8:08 am - 01/05/2013

Ilhoon has created a monster AKA more of kiyomi player

Some love it, some hate it. But everyone does it, so let's see who is the most cringe-worthy and who is actually cute.

Previous mega post
+ TTS take.



Yoseob ftw grabs every opportunity to do it lol

Ilhoon reenacts Suzy failed aegyo


Sunggyu (fails XD)

another take - it works out :P (thanks swhyeon1991!)

Sunggyu + Sungyeol

from 4:20

Kyung (from 0:44)



Park Shin Hye + Mir


Seo In Guk (from 0:11)

Teen Top

Eunhyuk, Jisook, Dong Wook, Lee Sang Yeob, Kim So-Hyun, Park Min Ha

Eli (from 0:24) (thanks lainmyownworld!)

Gongchan (thanks markthatcoin!)

Roy Kim

Blue Near Mother's vocalist Moon Jisung (from 11:34)(thanks avieyal!)

F.Cuz Yejun (thanks igooocrazy!)

Julien Kang redefines what failed agyo is

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anrixan 5th-Jan-2013 07:26 am (UTC)
Jung Ilhoon.... what have you done.

As I sit here and watch the Showcase + History DVD where Ilhoon is trying to be a badass sexy rapper.... Then.... /this/ happened. "LOOK AT HOW CUTE I AM AS I DESTROY YOUR BIAS LIST~" Eunkwang, be my bias again, please.

Not to be totally biased, but U-Kwon's is still my favorite.
kanbinayume 5th-Jan-2013 06:53 pm (UTC)
Not to be totally biased, but U-Kwon's is still my favorite.

Same, I liked his the best
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