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Hello Venus - What Are You Doing Today? MV Teaser + Teaser Images & Album Info!

Hello Venus: The 2nd Mini Album ‘오늘뭐해’

1. 오늘뭐해? (What Are You Doing Today?) (Composer, Arrangement: Cho Young Soo, Kim Tae Hyun, Lyricist: Kim Ee-Na, Rap Making: Lime)
- Hello Venus’ 2nd mini album’s title track, ‘What Are You Doing Today?’ composed by Cho Young Soo with overflowing energy and urban hip hop rhythm in a sophisticated arrangement, is a pop-dance song that was produced with a powerful sound composed by famous composer Kim Tae Hyun. This lovely track showcases Hello Venus’ own cuteness and this track was well written by Kim Ee-Na. Especially, Lime who has shown her rap-making skill in debut track ‘Venus’, has improved her skill and makes the song even more interesting.

2. Romantic Love (Composer, Arrangement: Seo Jae-Ha, Lyricist: Kim Hee Sun)
- This is a song that showcases the members’ vocal skills. This song was produced by composer Cho Young Soo in collaboration with Seo Jae Ha and director Kim Hee Sun. This track has been prepared as the 2nd title track to showcase the members’ vocal skills that have been trained even before debut. A song that expresses Hello Venus’ own cheerful feeling with rock-rhythm’s medium pop also showcases main vocals Yooara, Alice & Lime’s vocal skills.

3. First Love (Composer, Arrangement, Lyricist: Cho Yung Soo, Lee Yoo Jin)
- This song is a ballad song that showcases feelings about first love made by Cho Young Soo and rookie Lee Yoo Jin. This is a beautiful ballad song about a girl who fell in love and expresses sadness and fear of goodbye.

4. 똑같아 (Same) (Composer, Arrangement, Lyricist: Park Young In, Peak Boy)
- Pop group who received a lot of attention this year due to ‘easy-listening’ “Urban Zakapa” member, Park Young In composed the song, and this song is filled with Hello Venus’ own groovy urban rhythm. This is a song of the urban medium-pop genre with groovy feelings composed by the Urban Zakapa member’s lyrical melody. Especially in this song, member Yooyoung shows off her rap with her unique tone.

5. Winter Fantasy (Composer, Lyricist: Ryu Kwang Min, Arrangement: FRAKTAL, Rap Making: Lime)
- Last track for this album, with this seasonal song to close this year filled with sorrow feelings and Christmas happiness, the members present this track as a Christmas carol for the fans. The composer Ryu Kwang Min who’s not only active in Korea but Japan as well works together with DJ Fraktal who has been active as a DJ and composer in the electronica world in the last decade. This is an electronic pop dance song that expresses feelings of happiness for winter and love.

Sources: Hello Venus' Official Youtube Channel (MV Teaser), Hello Venus' Official Fancafe (Teaser Images), Lees Music Korea (Album Info) & Hello-Venus (Translation)


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