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Super Junior-M reveals new photo and release date for 2nd album ‘Break Down’

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Super Junior-M will be making a return with “Break Down” much to the excitement of fans, and ahead of the upcoming reveal, they’ve revealed a new photo and the release date for their new album!

The charming men will be unleashing their 2nd full length album ‘Break Down’ including the title track of the same name and the music video on January 7th through Chinese music sites as well as Korean music sites, and are expected to gain immense attention from fans from all over Asia as the rest of the world.

The unit has already unveiled the music video teaser as well as a teaser photo sparking interest from those who have awaited their return since the last mini album released back in 2011! So make sure to check those out if you haven’t done so yet here.

Along with the release, Super Junior-M will also be holding a press conference in Beijing to announce their upcoming promotions before kicking off their activities in China.

source: allkpop

I see Siwon is channeling Edward Scissorhands

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