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Daeyang take pictures of their romantic getaway at GD's Pension.

Looks like a fe YG embers took a vacation recently and stayed at -Dragon’s pension!

On January 2 Taeyang pdated his twitter with the message, “At G-Dragon’s place. Dolce Vita with Daesung” and included a photo.

The picture reveals a great scenery with mountains in the back and fresh snow on the bottom. One can imagine all the snow fights the boys had after taking a perfect selca Daesung’s hair adds a welcome color to the mostly black and white picture.

On the same day, labelmat Sean rote his twitter, “G-Dragon’s pe Gaho urviving winter at Dolce vita” and shared his photo as well.

Netizens who saw the pictures commented, “Did everyone at YG Family go to G-Dragon’s pension for vacation?” “Loving the view!” “Jealous! I want to have a vacation too~”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon was in the spotlight this past November for gifting his parents with luxurious pension.

Source: Soompi

Aww they look adorable, even Taeyang.

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