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The Roots of Korean Online Conservatism


Forward by koreaBANG's jay.h

Our readers have seen snapshots of Korean netizen comments on various issues through koreaBANG, but understandably it may be hard to grasp the nuanced and diverse contexts and dynamics of Korean netizenship. If you are confused and want to acquire insight into Korean cyberspace, this article is a must-read. Recently, Ilbe, known as a ‘conservative’ online community, has garnered much attention with their fervent online support for the now president-elect’s campaign. Ilbe is a ‘base camp’ for many passionate conservative netizens but they don’t just dwell in it. Ilbe users are known to coordinate and make comments on mainstream portal sites such as Nate and Naver with their ‘firepower’ as they call it. Their dislike for the people they label ‘jwajom‘ and strong misogynic comments are especially reknowned. This article written by a seasoned Ilbe netizen explains where Ilbe stands. Ilbe is an abbreviation of ‘Ilgan best’ that means ‘daily best’. While Ilbe is best known for its political nature, the site also has forums for fashion, cooking, sports, computer games, music, movies, etc. This article frequently mentions DC Inside, a Korean internet forum site that was established in 1999 and pioneered the Korean internet meme world.


These days there are many controversies about Ilbe. I’m a girl who’s constantly been lurking in Ilbe for a few months for my personal research so I will give my two cents. The purpose is to (subjectively) explain what Ilbe is like for those who have no idea. If you find any mention of Ilbe unpleasant, please press the Back button but I hope ladies read this till the end.

1. What is Ilbe like?

Ilbe doesn’t have a long history. It started off as a site collecting DC Inside’s daily best posts but at some point, it got bigger than its parent. Many notorious CoGallers from DC moved to Ilbe. Hence, it’s a very conservative(?) site.

Just like DC, it is an open site where anyone can read any post. The number of members is about 130,000 but the problem is that there are many lurkers due to its open system. The number of simultaneous visitors seems to fluctuate between 10k or 20k and 25k. [It hit 47k on the election day.] The number of daily visitors in early December was about 2.5 millions and the average number of days between re-visits is about 2 so roughly speaking, you can assume 5 millions read Ilbe. Daily page views are around 1 billion. [This must be a wrong number.] According to their own survey, there are more teens than you may think. About 1/3? The majority of them are early 20s and there are some late 20s. From 30s and on, their ratio drops sharply.

2. Why is Ilbe a problem?

There are many reasons why Ilbe is problematic. Notably, worshipping Park Chung-hee and Chun Doo-hwan, disparaging Jeolla-do groups and women, vulgar sexual jokes, etc. Let me write what I’ve felt having lurked in Ilbe. I only read the most up-voted posts so don’t tell me it’s only some of Ilbe.

2-1. Political aspect

I can overlook that they glorify Park Chung-hee since it’s a conservative site. To some degree, I can understand why they use the term ‘democratization’ for down-votes except for the influence it might have on teens who use it jokingly for example. They began using it to take the piss of the progressive users who mob conservative users with their number. Well, that’s fine.

The biggest problem must be their praises for Chun Doo-hwan. Someone said they couldn’t find any post praising Chun but that’s because the site is currently overwhelmed with election-related posts. Normally, you can often read posts praising Park Chung-hee and Chun Doo-hwan. And even if the OP doesn’t mention anything about them, some comments below may mention them. For Ilbe users, it is their basic stance to make fun of the Gwangju Democratization Movement and praise Chun. Many jokes have been derived from this. For example, they made macros from Chun’s comment about the Gwangju Movement. In the video, Chun says ‘that..that was…a kind of….riot…with firearms. Ahaha.’ They copy this exact comment and repeatedly use it for jokes. ‘General Chun tank’s rolling. Gotta roll over them.’ You may know they liken the bloody event to a dish of seasoned skates. Some Ilbe user took a picture of his classmate reading Kim Dae-jung’s autobiography and was like ‘is that bitch a genuine skate?’ They are like that. Enough said.

Sub-conclusion: If you have a parent from Jeolla-do or ever said you respect Kim Dae-jung or Roh Moo-hyun, you have to watch out for Ilbe users. You don’t know when your pictures or your Facebook’s screenshots will be posted in Ilbe. If you post political comments supporting the progressive camp on your Facebook or Twitter, you have to watch out, too. These days, Ilbe users share the ‘coordinates’ and bombard them with their comments for ‘industrialization’.

2-2. Misogyny

What really shocked me in Ilbe was misogyny. I’m not a CoGaller but because I’m a baseball fan, I’ve been frequenting [male-dominant] MLB Park, Starcraft Gall and Baseball Gall so I don’t bat an eye for most things. But Ilbe is…difficult to read. I will give you some examples.

