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Exo-K Sina Interview

Sina : After long period of trainee days are over, how does it feels like to perform on the stage for the first time?

Suho: After the showcase stage ended, it doesn’t felt like “it’s over” , but “it just started”. I don’t know how other member felt, but i personally don’t satisfy with our first stage. In the future we need to work harder, to perform a more outstanding performance.

Sina: Since your debut in April, EXo were always busy. Is there any difference of “artist life” right now with what you’ve dreamt of?

Chanyeol : Before debut we’re always nervous, but when we’re on stage, we feel really happy instead now.
Suho : We don’t want to compete with other groups, we hope to be more hardworking, to fight for more chances to stand on the same stage with other singers and sunbaes that we respect.

Sina : Compare with your predebut, what is your greatest improvement and changes?

Suho: We’re been interviewed during showcase, but it’s really hard to speak in front of the audience. During out promotions and activities, we’re met a lot of sunbaes and after talking to them, I can now express my feelings naturally. Same goes to the performances. Previously i’ll be really nervous, but after repeatition of practices and experiences, we can perform more perfectly.

Chanyeol : I learned how to catch the camera in music shows right now. At first when we were having a schedule with Shinee sunbae, they taught me that it is really important to know how to capture the camera. Moreover our tacit is getting better because we Exo-K members stick together everyday, so we’re really close right now.

Baekhyun : We tend to be really nervous during our debut days, but now we’re much more confident no matter in singing, dancing or performing. We started to be very image conscious. Right now we have to take care of our image. Last time we can wear tracksuits when we go out. but after debut, we need to dress up even if we’re going somewhere near.

DO: I improved in many aspects, but improved the most in language. At our debut stage, SBS Inkigayo, I said “ excellent” instead of “magnificent” when I was introducing our song. At that time my mind went blank and didn’t say what I prepared before that. Luckily our leader helped me to continue my introduction only we can save the situation. Now I will prepare before we go on live shows.

Kai: I improved a lot on sleeping, I can sleep wherever I go (laughs)

Sehun: Because Im the maknae in the group so my elder brothers always want me to do aegyo. I actually don’t do much aegyo but now no matter which shows we attend they will always let me take the role of doing aegyo, so I think I improved a lot in doing aegyo. (laughs) And also when we just debut, I cant remember what I did after the performance, but now I will try my best to show a happy and confident self on stage.

Sina: You are all very careful when you are with your seniors or the TV station?

Chanyeol: we always bow 90 degrees. We heard that greeting is a very important thing during our trainee period,so we will always greet our seniors automatically.

Sina: Whats your feeling when you head that EXO-K and EXO-M will be debuting in China and Korea at the same time?

Chanyeol: I was very happy. Because I was able to debut with my friends in the name of EXO. I was really really happy. Besides that, this debut way is very new and we felt that its very challenging for us.

Baekhyun: We are always training, and only get to know after that that we are going to debut this way.

Sina: EXO-K and EXO-M are not group, there might be competition at overseas?

Kai: I don’t think we are competing against each other. We can shine more if EXO-K and EXO-M becomes one and promote our music to the world.

Sina: what do you think the china fans like about EXO-K?

Suho: I think its because of the effect of EXO-M.

Sina: whats the difference between EXO-K and EXO-M?

Baekhyun: Language.

Chanyeol: Different pitch. EXO-K ‘s members’s pitch belongs to the baritone range. But EXO-M ‘s voice are very clear. We performed the same song but gave different feeling.

Sina: what are you guys up to after completing your activities?

Chanyeol: We are preparing our album, practicing and exercise together. When we are not in China for activities,we usually gather at the practice room. Even though are activity locations are different but the on stage performance is the same. So we always talk about our songs, the EXO-M members and also learn Chinese.

Sina: Who’s Chinese is the best among the EXO-K members?

EXO-K: should be Suho.
Suho: There are Chinese members in EXO-M so I don’t think I am the best,I am just trying my best to learn Chinese.

Sina: How do the members bond?

