markthatcoin (markthatcoin) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

MBLAQ for LECAF in athletic gear and also cozy winter gear

Yang Leader in shades, werq

all pics link to 1920x1200 sized images

download the whole set in various sizes on mediafire (20 mb file) via Absolute MBLAQ

idk why baby Thunder is jumping so high, he prob can't see where he is going with his bangs so long

Mir is overwhelmed by feels after the finale of The Romantic & Idol

Joon in prancing-Bambi mode

the only time we see Thunder's eyes in this whole set

looks like Joon has been working out for IRIS 2

like us, Seungho is bemused that GO in the foreground instead of him

pics: Lecaf on Naver via Absolute MBLAQ
bts video: Haejin Park on vimeo
Tags: cf, mblaq, photoshoot
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