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[TEASER] "Because It's Christmas" by Jellyfish Ent. AKA VIXX POST OF THE WEEK

[TEASER] "크리스마스나까" / "Because It's Christmas" by Jellyfish Entertainment [HEART♥PROJECT]
ft. Sung Shikyung, Park Hyoshin, Lee Sukhoon, Seo Inguk, VIXX

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The HEART♥PROJECT package includes a 2012-2013 desk calender, 48 photocards, CD ("Because It's Christmas), DVD (MV and BTS), and a poster. For sale on music sites. 

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Source: RealVIXX


Playing and skills are TOP CLASS? ROCK ON at a fast rate ! VIXX
After they finished their performance in Japan shortly after their debut, we are now investigating the new artists!! First let’s check out their profiles!?

N Leader, Vocal
Birthdate 1990.6.30
Blood Type A
Height 180cm
Personality Leader-like, like a mom who leads us, who takes care of us, who dances well, a leader that we’re proud of (By Ken)
Doesn’t do well at Being white! He’s very dark. (laughs) (By Ken)
Favorite food Meat. Especially marinated meat!
Least favorite food Intestines, soondae, silkworms
Ideal type An innocent and well-mannered girl. But it would be better if she had other qualities in addition to these.
Relax time Being by myself and reading or listening to music, when I’m bundled up in bed watching TV.
Shoe size 275
Q. There’s a member that doesn’t listen to you. What do you do?
▷ Yell at them.
▷ Hit them.
▶ Get mad quietly.
▷ Let it go.
▷ Tell the President
- At first I’ll get mad quietly, but if the same thing keeps happening, I’ll get severely mad!

[About VIXX]
Q. Up until the formation of VIXX, who cried the most? (Leo, Hongbin)
Ravi There were 10 of us in a survival debut program called Mydol and us 6 members were chosen to debut. Leo hyung and Hongbin don’t normally cry but I think the tears they cried were because of the fact that we couldn’t debut with some friends that practiced with us for such a long time. 
Ken When I became a trainee, I learned how to dance for the first time, and it was really tough because I got scolded at a lot. Although I was learning and memorizing from the members, I thought “I really can’t do any more than this.” It was more tormenting on days when I couldn’t see my parents.
Hyuk Before debuting, my preparation was lacking so in our debut song [SUPER HERO] I didn’t have a part to show. When we were preparing for our second single [Rock Ur Body], I worked really hard to be able to have my own part. I especially listened to Ken hyung’s advice and practiced desparately. Ken originally had a part he was confident in, but he gave it to me. He personally recommended me and asked the composer, “Wouldn’t it be good if Hyuk had this part?” That’s why I am extremely thankful to Ken hyung.
Ken You were doing well~!!
N In Mydol, having to compete with the members who were like family was really tormenting. After debuting, we have to compete with other groups so because of that our trust in each other is stronger. With us together, we’ll work hard so that only VIXX can have the personalities and colors to reach the top.
Leo From the first, second singles and activies and from now on, VIXX will find an image that fits us best and we’ll work harder to show a better side of us.

Leo Main vocal
Birthdate 1990.11.10
Blood type O
Height 183cm
Personality Aware of his own singing ability, he has also put a lot of effort into researching ways to express himself (By Hyuk)
Doesn’t do well at As you can see, he’s aloof and composed, expressing emotions and affection is awkward for him! I have never seen him frustrated before (laughs). (By Hyuk)
Favorite food I especially like chicken. I like everything, there’s nothing I don’t like and I eat well.
Least favorite food Nothing in particular
Ideal type Someone feminine. I don’t have a fixed type, but should I say that the first impression is important?
Relax time When I’m listening to music alone
Shoe size 260

Q. You broke something that was valuable to another member. What do you do?
▷ Buy the exact same thing and slyly replace it
▶ Apologize first
▷ Keep hiding it
▷ Pretend you don’t know and say [It broke!]
- When you do something wrong, if you don’t tell the truth then you’re only tormenting yourself. If you do something bad and you tell the person, I think getting forgiveness is the right thing to do.