1. First of all, if you call a woman a woman, you get bashed in Ilbe. All females are called ‘boji’ [pussy]. Materialistic girls are called ‘boseul-achi‘ or in short, ‘boseul’. Misogyny is ‘bo-hyum’ [boji-hate]. Defending women is ‘bo-ppal’ [boji-sucking] and revealing that you are female is ‘boming out’ [boji + coming out]. ‘Ne-da-bo’ means ‘yes, next boji’. When a girl likes something, they say her ‘boji fluid’ spilt. Some say you can find misogynic comments in any male-dominant sites and wonder what the big deal is. Let me just say it was Ilbe where I was first regarded not a girl but a hole.

2. Whenever a sex-related scandal happens, they say things beyond your imagination. There was a news report about a male teacher who had sex with an elementary school student. If you look at the comments in Ilbe, they are like

‘I envy that douche. Was the little virgin gooey?’ / ‘Just raise her for 6 more years.’ / ‘Where is that elementary school? Shit tons of male teachers will apply for that school duh duh.’ One guy who said ‘hey, isn’t this too much for a minor?’ was carpet-bombed with the label of ‘fucking seonbi‘. [Ilbe users call polite and 'righteous' netizens 'sip-seonbi'.]

I felt really sorry for the female NIS employee in the recent incident after reading comments in Ilbe. Her face was covered and only her hands were revealed. Her hands were long and pretty. So there were comments like ‘those hands look like they would play well with my cum’. Great imagination.

3. They not only comment on sex-related scandals but also create them. Some guys shared their sister or girlfriend’s nude pictures. Someone also planned rape, which you might have read about, and many comments below praised his idea and even asked to join him. Once, this swimsuit model’s picture was posted in Ilbe and she filed a lawsuit for the sexual comments that were like ‘Wow I want to fuck her for once. ^^ Must be chewy.’ / ‘She got huge nymphae. The queen of nymphae, ke ke ke ke.’ A screenshot of her minihompi [Cyworld] talking about the lawsuit was also posted in Ilbe to bash her. Another case: there is a pasteurization method called ‘boji-salgyunbeop’ [holding pasteurization method]. Some Ilber user jokingly used that term to a female junior student at university on Kakao Talk and posted screenshots of it. Her name wasn’t even deleted. So a joke like ‘Sooyeon, are you pasteurizing your boji?’ was popular for a while.

4. Practically every post about females falls into sexual ridicule and disparagement. Park Geun-hye might be the only exception. For example, an Ilbe user posts a picture of a girl who put her bag on a seat next to her even though there was a standing passenger. First, they rant about her insensibility, which leads to rants about kimchi bitches and boseuls. And there come comments like ‘Wow, that bitch’s thighs look hot duh duh.’, ‘Look at her pelvic line. ^^’, ‘Fuckable.’ When this tendency is combined with Ilbe’s unique political orientation, it’s even more dangerous. The girls who express opinions unpopular in Ilbe on Facebook or Twitter, criticize the Man of Korea representative Sung Jae-gi or post comments advocating their progressive stance on Facebook become the main target of ridicule. What’s interesting is that they only target ‘ugly girls’ among them. Pretty girls or men are exempted. They make new accounts to sexually ridicule their targets on Twitter. On Facebook, you have to reveal your identity so they tend to make only political arguments gently. On Twitter, they say things like ‘I will tear off you bitch’s pussy.’ / ‘Spread your legs to Kim Jung-il and get your pussy screwed.’ Since they don’t use their identity to register for Twitter, there is no guarantee that you can catch them even if you file a case.

Sub-conclusion: I personally believe it is better to avoid guys who enjoy or regularly read Ilbe. Some say it’s just jokes between guys but it makes me cringe to think it’s possible to enjoy such jokes. Also, I hope Ilbe users don’t try to get lumped with other male-dominant sites. Maybe Baseball Gall is also bad but MLB Park users would find it really unfair. It is too much to be lumped with those who say things like ‘Her pussy tingles at the sight of Seunsang-nim [meaning sir or teacher in Jeolla dialect, referring to Kim Dae-jung in most contexts in Ilbe].’ / ‘Her pussy fluid is flowing down.’ at a few sexy pictures.

We have our freedom to express our opinions on the internet. It’s fine that they wanna have fun in Ilbe. However, posting some people’s pictures and insulting them, making sexually harrassing remarks on Twitter for having politically different opinions, and trying to convince us that men are all like that while giving a bad name for other male netizens cannot be tolerated. Don’t try to get lumped with other communities mentioning information’s equality. I recommend you Ilber users to let Jeolla people and females around you know that you do Ilbe regularly.


