doesn't feel like we're in Seoul." and were excited just like children who were on a trip during their vacation. Before we knew, the photo shoot continued till the sun slowly began to set and finally we could see the real sight of Itaewon, "the global area" in Seoul with our eyes. It's difficult to find multi-story buildings but the street line with building that cherish the passing of time, people with different nationalities and individuality living and interacting in this area as neighbors. Each with their own different personality and characteristic but after living together for a long time, the five boys who answered that they respect, accept each other like own brothers and openly resemble each other, we somehow think that they suit well with this place. Unlike the other streets which are colored by commercial potentials, we look forward to see cheerful B1A4 to maintain their own characteristics like Itaewon.

Q. It was really cold today, right? How was the photo shoot?
CNU: I think I might catch a cold. (laughs) I was sneezing often, perhaps because of the weather but it was really fun. It was surprising because it's a place I've been for the first time and more than a photo shoot, it really felt like an outing.
Gongchan: I've not been to many places even though I live in Seoul but it was really surprising to be in Itaewon for the first time. I really feel like I'm in a foreign country.

Q. What was the usual image that you had about Itaewon?
Baro: A place where youth and culture coexist! It's a place where I've frequently saw through photos or videos. The youthful air is different from Hongdae!
Jinyoung: I've not been here many times but the biggest image I have is that there are many foreigners here. Also, I heard that there is a famous Jjamppong restaurant (T/N: Chinese style noodles with vegetables and seafood) so I went there and it was really delicious.
CNU: It feels like New York and it was surprising to know that a street in Korea can also feel like one.

Q. What do you usually do when you get a break?
: Because our mini album comeback and concert practices overlap, even when we rest we always think about it. Instead of resting forever we work hard to improve ourselves during our spare time.
Sandeul: I watch movies, dramas or read books that help me to increase my sensitivity.
Jinyoung: We don't get off days but whenever I have time, I make songs. It's my hobby and to make the best use of the time, I compose in spare moments. When I'm not working on songs and if I'm doing something very interesting, it's playing games together with my members!

Q. What are the advantages and disadvantages after becoming famous?
Sandeul: I'm happy because we receive lots of attention. Indifference is scary, right? The disadvantage is that I don't dress well so without reasons I tend to worry. It's like a stress to me.
CNU: I feel happy when my parents and friends are proud of me. Recently I read a letter from our fan and she/he said that her/his father had passed away and that she/he was sad but whenever she/he saw us she/he got more strength and comfort. I think my sense of responsibility became bigger.

Q. The group name is your blood-types. Do personality really differ according to blood-types?
Sandeul: Honestly I think more than one's blood-type it depends on their tendency but I think the unique features of Type A, Type B are quite correct.
Baro: Type Bs are the coolest! Truthfully Sandeul is the most narrow-minded member. Human narrow-minded robot!
Sandeul: This is unfair! Now Baro's more narrow-minded because our personalities are mixed. (laughs)

Q. Then! If you had to pick one member who has unusually compatible personality?
Jinyoung: I don't think I can pick one member because they a have different charms. CNU is quirky, he talks softly and then bursts out laughing and Baro and Sandeul are guys who are always interesting. Gongchan is the youngest but he is most thoughtful but because each member has his own various charms we don't have any boring days.

Q. If you could give us a slight preview of your mini album?
Baro: You would feel that the overall feeling of the album is just like B1A4. We selected a song that is nothing but fine to listen during the time like now, when the winter approached before we actually felt the autumn as our title track. I'd say that it's not too cold, nor warm but chilly? You can anticipate because we prepared a lot.

Q. Christmas is approaching. Do you have any memorable Christmas?
Baro: When I was a first year student in high school, my friend and I planned to watch a movie, go for meals and go shopping so we went to the city together but my friend left me when his girlfriend called. The first snow fell on that day too. So I watched the movie alone and called other friends and begged them to come but all of them had plans already. I remember a very lonely Christmas
CNU: When I was a second year student in high school with three of my close friends we said since we are depressed and don't even have girlfriends let's spend a fun time together so we went into a fancy restaurant and ate a lot. But we were so surprised when they brought our bill.... I remember a flustered Christmas.

Q. We only have one more page left in our calendars, how does it feel to end another year?
Baro: It is the year-end but because we are preparing a new look with our mini album comeback, feeling of a new start is stronger than an ending. Especially since there are year-end shows overlapping with our concert practices in December, we have so many things to do.
Sandeul: The dates on the calendars are nothing but just numbers. In dancing and singing there is nothing called an end. I think about increasing more experience as years go by.
Jinyoung: I'm happy because I feel that I've spent a good year. I promise myself to become more mature next year. So I wouldn't regret. As a team or personally.
CNU: I think our team improved one more level. It was our chance to introduce ourselves to more people than before. Without stopping with introducing ourselves to many people, we want to make them our fans.
Gongchan: Even thought another year is passing, more than wrapping up I think we're focusing more on preparing for our next year promotion.