[About Twitter]
Q. Who likes Twitter? (N, Ken, Hongbin)
N I often use Twitter when there’s time. I like it because I can also communicate with foreign fans. Korean fans let us know quickly if VIXX becomes a topic somewhere. For example [VIXX is number 1 in search rankings].
Ken Fans call me [Cutie Main Vocal Ken] a lot on Twitter and that makes me really happy.
Hongbin When we’re traveling or before we go on stage, once I read cheering messages I receive a lot of strength. Also when it’s over and fans say [Today’s performance was great] and I become lively again, and work even harder during practice.
Ravi I don’t really use Twitter….
Leo More then using it, I read it. Like Hongbin, I receive strength from reading messages. When we’re in Korea, Japanese fans send us messages like [I miss you] or [I want to hear you sing], and likewise when we’re in Japan, Korean fans say [I miss you].
Hyuk I also don’t use Twitter often but not long ago I read it after a long time and my teacher from my first year of middle school sent me a message. It left a very deep impression on me.
Ken What did it say?
Hyuk It was a cheering message that said [Even though it’s tough, you’re working hard right?]
N It looks like Hyuk is going to cry~
Ken Hyuk-ah! Don’t cry~
-At this point, there were tears in his eyes-
N … Please write it like that (laughs)!

Ken Main vocal
Birthdate 1992.4.6
Blood type AB
Height 180cm
Personality As the main vocal he sings really well, because of his jokes I can never stop laughing. Ken hyung is VIXX’s energizer! (By Hongbin)
Doesn’t do well at There’s no change in his energy whether there’s a camera around or not and he’s always distracting! You can’t be too excited and weigh us down! (laughs) (by Hongbin)
Favorite food Chicken! Hamburger, bread! I’m on a diet right now so I can’t eat those… (cries)
Least favorite food Raisins, nuts and beans
Ideal type Someone with aegyo and thinks considerately
Relax time Laying down with my favorite One Piece toy alone, or when I’m doing a puzzle.
Shoe size 265

Q. Suddenly you want to eat meat, but another member says he wants eat fish. What do you do?
▷ Still insist on eating meat.
▶ Lie that you also feel like eating fish, and proceed to eat fish.
▷ Go eat meat by yourself
▷ Say “Let’s go eat meat!” without yielding
- I’m a good-natured person (laughs). Please take care of the lying-to-blend-in, cute, good-natured main vocal Ken.
[about life part 2]

Q. Who can’t wake up early in the morning? (Ken)
Ravi Everyone wakes up comparatively well right?
N I woke up the earliest today.
Hongbin No~ it was me.
N Ah~ it was like that. I fell asleep again. Hongbin is the type to set up an alarm and wake up. It’s hard for Ken and Leo to wake up. In Leo’s case he wakes up, changes his clothes and goes back to sleep. What about Ken?
Hongbin Recently Ken hyung really can’t wake up. Even when he wakes up he says [Who’s in the bathroom~ Wake me up when it’s empty~] and then falls asleep again. That’s why Ken hyung is always late.
Ken Even so there’s a member who doesn’t wash his face or change his clothes and falls back asleep. I agree that I can’t wake myself up. Our manager wakes me up.
N That’s why the one that has a hard time waking up is Ken.
Ken …. I said that I’m not the only one~ (cries)

Q. Who’s the best at cooking? (Leo, Ravi, Hongbin)
N Although Hongbin doesn’t make food often it’s good. Since Ravi likes to cook, he’s good at making kimchi fried rice.
Ravi Rather than saying I’m good at it, it’s more like I make it a lot?
N Ravi’s cooking changes accordingly to his condition. There are times where the kimchi fried rice isn’t good because he burned it, and there are also times when it’s really delicious. Leo is really good at making ramen, no one can beat him.

Q. Who takes the longest showers? (N)
Ravi It’s N hyung right?
(Everyone agrees)
Leo Recently he’s a little faster.
Ravi I’m the one that takes short showers. (laughs) It’s not that I’m not washing well.
N That’s right that’s right, Ravi is fast.
Hongbin After I shower I tell him [Ravi go shower~] as I’m putting my clothes on. When I look back, he’s standing in the same position. So I ask him [You’re not going to shower?] he tells me that he already showered and came out. High-speed shower.
Ravi I shower fast so everyone can finish faster!

