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Jaejoong to pre-release “One Kiss” ahead of solo mini album ‘Mine’


JYJ‘s Jaejoong is almost ready to drop his first solo mini album, which will be called ‘Mine‘, but with eager fans desperately awaiting a taste of what’s to come, he will be unveiling a special treat!

The singer will be pre-releasing a track titled “One Kiss” off his upcoming album, on January 8th!
C-Jes Entertainment revealed the good news, stating, “Kim Jaejoong’s album title track is “Mine”, a rock genre song with a strong sound, which has been worked on with Kim Bada. A large-scale music video has also been produced to match with the lyrics. He’ll be pre-releasing “One Kiss” during the afternoon on the 8th. As a song showcasing Jaejoong’s unique emotional yet husky voice, it’ll be a sophisticated song that matches well with this cold winter season.”

They added, “After releasing the pre-release track on the 8th ahead of the January 17th release date of the album, the music video for ‘Mine’, its making-of footage, and teaser videos will be released in the following week.

The album will also start its pre-sale on January 7th as well as the ticket sales for Jaejoong’s concert ‘Your, My and Mine‘ that will be held on January 26th and 27th.
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