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‘Iris’ producer, Jo Hyun Gil found dead inside his car

Jo Hyun Gil, the producer of hit series ‘Iris’ and ‘Athena: Goddess of War’, was found dead in his car on January 2.

The producer was found dead inside a car in the parking lot of a restaurant he owns in Gangnam around 9:00 AM KST. Police first suspected that he died due to hypothermia as he stayed up in his car for too long in extremely cold weather.

However, police is still considering a suicidal attempt as Jo Hyun Gil posted the words, “I’m relieved now that I’ve put it all down” on his Facebook on December 31. But the family of the deceased are insisting that the death was an accident.

Jo Hyun Gil’s body was sent to a Hospital in Gangnam, Seoul and will taking a funeral ceremony on January 4th at 8:40AM.

Meanwhile, Jo Hyun Gil was also known for producing famous movies like ‘71 Into the Fire’, ‘Wet Dreams’ and the ‘Marrying the Mafia’ series.

sources: dkpopnews

In my opinion, the family could be in denial. It seems unlikely someone could accidentally die of hypothermia unless maybe he fell asleep inside the car. Either way, Korea lost a talented person, RIP.
Tags: death/funeral, drama

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