Ravi Dance, Rap
Birthdate 1993.2.15
Blood type O
Height 181cm
Personality Writing lyrics and composing, also good at rap and dancing. More gentle than anyone (By Leo)
Doesn’t do well at He can’t take it when he’s sleepy or hungry. (By Leo)
Favorite food I can eat anything well.
Least favorite food Nothing in particular!
Ideal type Someone pretty with a sense of awareness, and I like a girl who has proper thoughts.
Relax time Worrying about my problems while composing, and also when I’m listening to music.
Shoe size 270

Q. You met a girl you like! What’s the first thing you do?
▷ You’re embarrassed so you run away.
▶ Do something first! Try talking.
▷ Ask another member to talk to her.
▷ Give her a letter.
- Not like a hunter and trying to seduce her when I first meet her, but in order to get closer talking should be the first step. I won’t say something like [I like you], but I would say something that doesn’t make my feelings obvious. I wouldn’t ask for other people’s help. In order to reduce the distance between us, I will actively make efforts.

[about Life part 1]
Q. The hardest person to live with?
In my opinion… Ravi?
(N bursts out laughing)
Hongbin Ravi’s sleeptalking is severe. Or is it his snoring? Even if we close two doors we can hear him regardless. If I sleep next to Ravi, I would be even more tired.
Ravi My snoring seems to be worse than my sleeptalking.
N Before my father’s snoring was severe so I couldn’t sleep, and it’s the same now with Ravi snoring.
Ravi Ah~ Stop it~!
Ken In Hyuk’s case he can talk a lot? Hyuk tell them yourself!
Ravi Wait. It’s not that bad recently. I used to worry that when my snoring was really heavy meant I was sick, but I’m healthy. I admit to snoring, but I’m not convinced about my sleeptalking. Hyuk-ah, let us know about your condition!
Ken Wait wait! He said that his snoring wasn’t that bad recently but in the car yesterday, Ravi was wearing his earphones and fell asleep. The moment I said [Ravi-ya take out your earphones], his snoring went [kuka-!] and we all jumped up right?
Ravi That was happening because I was breathing!
Ken No-! No-!
Hyuk Okay okay~. Since I’m sharing the same room as Ravi-hyung nowadays I’ll answer. We’ve been sharing for 2 weeks, and I haven’t not been able to sleep because it was loud like the hyungs said. He doesn’t sleeptalk. More than Ravi hyung, N hyung and Ken hyung are on both of my sides and pretending to be cute so….
Leo It seems like N doesn’t realize it but there are times when his sleeptalking is severe. He has conversations by himself. For example [Hello, I am VIXX’s leader N]… I was really worried about him because I kept hearing him talking to himself.
N Wake me up~!

Q. Who likes cleanliness the most? (Hongbin)
Recently there hasn’t been anyone who does the housework for us. Even so, Hongbin likes cleanliness so when the cleaning ahjumma comes back, everything has already been taken care of.
Ravi Since he likes cleanliness, Hongbin is in charge of cleaning. N hyung is responsible for being the mom. Leo hyung is the dad. Hyuk is responsible for imitations.
Hongbin Ken also likes things to be clean.
Ravi Since Ken doesn’t clean, he’s in charge of sleeping! Cleaning, father, mother, the three people are in charge of anything!
Ken Yep, me, Ravi, and Hyuk are just the sons (laughs).

Hongbin Vocal, Rap
Birthdate 1993.9.29
Blood Type B
Height 181cm
Personality Extremely sincere, in order to grow, he works hard every day (By Ravi)
Doesn’t do well at Hm… He can’t lie (laughs) (By Ravi)
Favorite food Spaghetti, sweet and sour pork (Korean-style), curry
Least favorite food Not really anything. I don’t eat nuts or beans that much.
Ideal type I like a girl who I can connect with, can read situations quickly, and can communicate with even without words.
Relax time Organizing my thoughts while showering after a long day of schedules.
Shoe size 250

Q. The members are having the biggest fight you’ve ever seen. What do you do?
▶ Watch until you reach a solution.
▷ Ask what happened.
▷ Call for the manager because it’s scary
▷ Participate in the fight.
- Since I don’t know the reason for the fight, I think it’d be good to wait for them to finish, and listen to their stories after they calm down.
[about members]

