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World Didn't End in 2012, So We Predict Kpop 2013

2012 was an interesting year for Kpop. There were scandals, comebacks and tons and tons of new groups debuting. So what does 2013 have in store for us? one_broken and I will now look into our crystal ball and see the future!
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We see... We see... Ah yes! It is coming to us now!

  • B.A.P will buy stock in Rogaine and hats. Sales will increase tenfold.
  • Heechul will teach, from the army, a member of SHINee to act like him on stage, kissing and all. (We’re halfway there!)
  • The Almighty Key will grace Twitter with his presence and shower the world with his fabulousness.
  • The IU/Eunhyuk scandal will turn out to be a big deal when at three months pregnant, they get married.
  • Yoochun will return to his first love: music.
  • Jaejoong will sprinkle himself with pixie dust, think happy thoughts and fly to Neverland in the hopes to never age again. He flies to the second star to the left and finds U-Kiss’ icy Neverland instead.
  • Amber will come back in a dress and high heels for f(x)’s next promo. (Why is she growing her hair out?)
  • We will find out the Glam members were vocaloids all along and Seeu was the real one.
  • Only 70 groups will debut in 2013 - none of them the expected YG groups/soloists.
  • 2PM will have a comeback so spectacular; JYP feels the need to lend the boys his plastic pants. (THE PANTS)
  • JYP will send in the Wonder Girls to save Kpop from Orange Caramel’s evil bear shoes.
  • Orange Caramel will become stylist to Taylor Swift; chaos ensues.
  • NU’EST member Ren will steal his weave back from Dongho and place it in a vault. In which turn, for U-Kiss’ next Korean comeback, Dongho steals Mir’s weave which Mir stole from Taemin. meridianslair then steals the weave back for Taemin.
  • SM will allow all artists to leave the basement/closet/dungeon, and so Jino finally debuts much to the delight of his fans.
  • Hyuna’s ice cream will melt and her bubble will pop.
  • Netizens will expose that EXO really does have superpowers and they have been fighting crime instead of having a second comeback in 2012.
  • GD will wear something normal and fangirls will implode.
  • The Spice Girls will go Kpop. No one can figure out why.
  • Spica will rise to fame, kick butt and continue being the HBIC they are.
  • Fashion designer Andre Kim will come back from the dead in the long awaited zombie apocalypse. All zombies are seen wearing uncomfortable, heaving-looking royal type clothes; Zomdy (Andy from SHINHWA) joins his comrades in the good fight for brains, but he just falls to pieces in a heap suffering from Onew condition.
  • Jo Kwon will get married in a normal ceremony to the shock of everyone and then promptly perform Animal at the reception.
  • U-Kiss will get their own anime and become popular in the United States.
  • Sunny Hill will take over the world using grasshoppers and giant letters.
  • Changmin will finally get a date only to realize it is with Yunho. They go to Chuck E. Cheese’s.
  • Minzy's mother will take over 2ne1’s styling and kick Jeremy Scott to the curb.
  • Fired from styling 2ne1, Jeremy Scott will take over SNSD. Their male fans stage a revolt in honor of their precious dancing queens.
  • An Omona member will discover Jaejoong’s phone…then can’t get into it due to alcohol damage.
  • KARA will release the next Korean song that goes viral. It includes a high amount of butt dancing in the choreography.
  • Busker Busker will continue to slay your faves and win awards.

Now we want to to know what Omona members see for Kpop in 2013! This is the post where you can let your imaginations run wild. See this for the last prediction post. Many of the prediction back then have come true. How right will we be this year?
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