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JYPE CEO Jeong Wook “Please look forward to Wonder Girls sub-unit activities…”

Q: This coming year there will be several artistes under JYPE who are born in the zodiac year of snake.
A: 2AM Jokwon, 2PM Wooyoung and WG Sun & Yenny were all born in the year of the snake, and so they will take on a broader range of activities this year. Of cos, for Sun, she will be embracing one of life’s most important event - marriage, and will be focusing on her family life in the short run and we will fully support her. As for the others, for e.g. Yenny will be participating in the musical “The Three Musketeers” while Wooyoung is looking at suitable scripts. For Jokwon it is needless to say as he is an all-rounder.

Q: Everyone is still curious about what will happen after Sun’s marriage.
A: The newly-wed couple will of cos need to be together, and the agency will be supportive of their decisions. The couple will need to plan for their future while the other members will showcase their talents through different areas of solo activities.

Q: Can we expect to see Sun as a WG member again?
A: That is a definite yes because she is still a WG member. If there are good and suitable projects, Sun will be part of it, and we will bring it to the fans.

Q: What can we expect from WG members solo activities?
A: We are in the midst of preparing all kinds of solo activities and we are also planning for sub-unit activities. The earliest confirmed piece of news is Yenny’s debut as a musical actress, while the plans for the other members have yet to be cast in stone, but there is a possibility of singing and acting. We are expecting to bring some good news to the fans around Jan or Feb.

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