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Lim Hyunsik Sik's Sense S2E5 aka more of BTOB unique covers

Basically this episode is them singing karaoke, as they get divided into teams and have to sing a song they drawn. It's pretty hillarious, as usual. :) The episode lacks that Beast and Block B covers, I guess they were shot as a bonus.

Full episode - no sub:

As I bet some people don't want to watch the whole thing to hear BTOB ruining singing all these songs, I've put the cuts under the cuts. (eww it sounds weird but anyways enjoy :)) And pardon the rather random order... I've put links to the originals, even to the most obvious songs, sorry XD

I am the Best - 2NE1, original

With Me - Wheesung, original

Crayon - GD, original

You Don't Know Men - Buzz, original

Rising Sun - DBSK, original

Butterfly Grave - Take. orginal

And what Changsub sings at the very end is All I Ever Think About Is You - 4MEN, original. Since I couldn't find a cut for it, enjoy his cover of another 4MEN song, I Regret It. :)

credit: theunitedcube, JandaChomot, MitAnandayu

Tags: 2ne1, 4men, btob, cover, dong bang shin ki, f.t island, g-dragon, whee-sung
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