Q. Who is the most aloof member? (Leo, Hyuk)
Ken Leo hyung and Hyuk are chic in any case! Even though Hyuk is the maknae he has no aegyo at all. Look, even now!
Hyuk It’s not that I don’t have any aegyo, but the hyungs are already too cute. That’s why I look unwelcoming. But even so, N hyung always makes me laugh and I like Ken hyung’s jokes (laughs). From my prospective they are very lovable hyungs.
Ken Our repertoire of personal talents is very wide. We can do from voice imitations of singers to animal cries.
Hongbin I am in charge of the visual! When we debuted, I had long hair so I received a lot of praises that I was handsome and that it was like I was a legend, but I also heard that I looked old. I received so much shock from those words that I cut it and now I have short hair (laughs). Now I hear that I look young like a high school student (laughs). Since I look younger, cutting my hair was the right thing!
Ravi I often hear that I sleep a lot. It seems that I snore… but I’m in such a deep sleep that I don’t realize it at all (cries). When the other members are tired their sleep is very shallow or they have vivid dreams, but because I sleep soooo~ deeply, I loosen up as much as I am tired (laughs). Even so, I don’t think I snore much these days.
N I’m not very good at it yet, but I’m studying Japanese right now. I’ve studied more about reading and writing more than conversing, so I need more practice when it comes to conversations. I’m also studying hard from the messages I receive from Japanese fans on the internet.
Ravi The heart of VIXX, the well-rounded robot Rovix that we can’t leave out! Although we can’t say much because of the mystery behind its existance….. Actually there was a member who pretended to be Rovix in front of a fan (laughs).
N Rovix has been input with the ability to speak Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, English, or any other language. But it couldn’t learn how to speak politely or formally, so it can only speak as if it were talking to friends.
Hongbin There are many secrets (laughs).

Hyuk Dance
Birthdate 1995.7.5
Blood type O
Height 181cm
Personality Whether it’s his self confidence in his work or stage manner, he works hard to have confidence in his activities. Recently he’s working hard to be manly (laughs). He’s the youngest so he absorbs things faster! (By N)
Doesn’t do well at He doesn’t have aegyo. He’s the maknae, but he’s expressionless towards the hyungs. If he becomes aware of this in the future that would be best! (By N)
Favorite food Pizza, spaghetti, noodles
Least favorite food Dog meat (laughs). Also I can’t drink milk!
Ideal type Someone with no men around her and has a feminine atmosphere and pretty eyes.
Relax time Waiting for the hyungs to finish showering after returning to the dorm after practice, hanging out leisurely on the veranda or sofa and looking outside. I really enjoy this alone time.
Shoe size 275

Q. On one cold winter night, you’ve already gone and came back from the convenience store but the hyungs force you to go again. What do you do?
▷ Go without saying anything
▷ Smile while listening to hyungs’ words
▷ Go, and take the change
▷ Buy the wrong thing on purpose
▶ Other (Take someone with you!)
- I would take Hongbin hyung with me and play around at the same time. I often ask him ‘should we go see a late movie’, but in reality we’re not allowed to be out at night. If I had the chance, I would do it this way.

[about members]
Q. On your first visit to Japan, who enjoyed it the most? (Ken)
Ken really likes [One Piece], so he really wanted to go its hometown of Japan.
Ken I originally only liked Chopper, but after going to Japan I came to like all the characters. We’ve also went to Don Quixote, the place we often talked about before, and our office staff bought us several One Piece goods. Now that I think about it, it was really enjoyable!!!!
N Over there, Ken found and wore a hat of the Tokyo Tower so we all started following along with triangle kimbap or carb bread hats. Since we were excited we even took a picture for memories.
Ravi We thought how it was a store that sells a variety of items, so we were able to enjoy it to the fullest.
Hongbin I fell crazily in love with Japanese food. The curry was especially delicious. I heard that Indian curry was the best, but isn’t Japanese curry better?
N Ramen was also delicious.
Hongbin Ah! It was really good.
Ravi We enjoyed a lot of new things.
Hyuk I was surprised that the streets were so clean. And the hotel we stayed at had a underwater tunnel? Seeing the cars pass by through the water was really interesting.
Ravi It was everyone’s first time in Japan so we had a lot of expectations. It was also the first time we performed in Japan, so it became a memorable performance.
Leo The sound quality of the venue we performed at was great, I was thankful for the staff who put a lot of care into it.
N I really liked the Japanese fan culture. They had fun with us while we were on stage and also followed the rules that needed to be followed. So when our performance ended, we were feeling very happy. Although we still don’t have any fixed plans for Japanese activities, if you call for us we will happily come. I want to have fun with everyone again.