EXO-K: we will have a “family meeting”

Baekhyun: Last time we used to have family meeting every week. Now we are always together so we have more time to chat.

Sehun: there is not a boring moment when I am with my members.

Sina: Do you all usually stay in the hostel? How about housework? Do you mind sharing a few interesting stuff that happened in the hostel?

EXO-K: We all have our own parts in doing housework. Usually we will finish the work in a team.

Kai: We always use scissors paper stone to decide who to wash the dishes.

Chanyeol: At first its always leader Suho who losses the game but now its maknae Sehun.

DO: Because maknae keeps on losing to us lately so we don’t play this game anymore but do the housework volunteerily.

Baekhyun: There is no such thing as “elder or younger” in EXO-K. sometimes we are like a family,sometimes we are like good friends.

Sina: When did you start to feel your popularity?

Suho: We will always felt it when we were at the airport. There were many fans at the airport when we first went to china, there were more fans when we came here for the second and third time,I was very surprised.

Sina: you all are very famous in china, whats the difference between china and korea fans?

Chanyeol: no matter which country we go to, they love us and also support us.

Sina: Is there any special banner made by the china fans?

Baekhyun: they wrote “백 현 아” as “벡 현 아 “ (wrong spelling). At first I was still thinking who wrote it wrongly then only I realized it’s the china fans. I think china fans are cute.

Chanyeol: I felt very touched when the china fans sang along with us, we will repay them with better music.

Sina: Do you have any plans in acting or musical?

Baekhyun: I will take the challenge if I have the chance. But for now we just hope we can improve more on our music.

Sina: When there is a certain level of difficulty in the group dance, each and every one of you will have lesser chance to perform or sing, do you feel regretful?

Chanyeol: EXO-K will need to show more charisma in future so we will show it slowly.

Kai: Because we are all still young and capable, so I believe we can perform better. Baekhyun and DO danced in and advertisement recently. The other members wish to performed better in other areas.

Sina: Which compliment gives the most impact on you?

Suho: A lot of seniors gave us advice. Especially Super Junior’s Donghae said: after watching EXO-K and EXO-M ‘s performance, I think you all shine the brightest when you all perform as EXO.

Sina: Whats your feeling after joining the SM family?

CHanyeol: We went to SMTown concert before when we were all trainees. We were hoping to debut as soon as possible, and perform together with our seniors. After debut, we are felt very honored because we attended the smtown concert held in LA,USA. It felt so good to perform together with the seniors on stage, our seniors gave us a lot of advice, I felt very happy after performing.

Sina: whats the specialty of SM? Is there any tradition?

Kai: SME company takes manners very seriously, for example greetings .

Chanyeol: we have inherited SM company’s tradition, SMP’s (SM MUSIC PERFORMANCE) theme song is our company’s tradition.

Kai:before debut, we referred a lot to our senior’s choreography and practiced many times.

Sina: are you excited for the year end awards ceremony’s newcomer awards?

Suho:We can only get the newcomer awards once in our life time.Actually 4 months after our debut we tried our very best to get the newcomer’s award. But throughout this whole year, the support EXO-K received from fans is more important than the newcomer’s award. But if we are lucky enough to get it then….haha.

Kai: Never thought about our target, just trying our best to finish what we are suppose to do.

Sehun: Keep on improving and look for EXO-K’s very own uniqueness is our target.

Chanyeol: we hope we can show ourselves slowly because EXO-K still have a lot of charisma to show to you all.

Sina: How will EXO-K look like after 10 years?

Sehun: EXO members will be on world tour. Taking private jet?

DO: to be like Japan’s famous group Arashi, but I hope we are still together after 10 years. I hope we are always together.

Suho: Exo will give more than they take. So I hope I can go to various places with my members and contribute to the society.

Kai: After 10 years I hope all members will be excellent artists, and hope that EXO-K will always be better.

Chanyeol: just like how the other members wish, hope we are still together after 10,20 years. I personally would like to learn how to compose songs, compose many songs that suits EXO and also famous.

Baekhyun: Hoping to be better in singing,acting and variety show, become a multitalented artist.

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