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Kim Jaejoong Part ?

(Introductory statements & previously translated parts omitted.)

Upon the news about the interview with Kim Jaejoong, a lot of his fans sent their questions they would like to know to Kim Jaejoong.

- How is living as Kim Jaejoong in South Korea?
It is really a bliss. The tough things I feel are what other celebrities also feel. The degree is similar. For my case, I think it is a bliss that I receive much economically and socially. It is grateful that I am working hard and doing what I love. Moreover, I am loved by so many for this.

- Do fans’ wild affection not give you a hard time?
“If JYJ had activities and opportunities equally as other idol groups or entertainers, they wouldn’t be this wild as now. However, I think, because they don’t have many places to express [their minds], they express themselves passionately when opportunities are given to them.

- Do you think you are handsome when you wake up in the mornings?
“When I see myself in the mirror after taking a shower and not having my hair dried yet. My skin looks so good and twinkling at this time. When I wake up after dreaming a pleasant dream, the morning feels better but, it doesn’t when I have a bad dream.”

- You were much ruined in Code Name Jackal, what were JYJ members’ reactions?
They said they enjoyed it. Actually, I could not call them after the premiere for the reason that I was promoting my movie without having a single day’s break.

- You shoot kiss scenes well so naturally, what is your special know-how?
“When I am to be forcibly kissed, I think it is to do as though I don’t have my lips in the parts of my body. It is to make all the nerves concentrate on others. But if the scene is to kiss with having feelings toward each other, I concentrate on her eyes, hands, or acts.

- How much do you usually drink?
“There is no end when I can. In Busan International Film Festival this year, 8 people including me drank three bottles of Soju and two bottles of beer. Only for the first session. And separately, I also went to the second session. I can drink well when I’m in good mood and my condition is able to accept, but it’s hard to drink only a bottle when I don’t feel well. I have ups and downs in the limit.
(Jaejoong jaejoong Jaejoong..)

- What is the meaning of Yoochun and Junsu to Jaejoong? You all are busy due to individual activities but,do you meet and have meals together?
“I might die if I don’t have them. We’re still having strong friendships and, how can I live without them… I don’t know how other members think but, I don’t know how to live [without them]. I might die. It is my meaning [of them]. It makes me smile if I see them, even when bad things happen. [Because] too good.”

- What do ‘fans’ mean to Jaejoong?
“Also, I might die without them. They are the meaning why I live. It is the part all my members agree on. The part I and my members have thought the most is ‘fans’ since debut. They are the tremendous existence. Because there are fans, those who watch me, and those who listen to me, I’m working and doing music like this. I can’t do it without them. They are one of the reasons why I can’t renounce music and I keep doing it.

- What is the role you want to challenge?
“First of all, what I want to do as soon as possible is a romance movie or a psychopath movie. I think acting as a psychopath is fascinating because it needs a lot of energy and it is a role that I can give off that much energy. Because the actor has to give off much evil spirits using facial expressions or the tone of voice, not action, I want to give it a try. Not just common villain, but a totally lunatic one.

- When will your next piece be?
“I would like to do as soon as possible. First off, although I want to do a TV series immediately, there is a matter that other TV series are already scheduled, so I think I can do it after they are finished. Now I’m reviewing scripts for both movies and TV series.

- When will your solo album be released?
“Because fans have been continuously waiting for it, I’m preparing for it. Before I did TV series, I had persistently been making self-composed songs. And if you ask me, I do it persistently but when my solo album is released, it may be after I have a lot more of nice songs.

- How is the taste of acting?
“It’s sweet. It’s fun and I want to act forever.”

Source: OhMyNews | Credit: Translated by Sofia (@126×204) and proofread by Cheryl (@4Dfruitbat) | Shared by: 126×204 + JYJ3

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