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Can't believe it's another SNSD post!: Romantic Fantasy suffers 'surprisingly' low viewer ratings

Girls’ Generation‘s comeback TV special, ‘Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy‘, suffered from surprisingly low viewer ratings.

According to AGB Nielson Media Research, the January 1st broadcast of ‘Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy’ achieved a lackluster 3.8% viewer rating.

The comeback special was filmed with 400 fans on set and unveiled the first ever live performance of title track, “I Got A Boy“, as well as an interview segment during which the members shared their personal stories. The highly anticipated broadcast left many fans questioning the low ratings but it could be because it aired on New Years and late in the evening (11:45PM).

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV‘s ‘Win Win‘ and SBS‘ ‘Thank You‘ garnered 11.4% and 7.4% viewer ratings, respectively.

source: allkpop

SNSD comeback show 'belly button shirts and retro cat dance opening' cuteCollapse )

'SNSD Comeback Show' viewer ratings in the 3%, what explains the low number?Collapse )

A comeback show that lacked nothing, a romantic fantasy made possible by SNSDCollapse )

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Yoona-Sunny-Sooyoung's cute wedding dress "Marry you"Collapse )

SNSD's group 'cutie player' "4+4 is twinkle"Collapse )

source: NetizenBuzz

perhaps it's interesting to point out that idols' comeback specials don't really get good ratings. According AGB Nielsen Media, BoA's comeback scored 3.2%, and Big Bang's, 3.0%.
EDIT: The ratings I mentioned are only for 2012 btw

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