A tiny minority among Ilbe bugs are well-educated? Okay ke ke ke, good for you. Congrats but didn’t they teach you ethics? Don’t give a bad name to your school. What does your educational background have to do with that you are an Ilbe bug? If you are that great, shout it out in real life, ke ke ke. You wouldn’t be able to say a word in front of a real woman. Having sex with a dog…putting a Post-it on a granny’s head… You guys really must have nothing else to do. If you hate girls, live like gays, retards. Don’t even watch porn and say a word to girls, ke. You hate Korean women? Thank god, who likes you trash Ilbe bugs? Ke ke ke. ^^ If you really hate them, move to a foreign country but then you will have to consider foreign women’s thoughts, ke. Please, everyone knows what you guys are. At least since you were born in Korea, don’t give Korea a bad name. Get lost, losers.

Those who do Ilbe, as a man myself, I think you have no excuse whoever bashes you. There were criminal Ilbe users and you can’t excuse that. What you can do is make Ilbe a better place or let it die quietly. Also, the feminazi chicks who do Nate Pann, you guys aren’t better than those Ilbe users by more or less than two chickens. For average people, you and Ilbe users don’t look very different. No matter how loud you claim you are different from those ‘Ilbe bugs’, it’s no use. If you dislike that, think more about what respecting human rights means. Reconsider your gender equality. Don’t inconsiderately write articles and hurt sexual minorities again.

What a highly retarded site for real. Their parents or children should read their comments; Pathetic. Fucking losers in real life.

Ke ke ke ke, My little brother is an elementary school student and he does Ilbe, ke ke ke ke. Nuff said, ke ke ke ke. I told him not to but he doesn’t listen. Mom is from Jeolla-do so he even calls his mom Jeolladian, ke ke ke ke. He’s my bro but I’m speechless.

My class has an Ilbe bug and he looks smelly. He really calls the 5.18 Gwangju Democratization Movement a riot and trashs the movie ’26 Years’. He was brainwashed. Don’t do Ilbe for real. His mental state is weird. My friend’s mom is from Jeolla and that bastard bashes her. Ilbe is really a ghetto for human trash…

Good analysis. It’s better to avoid talking to Ilbe bugs at all.

The murderer of the sisters in Ulsan was an Ilbe user, ke ke. Ilbe is a bootcamp for future criminals, ke ke.

Ilbe bugs are contradictory. They yap about jwajom commies but what they do is commie-style trials. In addition, they yap about pussy-suckers but they suck up to Park Geun-hye. Guys, try to be consistent in some way. That’s why you guys are called bugs. ㅡㅡ

Ilbe bugs have arrived. Retards, are you claiming delusional ownage in your head? No matter what, everyone knows you are worse than cockroaches so shut up if you don’t wanna make it worse.

Are they Ilbe bugs in the comments down below? I’ve read Ilbe. I checked out many posts for two days and found their thoughts weird. The OP didn’t say anything wrong or denounce Ilbe. It really is like that. I don’t care whether they praise Park Chung-hee or not. I think it is infringement of freedom when you interfere with other people’s political orientations in a democracy. However, their crazy bombardment on various portal sites is ridiculous and funny. And I’m worried that little teenage students might be among them. They bash propaganda but they make propaganda like hell. One dude below said they are not dissing all women but that’s just self-justification of the Ilbe bugs. Why do they say boji? Doesn’t your mom have a boji? Is it blocked? I read some of them even call their mom boji. Fuck, they won’t be able to say even ‘bo’ of ‘boji’ in real life but they bluff like that, ke ke. Anyway, those among Ilbe trashes who can’t be reformed like food garbage should be excuted.

Today Humor should disappear, too. They are not different from Ilbe. They look down on the elderly and promote political propaganda. They always bash Saenuri Party regardless of whether it’s based on the truth or not. Propaganda on Twitter is all from Today Humor. It’s a nest for jwajoms. They promote clearly false propaganda materials and claim our country is in crisis. They never posted anything unfavorable to Moon Jae-in during the election period while collecting articles unfavorable to Saenuri although there were many good articles about them as well. They glorify Moon too much. I respect Roh Moo-hyun but not Moon Jae-in. I don’t understand why they put those two figures on the same line. Don’t do Today Humor. They are the same as Ilbe.

No matter how much you bash Ilbe, Ilbe is 8000 ranks higher than Daum in the world website ranking, duh duh. [This netizen understood the Alexa website traffic ranking the other way around. Daum is higher.] There are so many Ilbe users around us but they just don’t tell it around.

I do Ilbe but why does it have to be bashed that much? I just enjoy reading funny threads in Ilbe. At school, I read Ilbe for all to see, he he. Ilbe’s schtick is psychotic handicapped trash but a schtick is a schtick.

Sources: koreaBANG amp Nate Pann

Check out the source for an additional, but more extensive netizen explanation. 
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