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17-Year Old CEO Looks like IU

On December 7 on KBS’s “VJ Special Force,” the story of a 17-year old Kim Soo Jin was told. She is a successful CEO of an online shopping mall, and has previously appeared on MBN’s “Huma Docu Living” on September 11.

Her story is inspiring. When her father’s business went bankrupt, Kim Soo Jin quit high school and started her own online shopping website in February 2012. She personally selected and bought outfits to sell, and within six months, she grossed 100,000,000 won. (Approximately $92,000.00USD)

In addition to the fact that she is a mature and loyal daughter, she also has the looks. With her long straight hair, chubby cheeks, large eyes, and full lips, she resembles the singer IU.

After the show on her mini homepage, Kim Soo Jin left a message, “I didn’t let you guys know earlier because I didn’t want you to think I was going on TV just to promote by business. I agreed to appear on TV because I wanted to give hope to others. I wanted to show that even someone like me can be successful.” 

Source: Soompi news
Tags: iu, kbs, tv shows

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