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So GD and Kiko are still a thing?


According to netizens, G-Dragon spent Christmas on vacation in Phuket with model Kiko Mizuhara.

On December 25, G-Dragon tweeted, “Merry Pinkmas”, and included a shot of a landscape at dusk as pink hues in the skies reflected off the ocean waters. The picture was determined to be taken at the famed Baba Nest rooftop bar at the Sri Panwa resort.

However, one fan who alleges he or she was there on Christmas uploaded a picture showing what looked to be G-Dragon, with blonde hair, sitting with a male and female on cushions at the Baba Nest. The background of both pictures showed not only the same landscape but the exact same scenery and lighting as well.

Since the posting, fans are now alleging the male in the picture is G-Dragon’s friend Harry Kim, as Kim had posted a picture of food on his Instagram from the same hotel on December 23.

Witnesses also shared they saw Kiko Mizuhara board a Phuket-bound plane around the same time.

A source close to YG Entertainment opened on the matter saying, “On Christmas people do move separately but for their own personal schedules. Kiko Mizuhara is a close friend [of G-Dragon] in Japan but I’m not sure if they went to Phuket together.”

Both G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara, a model based primarily in Japan, have been the subject of dating rumors since 2010. Last year, the two were even snapped at an amusement park together as well as a restaurant looking cozy.

Both sides have continued to express that the two sides are merely friends.

Following Kiko on instagram I don't know how she deals with the crap GD fans give her. Every time GD likes her pics (which it seems he likes every one of) there is sure to be an argument in photo's comments about her and GD.

source: enewsworld
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