Q. What is your goal for 2013?
Baro: I want to gain more confidence and be recognized more. I also want to show you a little more confident appearance.
Jinyoung: To become more mature by 3 times than this year! I feel that I'm still very young.
CNU: I wish to see more people who would smile at our song or performance even though they are not our fans. I think it's our duty to share energy with others.

source: gogochan.net + trans by mochi muffins @ FLIGHTB1A4 

There are a few more photos here
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xredada 24th-Nov-2012 06:17 pm (UTC)
CNU is just too beautiful, I want to stare at him all day~ and Baro makes the best faces ever.
weerainbow 24th-Nov-2012 07:35 pm (UTC)
I love how Baro isn't afraid to go crazy with his face ;) his expressions are always so full of energy!
tokadah 24th-Nov-2012 06:19 pm (UTC)
They always have such good shoots. I really like these pics. Jinyoung and CNU are the parents right? They look lovely together hehe
flumes 24th-Nov-2012 06:28 pm (UTC)
some of these outfits but ;;
synonynonym 24th-Nov-2012 06:32 pm (UTC)
you can't be on this post...
921227 24th-Nov-2012 07:20 pm (UTC)
God I love their interviews. They sound so articulate and cute at the same time, it's interesting.

I think the photographer interrupted something going on between Jinyoung and CNU judging by those bedroom eyes they're giving each other
spread 24th-Nov-2012 07:47 pm (UTC)
I like them now, because of their new song.
Is there a tv/reality show that they're on, that I can watch and learn about their character/personality.
This was awkward to type.
itsprincess 24th-Nov-2012 08:04 pm (UTC)
Hello Baby. But some parts were pretty boring cause they had way too many quizzes and I just skipped over those parts.
The parts with the babies were super cute tho.
itsprincess 24th-Nov-2012 08:01 pm (UTC)
markthatcoin 24th-Nov-2012 09:29 pm (UTC)
Omg their interviews are beyond cute. Robots... And the Christmas stories... I was laughing and aww-ing all over the place

I'm still so pleased with the comeback album! Every track!

Love the pics, first one is probably my new phone wallpaper tbqh

Edited at 2012-11-24 09:30 pm (UTC)
krobwell 24th-Nov-2012 09:52 pm (UTC)
baro needs to cut the bullshit. he is my fav but for real, he be ruining the shoot for me...
palebluedot09 25th-Nov-2012 06:15 pm (UTC)
well.. i hate to tell you but he does that A LOT
pretty much every photoshoot and every pic taken of him. it's sort of his thing
nekohae 24th-Nov-2012 11:00 pm (UTC)
Jinyoung, stop being so perfect Dx
the_erotomanic 25th-Nov-2012 01:39 am (UTC)
baro is rocking that pink/purplish hair.

they all look good. some of the clothes choices are questionable, though.
illustratedd 25th-Nov-2012 02:05 am (UTC)
Sandeul's cuteness is unbound :Q___
ebenetwo 25th-Nov-2012 04:56 am (UTC)
CNU just gets better looking huh
sub_divided 25th-Nov-2012 05:11 am (UTC)
Jinyoung is already really grounded though.
peanim 25th-Nov-2012 12:40 pm (UTC)
I love that Gongchan and CNU are back to black hair. Sandeul is so cute with black hair. It's a shame Jinyoung wasn't sporting his sexy black hair during this photoshoot. I just said "black hair" way too many times I can't help it I'm in a black hair phase IRL RN (Jinyoung just about killed me during their comeback perfs)--so please feel free to judge me~

So glad to see your posts again, OP! 2 months with only a few hours' worth of WiFi (the router was being a tease) and I am back just in time for B1A4's comeback (just didn't get to comment during their album & MV release, etc.) Posting my first comment in weeks and I am camping out in all the B1A4 posts and all other juicy K-pop stuff I missed. Commenting before I read the article because I am just too darn happy to be back!
in_noctem 25th-Nov-2012 02:19 pm (UTC)
Welcome back, peanim:D It's a good thing they're still in their first week of promos so you haven't missed much. I'm pretty bummed they chose to comeback when I'm hella busy with school and assignments so I haven't been making that many posts either :(
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