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Time to gather at the Water cooler Omona. Gossip Post.

1. Recently, the much-loved IU was involved in a scandal over a picture she accidentally uploaded online. Although opinions on the topic remain divided, the majority of entertainment companies have now begun to collect all of their artists' cellphones to check every picture they have saved in it. 

As for the opinions of industry insiders, one journalist said, "There are a lot of comments about people being disappointed in IU but barely any about Eunhyuk. I think people need to really think about whether they're enforcing their ideals of virginity on women under the guise of 'Nation's Little Sister'." 

IU herself is in deep shock with all of the parodies coming out on the internet, especially with some that have gone as far as to photoshop her face onto pornographic images. The majority of industry insiders feel that the private lives of stars should be left private and respected by the public. 

2. Top star C is currently rumored to be in a relationship with a woman from a wealthy background, but some say that that's not true. While drinking with some close associates, C admitted that he was merely friends with her and that the woman actually had feelings for his best friend, D. The woman had tried to get closer to C in order to get to D. 

3. Gagwoman E is rumored to be on the blacklist among male celebrities. E has been using her comfortable looks to naturally get close with them. Once she finds a male celebrity she's interested in, she'll find out his schedule and leave them messages like, "Oppa, I heard you're recording at so-and-so? I'm right in front of that broadcast hall so come out and buy me some dinner." 

The men will normally agree since they believe nobody would suspect them of a relationship if they were caught eating out together. She'll then use her skills to seduce them. E's actually been quite successful with a number of relationships this way. 

Most recently, she seemed to be dating celebrity 'F' but kicked him to the curb for one reason or another. One insider said, "E definitely has a way with dating guys. I'm sometimes scared of her." 

4. Sexy singer G who captivated the hearts of an older fanbase with her sexy face and body went on hiatus from the industry, arousing the curiosity of insiders and fans. Rumors say that she's been involved with a religious group, with a few insiders saying, "G has become involved with a rather weird, non-traditional religion and has given up all of her celebrity activities to focus on that. She's been fighting with her manager for these reasons." G recently released a new album and returned to her fans, but many are still curious as to whether she's given up her religion for her career or if she's still just as involved in it. 

5. (TN: This next one I think shows how powerful sponsorship is in in the industry and the lengths some stars will go to make sure their sponsors stay with them...) Top star A is known for his absolute loyalty to one of the most powerful figures in the industry, 'B', and his recent display of such loyalty has been earning attention. B is also known for favoring and loving A over many other top celebrities. 

With anything regarding B, A will push everything aside to rush and be with B. Recently, B had a birthday party that A couldn't attend. A left a video message apologizing for not being able to make it, but actually surprised B by making an appearance on stage and saying, "I love you". 

Industry insiders said, "There are a lot of stars eyeing A's spot with B, but with A putting up an iron fence around B like that, it's not easy for anyone to squeeze in." 

Source: Netizenbuzz

5 sounds really creepy tbh.
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