Source: [BIGGER] Scans + JPN - KOR by havebean; KOR - ENG by fyeah-vixx

crypticbluerose 28th-Nov-2012 08:02 am (UTC)
oh Taekwoon, happily shoving the members into the water.
spread Hmmm...28th-Nov-2012 09:13 am (UTC)
Doesn’t do well at Being white! He’s very dark. (laughs) (By Ken)

I love you Ken, your my bias and all, but that comment ain't cute.
Side-eye worthy, tbh.
boocher823 Re: Hmmm...28th-Nov-2012 10:20 am (UTC)
That's not the first time. On one of the early episodes of MTV Diary he compared N's skin to his black shirt. They were out at night and he said something like 'he's invisible'.
spread Re: Hmmm...28th-Nov-2012 10:27 am (UTC)
Shit like this is irks me.
-100 points for Ken.
I think I'm gonna lean more towards N now, he's adorbs & presh.
Melanin FTW!!
steelsigns 28th-Nov-2012 09:48 am (UTC)
Ravi is so ... Erm, ew? I don't really follow Vixx hardcore and I don't want to dislike a guy unnecessarily, so can anyone direct me to something that shows he has redeeming qualities?
taecmyheart 28th-Nov-2012 10:17 am (UTC)
What about him puts you off though? I know a lot of people don't like his rapping, but imo he hasn't done anything to make me dislike him.
steelsigns 28th-Nov-2012 11:19 am (UTC)
Idk his whole demeanor just seems irksome to me, and yeah the way he raps is part of that I suppose. I remember not liking him from the start, like in their debut MV. And like for example in this post, in those photos with the hearts, everyone looks so presh and he's just ... Bleargh. (at least to me) Haha, I know I know, it's so uncalled for, which is why I'm sure that if I see something like him being utterly cute or funny, that first and withstanding impression of him would probably disappear.
minho_lover 28th-Nov-2012 07:03 pm (UTC)
Have u watched their early vixx tvs? I started liking him more after watching all the episodes. but that was me~
taecmyheart 29th-Nov-2012 08:05 am (UTC)
Well if you think that heart pic is uncute idk what to recommend you then LOL. I admit though, most of my love for Ravi stems from N's love for Ravi. n__n

Edited at 2012-11-29 08:05 am (UTC)
minho_lover 28th-Nov-2012 06:55 pm (UTC)
Awww, this was a great post. The pics of all the artists were too cute!! vixx's interview was sweet && it made me feel closer to them for some reason. GO VIXX!!! HWAITING!! GO JELLYFISH ENT. LOLOLOL(the membrs talking about ravi's
minho_lover 28th-Nov-2012 06:56 pm (UTC)
Awww, this was a great post. The pics of all the artists were too cute!! vixx's interview was sweet && it made me feel closer to them for some reason. GO VIXX!!! HWAITING!! GO JELLYFISH ENT. LOLOLOL(the membrs talking about ravi's snoring. Lol)
mongs 28th-Nov-2012 07:46 pm (UTC)
Ive only heard about this group but this "LEO" character is drawing me in and I cannot restrain it.........
xanderloves 29th-Nov-2012 06:08 am (UTC)
you and me both! he;s so presh with all his shyness and.. not talking.
but when he does, oh my gosh, its like angels singing.
mongs 29th-Nov-2012 08:42 am (UTC)
Angels singing= precise
taecmyheart 29th-Nov-2012 08:10 am (UTC)
Don't fight it 8)

mongs Oh baby..29th-Nov-2012 08:41 am (UTC)
Sold!! Lol
kanbinayume 28th-Nov-2012 10:09 pm (UTC)
aw, I love VIXX so much. Hongbin is adorable
engraved_16 29th-Nov-2012 02:56 am (UTC)
Leo be looking fiiiine in those photos, unf.
he has also put a lot of effort into researching ways to express himself awww :3

haha that gif, Leo was the one to finally push them in too!
swhyeon1991 29th-Nov-2012 06:15 pm (UTC)
Pic #4 is SIG?? I almost didn't recognize him! :O
VIXX bbs look presh but the Hongbin one is rather plain/boring lol.
dieu_existence 2nd-Dec-2012 06:47 am (UTC)
Jellyfish has only male artists?
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