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[NETIZENS REPORT] Suzy at risk of losing "Nation's First Love" title

With Miss A's popularity slipping and Suzy, their most famous member, being thrust even further in the spotlight, the public is growing weary of her and there are fears of overexposure. Netizenbuzz.com takes a look at some recent articles on the proclaimed "Nation's First Love," and her fizzling popularity. Let's take a look!

Article: Suzy brags "I was asked out three times in junior high"

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+437, -138] Really......... I was so frustrated watching the show because of her. She basically acknowledged that all she did during school was sleep and fool around.. and it's not that I hate Suzy for that, but reality. Just because she's pretty, she can get cast as a celebrity and do well like this. I'm not saying that you need to do well in your studies but for her to say that all she did during school was stack chocolate milk cartons and sleep... and now she's a celebrity making money... When there are other kids that study hard and still can't get into good colleges or find jobs. If you're not as pretty as Suzy, you're stuck doing menial jobs like delivery work or part time jobs.. Looks like being pretty really is everything. Suzy's not even that talented as a celebrity...

2. [+199, -40] Yeah ㅋㅋㅋ She really did brag about sleeping in class

3. [+222, -136] I saw her jr high school pics so yeah, she's pretty and I can understand why she was asked out.. but now... She's not as pretty as Ga-In or IU, who look more normal/natural.


Article: Suzy shouts out "Host oppa!" during live broadcast... Even if it was urgent, she shouldn't have...

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+294, -116] Does Suzy have a contract where it's mandatory that articles about her are written every single day? Why the hell is this even worth an article?

2. [+310, -141] They're really overhyping Suzy... I get that her face is important for her career but this is really too much

3. [+382, -215] Suzy has such an empty head, I'm embarrassed for her tsk tsk


Article: Suzy successfully breaks a board, shocks Go Hyun Jung

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+71, -25] Go Hyun Jung's face is really funny ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+64, -33] Suzy >>>>>> Ga-In >>> IU ... in terms of leg thickness

3. [+59, -31] How is it that there is not one day that goes by without a Suzy article? I get today because she was on a show, but the majority of her articles are about stupid crap. If this was any other star, they'd be kicked out of the industry by netizens with all of this media play, but I guess people are letting it go because it's Suzy.

Suzy & IU, both former national sweethearts

Article: 'Nation's First Love' Suzy is at risk of losing her innocent image

Source: Mediaus via Nate

Another editorial by the same outlet that named her the sole breadwinner for JYP Entertainment now talking about how she basically shot herself in the foot by being dumb during her guesting on the 'Go Show', where she revealed she did not study at all and just slept every day in school.

The article also touches on how the extreme spotlight on her has basically erased the rest of the miss A members from the public, which is probably why their comeback isn't doing so well.

The editorial lists a bunch of examples where she essentially shot herself in the foot with stupid things she's said that is gradually making her lose favor with netizens, such as not knowing basic high school knowledge on 'Running Man', yelling at host Kim Yong Man on '1 Billion Quiz Show', and finally her school career, or lack thereof, on the 'Go Show'.

1. [+1,133, -585] She's fuc*ing stupid... How can she proudly say that she slept from first period all the way until clean up time?? She said that sleeping during class was like a law to her ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+924, -493] I had a positive image of Suzy until I watched her smile and proudly say that all she did during school was sleep and eat ramen. Does she not have any brains in that head of hers?

3. [+938, -543] Honestly, she was really disrespectful on the 'Go Show'

4. [+236, -38] What's hilarious to me is that... she has all these nicknames like 'Nation's Little Sister' and 'Nation's First Love' but no one has EVER called her that. It was all made up by the media outlets and media play done by her company. Has anyone really ever nicknamed her that? She's being treated like some big star ever since she starred in Introduction to Architecture. Yeah, she's innocent and pretty but don't act like we are the ones calling her all these nicknames. So I just think it's funny how this outlet is saying that she's at risk of losing this image that was basically created by the same media outlets. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Hilarious, isn't it?

5. [+231, -84] I'm sick and tired of her... please stop coming out already...

6. [+215, -97] She was acting so cocky sitting in the front row of the Daejong Film Awards.. And in front of so many high seniors, she laughs about not being able to win the rookie award and how she's disappointed about that

7. [+201, -100] Looks like Park Jin Young never taught her how to behave on TV. In just one moment, she went from being the Nation's First Love to a stupid delinquent because of her careless words on the Go Show.

8. [+189, -81] I figured out from Running Man when she didn't know any of the famous quotes that the more she opens her mouth, the more she's losing for herself. Her company knows that she's their last hope so they media played so hard about her being the Nation's First Love.. They should've just kept it at that. Suzy basically brought this upon herself.

9. [+171, -21] I really can't say that she's goddess-like for a celebrity. Some of you guys have never seen a real goddess it seems.

10. [+166, -30] Even when she's performing with miss A, the cameras are all focused on Suzy. Matter of time before discord within the group happens...

Source 1 & 2 (both Netizenbuzz)

really upset by this? guess it means my girl UEE might make a comeback as the national sweetheart tho <3
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